Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some Quick Text Game


Here is a link to an example of my new text game... http://pulsotic.blogspot.com/2013/05/ive-been-slackin-in-posting-dept.html

Here is the old post for your enjoyment...

Most of my texting now is just logistics. This is some recent teasing, though. Some of this is compliance testing. If she accepts the frame then everything is a lot easier later. Some of this is also screening for her interest. It doesn't all go well.



ME: Haha I just made you look at your phone

(met her on a friday and hung out at a party, then bar, then friends house, then drove her home and got her number)
HER: Drive safe
ME: I rear-ended a cop car while reading your text.
HER: Very funny.
(couple days later)
ME: What's your schedule this week? I want to see you again
HER: I have a lot going on, but what are you thinking?
ME: Sure you do but I already got tix to mexico for the weekend. You can ditch philly, right?
HER: If you got a ticket for me too, I'm in.
ME: Well, you called my bluff...
HER: Indeed ;)
(next day)
HER: Why are you interested in me? (shit test)
ME: I need a sugar momma (she's in law school)
HER: Sorry, I'm going into public interest
ME: You just need to make enough so I can be a house husband
ME: We also need a butler
HER: I was thinking Chef
ME: I like the way you think, but then who's gonna bring me my food?
HER: ...
(next day)
ME: Ok, I got the tix, plane leaves in 20, just meet me at the airport
HER: I showed up... Where were you?
ME: Traffic

(couple days later)
ME: How's your weekend going?
HER: Weekend went well. How was your weekend?
ME: My weekend was awesome, I'm in OH visiting friends, be here for the week.
HER: Cool. Have fun!
ME: Always do. You doing anything crazy this week?
HER: Finals are coming up, so I need to study. I have a race on friday. May go to NY this weekend. Roomie problems.
ME: I say blow off the studying and come party with me in Ohio. Hotel room has a kickass jacuzzi. Bonus: your roomate/stalker won't be here
HER: You wish... (I did NOT like this response, 'she's the prize' frame)
ME: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have a strict 'no clothes' policy in the jacuzzi... and room... (reframe - I call the shots)
HER: Interesting policy...
ME: It's a king, but you'll have to sleep on the floor cuz I like to spread out
HER: You can sleep on the floor... I'll sleep on the bed like a star fish
ME: Lmao when I pictured that, ok stringbean, we'll armwrestle for it
HER: I'll win (did I mention she's in law school - alpha chicks can be hard nuts to crack)
ME: You wish... (ended the convo here, I'll restart later with stronger frame)

(met on holloween. she was really flirtatious and we made out, but she balked when I put her on my lap)

ME: Hey cutie, how's your week goin?
HER: Hey stranger, what's up
ME: You didn't answer the question, goof
HER: Work is good. What about you?
ME: I've been a busy bee. Workin by myself all week. You sell any insurance plans this week?
HER: Really... now you're the bee. Lmao. What do you do again??
ME: Did I tell you? I do xxxxx. What's your schedule this weekend? I want to see you.
HER: Awe. I'd luv to c u to (spelling kept to emphasize her laziness)
ME: Good, then tell me what nights you're available this weekend
HER: Fri
ME: Fri, 9:30, drinks at MxxxGxxx
HER: I'll let you know if that works. K
ME: You've got an hour
HER: For what
(more than an hour later)
HER: Me and my friends will be out fri. Text me. Maybe we can catch up (she thinks I'm a beta-boy and I'll be content with crumbs)
ME: Yeah, I don't want to do that
HER: Huh.
HER: Y not
ME: I don't like maybe's, have to get together some other time
HER: ????
(couple days later)
ME: Hows your week goin?
HER: It's ok
ME: Just ok?
HER: Ehh. Yea it was ok. What do you do again.. ???
ME: Underwater sneaker repair
HER: Lol!
(Never met up with her again. This chick was REALLY dumb. I had to explain to her what the word 'Jovial' meant. Which sucks because she was petite and blonde, just my style. Only thing is she reminded me of another girl I know who is a complete attention whore which means it was a bad lead anyway.)

(also met on Holloween)

ME: How's your week going?
HER: Oh hey! Going well. Getting ready to go to work... Didn't think I was going to hear from you. How's your week?
ME: Not hear from me? That's crazy talk. My work's been busy, been by myself. What's your schedule like this weekend. I want to see you.

(logistics followed and we met up. I cut to the chase immediately after she said 'didn't think I was going to hear from you'. That meant she felt I had higher value and she would be amenable to hookup, which she was)

(also met on Holloween at same bar)
HER: Hey! How's your weekend going?
ME: Yo weird, I was just thinking about you. My weekend has been really great. Met a lot of cool people and been hangin with my bro. How bout you? (always be exciting)
HER: I'm good. I just got to work. I hope you enjoy your night.
HER: What time do you usually get off work?
ME: Deepends on day, I have some long hours and it can take me a while to finish, but sometimes I go in late too. What do you have in mind? (obvious double entendres)
HER: I was thinking about asking you out for a drink.

My Current Workout Routine

This is Part 2. See my previous post before you read this one.

Before you do any workout you need to assess your goals. Figure out what you want to achieve. The following workout has been chosen for MY needs: Overall Strength and Mass.

This workout is based on the Compound Workout found at the Muscle and Strength website.

I have changed the workout slightly to fit my needs. Your needs will vary. My specific changes occur when I experience shoulder pain or 'popping'. Some people's knees pop when they do squats or lunges. For me it's my shoulders. So I don't do Chin ups (but I do Pull Ups) and all barbell excercises are with a wide grip.

I added calf excercises (seated and standing). High weight/low rep for Standing, low weight/high rep for seated. I added a second Barbell Bench Press to help build my chest quicker. I use Olympic Rings for Dips and Inverted Rows. Sometimes I do pushups with them. Olympic Rings are an excellent compound workout tool.

I vary the reps and weight. Sometimes lower reps / higher weight just to mix it up. I do the excercises in a different order each time. The weight stays the same during all four sets to keep it simple. If I'm too burnt out to do a single rep, then I drop the weight a bit. I only increase the weight if I'm able to do more than 12 reps. I like to keep the reps below 12, closer to 8, for the first set.

This workout takes me about an hour. If you're new to it, I'd only do 2 sets to start, which will only take a 1/2 hour. You don't ever have to do 4 sets depending on your goals.

I don't do any real cardio. If I have time to workout then I'm going to spend it lifting heavy things. If I don't get DOMS then I'm not working out hard enough. I always warm up with jumping jacks w/ dumbells and sometimes a full set w/ light weight. Stretch only after warmed up.

Videos of all these excercises can be found HERE.

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Barbell Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Smith Machine Bench
Dips w/ Olympic Rings - Max reps
French Press

Tuesday: Legs and Abs
Standing Calf Raise
Seated Calf Raise
Leg Raise w/ Crunch w/ 25lbs plate

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Back and Biceps
Wide Grip Pullups - Max reps
Bent Over Barbell Rows
Cable Row
Inverted Row w/ Olympic Rings
Preacher Curl
Barbell Bench Press - Max reps - same weight from Monday

Friday: Shoulders
Military Press
Alternate Arm Seated Dumbell Press
Upright Rows w/ Smith Machine
Leg Raise

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Day

Monday, November 21, 2011

Working Out, My Routine and Suggestions

Ok, if you don't already know this then you're a fucking lazy moron: You need to work out if you're going to be competing with other men for the attention of women. This goes double if you're getting older.

Yes, it is possible to do well with the ladies and still be a tub of lard or a lanky twig, but why would you want to handicap yourself?

Women LOVE muscles and if they say they don't, that's usually their hampster talking or a vocal response to social conditioning. I have the benefit of being relatively fit (my attempt at being modest) and have seen first hand the way ladies treat a fit person. I also dress to accentuate my physique which is an art in itself. I have been called an 'Adonis'. Walking naked after sex, one girl said I looked like Christian Bale from American Psycho. In bars, women call attention to my muscles and will grope them.

One of my favorite examples is this tall blond chick recently who, while hugging me, said, "can you pick me up?" I hoisted her up Road House style without missing a beat. Startled, she said, "Ok, I guess you can."

Yeah, I know I'm bragging (it's my blog), but the point is that if you are fit, it already sets you above 90% of the shmucks out there and women will want to fuck you on looks alone. It makes 'the Game' easier.

Trust me. You want to be fit.

Ok, so now you've decided to get off your ass and start exercising. The problem arises when trying to sift through all the contradictory information out there, which is why I used to work out rather ignorantly. But after some research and certain articles, I've discovered pretty much the best method for myself.

I don't like to spend a lot of time on working out. So with the goal of minimal time / maximum benefit, my routine is now based on Compound Exercises and an article called Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie.

Read that article and then come back here...

Ok, so now you know about the Russian Formula for Getting Fit. This is your workout bible. You also know about the importance of squats (which is even more important if you like to have sex while standing). You also now know about Supercompensation and the Plank. Here's a couple PUA inspired workout links:

Ten Fitness Tips That Will REALLY Change You - Tenmagnet

Excellent post by Bhodisatta, especially the first paragraph: 'Get in Shape'

Next Post: My Workout Routine

Monday, September 12, 2011

Gaming with AFC Wings is Counter-Productive

My past few months have been busy.

My game has been taken to new levels and I no longer feel the need for blogging about it. I guess that's the normal progression. I do like having a sort of diary, but when it becomes second nature it is also difficult to analyze for some reason.

I've been getting a ton of leads every week that I want to pursue, but if I do, then I can't spend time with girls I'm already with that I like and that are sure things. I've been dropping girls quick if they don't put out. That's so fucking liberating. One girl I was really into. I was really kinda pissed at her for not putting out because I liked her so much. Ok, that's actually a cool story.

I was in WxxxCxxxxx with my friends. All of which were AFC's. While walking down the street a girl wearing a green dress, who my buddy knows, came up and talked to us. I was throwing a bunch of game shit at her and she was eating it up. She went on to Bxxxx and we went somewhere else for a while. I convinced the AFC's to go to Bxxxx too. (cuz I wanted to fuck that chick) We get there and meet up with 'Green Dress' and her friends. Her one friend was being a cunt and my buddies and 'Green Dress' dared me to game her. Of course I accepted.

I rolled up to her and spouted some more game shit and she was being really bitchy. I ignored all her shit and kept at her. I kept bringing up different sexual topics which she seemed to respond to. I was determined to stay until I got a 'No' or a 'Fuck off!' My rep was on the line. Other AFC douches kept interrupting and then 'Green Dress' came over and the game was up. (Later, 'Cunty' told 'Green Dress' that talking to me was the only fun she had that night.)

I stood up to walk back to my friends and notice this cute chick sitting 3 feet from me smiling at me. I walk up and say, "you can't smile at me like that and not say, Hi." She said something in a German accent. Kick ass. She's from outta town. We talk for about 5 minutes and my buddy comes up to us from the OTHER SIDE of her to talk to me. That's fucked up in itself, but then he makes it worse. He hears her German accent and proceeds to talk German to her. What a fuck head. But it gets worse. He's saying, in German, that he wants her to eat his hemorrhoids. He thinks it's fucking hilarious and that it would go over well because he's a fucking moron, but all it does is make the number I got a DEAD END. She was disgusted and now thinks I'm a fucking tool because I'm with him. Maybe I am.

Later, we were all standing and talking and I isolated 'Green Dress' within our group and was really eye fucking her. It was mutual. She asked me if I had my friends number. I said yeah, give me your number and I'll text it to you. That weird logic was not questioned at all.

Cunty was trying to get 'Green Dress' to take her home. SNL was out with 'Green Dress'. I texted her a month later, met up, and fucked her on her friends couch. She was going away that weekend for a year out of the country and mentioned that she hadn't hooked up with anyone all summer, so I knew she was really craving sex. It didn't take game, just logistics.

Back to WxxxCxxxxx. Same night after 'Cunty' and 'Green Dress' left. We left the bar too and hit a couple other places. They were all dead so we went back to Bxxxx. I rolled in with the only decent wing outta all my friends that night and he got blown out BAD. I ditched him. I rolled with another friend upstairs. He got nervous and left. I walked up to a tall cute girl and told her I wanted to meet her. She was happy to meet me. I danced with her and we talked for a good 10 minutes. Her friends left us alone. It was closing time, so we walked downstairs and made out on the sidewalk in front of my gawking friends before she gave me her number and left. And Yes, I did check logistics before just letting her go. They were bad.

The several meetups with that girl will have to be told later as well as the final time I hung out with her. She's the girl I dumped for not putting out.


What a piece of shit BETA movie!!

At one point one guys tells the other to 'Put your wife on a pedestal, man!'


Friday, July 1, 2011

Plan Ahead

I started this blog because I was so fucking excited about the success I was having after learning game. I used to be scared to talk to women. Now women are shocked at how direct and open I am. I can get bar makeouts with ease (which I don't do anymore on purpose) and getting a number is child's play. I often get a number only to maintain the skill with no intention to even call. My text game has gotten simpler, I don't over-think things anymore and I just roll with what my gut tells me. Getting to the bedroom is now just a matter of course.

My attitude shifted from scarcity to abundance. I can go out and meet a ton of girls. If I don't like certain girls I know I can ditch them and just meet some more.

I feel completely liberated and feel like I've figured out the dating game to a point where I'm happy. I don't know everything of course, I'm not stupid enough to think that, but I am competent enough to keep learning and trying new things while using my already growing skills.

Now I'm frustrated because certain things in my personal life keep me from having the real happiness that I want. I can't do more than same night lays or meet up with a girl once or twice a month. I need to figure this out because it's all I think about.

It's funny/ironic how miserable I was (and didn't know it) before I learned game. And now that I'm happy with my sex life, it's made me miserable in my personal life. The old adage is apropos: "If only I knew then what I know now."

I write this blog as a diary for myself, but really, I hope my musings/realizations benefit you. I know there's a lot of people out there like I used to be, and to them I say: Plan Ahead.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Short List of Recent Notable Moments

Well a bunch of shit's been going on...

I took a day off of work and hung out in Rittenhouse with the girl from Set B from last post. It was a really fun date. We hung out for about 4 hours and then I walked her back to her apartment. We hung out in her room for a couple minutes and then she got weird and I left. I don't think I'll be hearing from her again, which sucks because I liked her. She's permanently moving about 2000 miles away in a month anyway and she was a bad kisser, so what-ev.

I walked back to my car and chatted with a cute girl giving out flyers. I got her number, mainly for practice. I probably won't call her.

Then I stopped at a coffee shop for some water (it was 90 degrees out). On my way in I saw a cute redhead on the phone, but by herself, at one of the cafe tables on the sidewalk. Inside, while in line for my drink, there was a cute girl that was acting flustered by my presence and she was trying not to be obvious while checking me out. I don't know why I didn't talk to her. On the way out I noticed the redhead was off the phone so I walked up and said, 'Do you know where Starbuck's is?' As she was telling me, I said, 'Actually, I don't care, I just wanted to meet you.'

She was really flattered and told me that never happens to her and that I made her day. We had a great convo, but she's engaged to a cop. A girlfriend of hers walked up and the redhead acted like she got caught cheating. It was funny to see her stammering and coming up with excuses.

Oh, I met up with 'Flower Shirt' (from Sunday Funday) again and went back to her place. She wanted me to sleep over, but I couldn't. She needed a lot more comfort before sex. I texted her a couple times after but it's done now. If I stayed that night things woulda been much different. If I remember right, the girl just turned 21. She felt it, too. She wasn't short, but her body was nice and tight with a small frame, and firm as hell from running 6 miles a day.

Out with 'Tall' again. I was smoking outside on the deck at the bar. I watched two guys open a 2set. They got blown out. Then the one guy walks over to another couple girls and opens. The body language was way off. I said to his friend, who I'll call 'Hugh', "I think your buddy needs help." The guy, 'Harry', comes walking back and I called him over and gave him props for opening the girls. I told him that no one does that shit enough and most guys just sit and talk to each other. Turns out he knows about game and the Philly Lair. I got their numbers and hung out with them again, but that story is a bit longer.

I met up with the girl from Set A ('Shy Smile') just a couple nights ago. As I said before, I wasn't really attracted to her, but she's great company. She, her friend, and I got drinks early and then 'Harry' joined us. (completely different night from last paragraph) We chatted a bit and then went to our main Sunday bar. I ditched 'Shy Smile' and talked to a couple girls. Somehow I ended up talking to a guy that looked just like Sean William Scott. I met a couple more dudes and told one guy to follow me to talk to some girls, but the girls were wet blankets. I'm in set with the random dude and the dud girls and notice 'Harry' to my left talking to two cute girls. I didn't say 'bye' to the people I was talking to, I just left and walked up behind the girls 'Harry' was talking to and said, 'excuse me', in the way that it means 'you're in my way'. The girl 'Harry' was closest to moves next to her girlfriend and I said, 'No, wrong way' and physically moved her away from her friend so I could go between them and shake 'Harry's' hand and say Hi to him. It went pretty smooth at first. I did the best friends test, secret handshake, and then had a separate sidebar convo with the girl closest to me, while 'Harry' did the same with his girl. The girl 'Harry' was talking to suddenly said, 'This is my favorite song' and dragged her friend away.

I opened another girl who was with her coworkers and had a boyfriend. Then I opened another girl who was actually much older than I first thought, so I guess she would be considered a woman. This night I was told I looked 22, 28, 33, and 25. People are stupid. Only one of them was right and I made fun of her the most.

Back to 'Shy Smile'. She and her friend left and came back, but there was a line so they couldn't get in until last call. 'Shy Smile' found me and kept leaning in to kiss me. I was pushing her away. It wasn't game. I was seriously not wanting anyone to see me kissing her. Now, privately it's a different story.

I told her to bring me back to her friends place and she kept making excuses. I was ambivalent about it. I wanted to have sex, but I wasn't jumping up and down for this girl. She said her friend wouldn't want me to come over. I said, 'Ask her'. She kept going back and forth on it and we left it at, 'have a good night'. After the bar emptied into the street, 'Harry', 'Hugh' (who met us later), and I sat and talked a minute. Then 'Shy Smile' texts me, 'I really want u to come over'.

The text was out of character.
I sent back, 'where are you?'
I did not acknowledge her text. My suspicion was that it was her girlfriend texting me from 'Shy Smile's' phone and trying to set it up for her because she knew that 'Shy Smile' wouldn't do it herself. If I said anything too forward I felt it would scare her away.

She sent back, 'U should follow us to her place'.
I texted, 'ok, where are you?'
I got nothing back for 10 minutes and already resolved to go home alone, but 'Harry' and I were walking to our cars and we ran into the two girls. In person, 'Shy Smile' admitted that her girlfriend was the one texting and that she's not sure if she wants me to come over. I said, 'ok, have a good night' and walked the rest of the way to my car.

I got to my car and then she called me. She wanted me to come over. I met them at their car and followed to her girlfriends place. Inside, her girlfriend disappeared into the only bedroom and left us to ourselves. I put 'Under Siege' on and we made out. Every time I advanced she'd say, 'Not yet'. I'd wait a minute and then advance again. She was pretty good at sucking dick, but I wanted to bang her. That's when it got ridiculous. She had to psych herself up for penetration and then just as I was about to put it in her, she'd say, 'No, I can't'. Then a minute later she'd say, 'Ok, ok, let's have sex' then right before penetration, 'No, I can't'. Did I mention she's uber-catholic? This happened 5 times in a row until I threw in the towel and let her take it in the mouth. I stayed just long enough to see the knife fight with Steven Seagal and Tommy Lee Jones. Oh yeah, and she's a terrible kisser. The worst. The more girls I kiss, the more I realize that a really good kisser is a rare thing. For shame.

Talk to everyone. I met some pretty cool guys that I'm rolling with now, just because I talk to everyone.
Day Game is where it's at if you want solid leads. It's much easier to come off as genuine and people don't have shields up. I wish I were able to do it more and not have to take a day off work.
Check out the Simple Pickup videos on YouTube for a laugh and some schooling.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Be Too Harsh Judging Looks

When not in state it's easy to see a girl and make up a reason not to talk to her. One of the biggest reasons guys come up with is 'she's not cute enough'. I know, I've done it before, too.

Last Saturday Set A:
I was with 'Tall' in Old City and three girls (6's) go into Mxx Txxxx. We were outside on the sidewalk and 'Tall' says, "Here come some grenades". I told him to go in and open the set. Anything would work. Just say 'Hi'. He stalled and said they're not cute enough. I said, "Fuck you, you're talking to a dude right now. Go talk to some girls. 3... 2... 1... Go."

He complied, but did a mild 'walk of shame' like a child and scuffed his feet. I rolled in 30 seconds later and introduced myself. Yes, they were heavier than I prefer. Yes, I would have rather been talking to 8's. But guess fucking what? They were cool as shit and I was having a really good time.

They weren't ugly. That was just something that 'Tall' said to procrastinate. I know for a fact that he's banged 4's so for him to say something like that is a bit hypocritical anyway. Here's the best part... The girl that he was talking to, who was digging him, lives right around the corner from him and now he has plans to meet up with her for a date.

Of course I number closed the girl I was talking to. And thankfully she was the cutest. Although I'm not really attracted to her, I could really see myself hanging out with her again.

Last Saturday Set B:
We were in Lxxxxx. 'Tall' was saying he wanted to go to another bar 'cuz this one was beat. I said, "Fuck that. There's tons of girls here and most of the guys are douches and aren't talking to the girls. You need to open. Now."

While I was saying that I noticed two girls at the bar. One had just checked me out. I thought to myself, "She's not that cute. I don't feel like talking to her." Then I heard 60's voice in my head (figuratively, I don't know what he sounds like) and he was screaming, "Micro-avoidance!"

While 'Tall' was getting blown out by a moving target, I said, "fuck it" and walked over to the 2-set. I spun the short one around and said, "I wanted to meet you."

I was completely concentrated on her and gave her some intense eye contact and held her hand. She was sooo nervous. I ignored her friend who just stood there watching us while we talked.

* It's important to note that you don't have to address the entire group. It's not a rule. If you like a certain girl, then just talk to her, but make it private. Her friends will watch intensely for the slightest cue to save her, but that's fine. They should, they're her friends.

Another two of her friends show up and no one's interrupting. 'It's On' and they know it. The friends walked away and let us be. I used 60 method straight up and worked a charm. Logistics were botched, otherwise I would have taken her home, and this was the girl I didn't feel like talking to. See, here's the deal. From where I was standing with 'Tall' I had a fucked perspective. Once I was in her proximity, the same chemicals that made her attracted... made ME attracted. I got a close-up look at her and she was fucking cute. Really fucking cute. I totally dug her wavy hair, she smelled nice, and her smile was goddamn sexy. We made out within 3 minutes, I got her number, and we're meeting on sunday.

A strange phenomenon I've noticed sometimes occurs in very packed houses. When that sexual tension is sparking people give you space. It happened again with Set B. It was shoulder to shoulder in the entire venue, but 6 inches all around us was a space that people were avoiding.

Point of the Story:
Talk to all girls. Don't discriminate unless they're repugnant. You may be cheating yourself out of a lot of fun.
Don't let noobs fuck up your state.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

'Cutest' Girl I've Ever Met

During the night of Sunday Funday with 'Tall' Wing, I ended up in a 2set with some 6's. One was a lesbian and she pointed out some really cute girls coming outside, specifically a 10* in a red dress. The lesbian stared at the cute girls kinda creepy and said, "Oooh, pretty girls."

* I don't use the term 10 often, so please understand that this chick in the red dress was hot. I don't even like to use the term hot. I prefer 'cute' or 'really cute'. To me, using the word 'hot' inflates her value and presupposes that I am not in her league. So I am not exaggerating when I say this was the 'cutest' girl I have ever talked to. Ever. Bangin' body and gorgeous face. The red dress accentuated all of that. Plus I got a serious weakness for blondes.

As soon as I saw 'Red Dress' everything else faded away and I felt an instantaneous urge to talk to her. The girls I was talking to became droll in comparison. As the cute girls went back inside I said to the lesbian, "It was good to meet you, I'm going to go talk to the girl in the red dress."

She said, "Have fun, let me know how it goes."

I walk inside, and see the cute girls standing around at the end of the bar. Funny how all the guys are staring at them and none have the balls to open. I walk right up to 'Red Dress' and say, "You look so interesting, I wanted to meet you." And I held out my hand.

Taken aback, she said, "Oh, Hi, my name is Lxxxx" She shook my hand and I didn't let go. She didn't let go either. It was really loud there, which gave me an excuse to get close to her and I had to speak into her ear for her to hear me. (rereading this, I realize I don't need an excuse, I should just do it) My right hand was now holding her left at our side, our torsos touching, and my left hand was on her waist.

She asked for my name. In her ear, I said, "My name is XXXX"

She then complimented me, "You are sooo confident."

I said, "Thanks."

She then said, "What do you do?"

Here's where I fucked up. Big time. I broke rapport. A big thing of 60's is that you DON'T break rapport. If you do it puts you on opposite teams. When going for fast escalation you must be on the same team. This is where everything I learned before is fucking me up and I have to unlearn the C&F. Don't get me wrong. I dig David DeAngelo's shit. And I will probably always use it in the right circumstances. But I'm playing a different game now and my instincts need to be re-calibrated.

I said, "You don't waste time, huh? Already want to know how much money I make."

She said, dissapointedly, "No, I was just making conversation."

I tried to salvage it, but the tension was lost. Her friends must have been watching and noticed her expression change because their timing was impeccable. Extremely adept at cock-blocking (as they have to be) two of her friends, one from each side, cut me off from her and asked me to take a picture of the lot of them.

This is a brilliant move. Since women loathe direct confrontation, it saves their friend while playing to the ego of the man. I knew what was going on and I had known that I was blown out by then, but at the same time, the ego stroke and attention, as well as the interruption, took me off guard. And this, coming from a guy that sees this shit all the time.

I took the picture, directing them to move for the best shot (everyone is always too far apart in pictures), and as I gave the camera back, 'Red Dress' retreated into the crowd.

If I were to do it again (and of course I will), I would be genuine.

I would say, "You want to know my day job or my passion?" And then follow up with, "What's your story?" And then have a real conversation while physically escalating to an 'It's on Moment'.

I saw her out front later and we talked for about 5 min, but there was no tension because I chickened out on physical escalation. I asked for a number, but got too much resistance. Then she and her friends walked home.

Obviously I need a plan. I need to work it out in my head before I go in. I tend to try things before I fully form the ideas. That's good and bad. Some guys won't take action until they have every scrap of information and they never pull the trigger. I'm going out and opening, which is good, but I'm mostly winging it because I have no goals thought out. The takeaway from this story is that I opened, in a sexual, not social manner, the most beautiful girl I've ever talked to and I knew she'd like me immediately. I didn't procrastinate. I didn't chicken out. I made a B-line for her and opened smoothly. That is progress, motherfuckers.

Sure, it didn't go anywhere, but I'm steadily losing my fear of beautiful women. It's almost gone. Now when I see cute girls anywhere, all I think about is wanting to talk to them. Fuckin' weird. All through high school and college I couldn't talk to pretty girls and feel like I was on their level, but now... I'm the best, most interesting person they're likely to meet this year.

That may be delusion, but the more I think it, the more it becomes reality.

I've used this approach a ton more times now and I think I got it locked down. I'll post details later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday Funday with 'Tall' Wing

I wing with 'Tall' on Sundays now in a crappy college town. Most of the girls are overweight and if they're cute, they don't hold a candle to Philly. There's only one good bar on Sundays but it gets a size-able crowd. The downside to this place is that a lot of the people here know each other, as opposed to Philly, where most people are strangers.

Before we ended up at that bar we walked the short strip and opened a few sets. On the street I saw two cute girls at a table in the bar. I gave the door guy my ID and then walked straight up to them. "I wanted to meet you." We had a 5-10 minute conversation about a bunch of random crap. Mostly psychology because they were psychology students and I'm really into psychology. Their buying temp was really low and it was the first set of the night. I had no kino either, so I rolled off.

Walking a bit further down the street, I see 'Tall' sitting down at a sidewalk table with two younger girls. I strutted right up and introduced myself. The one said her name and I said, "Is that Cxxxx with a K?" She laughed and said you can't spell that with a 'K'. They were both dressed down. Sweatpants. Baggy sweatpants. Ugh. Clearly they weren't partying tonight. I sat down with the one girl, grabbed her hand, and didn't let go of her hand. She held on, too. I bummed a cigarette off her. She had no light but I had matches. She didn't know how to light matches so I sat next to her, and similar to how you would show a girl how to shoot pool, I showed her the coolest way to light matches. She dug it and we sat holding hands while I looked her up and down. She was nervous and excited. It was fun, but I didn't physically like her that much. I think it was the sweatpants. 'Tall' was ready to go 'cuz the other girl wasn't into him. He stood up and said, "So are you going to give him your number or what?"

"He didn't ask."

I said, "Give me your number."

I got her number and as we walked to the next bar, I texted her, "Good meeting you. Are you hanging out later? We might be going to *bar* - Pulsotic"

HER: Yeah you too :) Maybe hah Sxxx and I just chill at *restaurant* until it gets old.

We walked by later and found out they were 19 and 20, so bars were out of the question. I don't know if I'm going to bother with her again. We'll see.

We got to the main bar on the strip. It was 10:30 so there were a lot of people here. We went upstairs and 'Tall' found a tall girl he knew that was really into him and ended up making out with her. I hung out with her friend, 'Flower Shirt', who was cuter than her friend, but overall just a time waster. We had a shit ton of kino, but she seemed like a robot, so every chance I got I ditched her to talk to other girls.

I was talking to one set for a bit and found out the girl I was sharing a chair with was married. I stayed a little longer just shooting the shit, trying to gauge the other girls' interest. There was none, so I told them I had to go. The married girl says, "Awesome," with an attitude. I laughed and said, "Thanks, you just made my night."

I found 'Flower Shirt' again and, while talking, noticed some cute girls about 3 feet away. Bored of the current convo, I opened them right in front of 'Flower Shirt'. The blonde on the left was flattered, but too old and the black haired girl on the right was pouty. It wasn't personal. I noticed her bad mood earlier. I made them laugh for a few minutes and then rolled off.

I met up with 'Flower Shirt' again, got her number and gave her a hug goodbye. I wasn't really into her. She was trying to control everything. She even tried to dictate the terms of our friendship by saying that she didn't like texting and didn't want a 'Text Boyfriend'. Fuck that noise.

I went inside with 'Tall' again. He opened a short cute girl sitting at the downstairs bar. I was a little bored, saw no other opportunities down here, and it was late so I kinda just wanted to go home. Then I noticed a cute girl with a horseshoe tattoo paying her tab. I wanted to catch her before she left. I walked over and told her I wanted to meet her. She was very sweet and we had a great conversation. 'Tall' fucked it up for me, though. He had this great drunken idea that he was going to introduce the short girl and 'Horseshoe', the one I was talking to, and bring them both back to his place. What he ended up doing was interrupting our convo, blocking me, and ignoring his girl. I chatted with the short girl he ignored while he blew me out with 'Horseshoe'. The short girl was friendly and we had a light convo. Some dude that she knew and obviously didn't like came up on her other side and rambled on about someone they knew. I just chilled and waited, because she was about to blow him off and turn back to me. 'Tall' comes up to him and says, "Hey, Jason, you're Jason, right?" (attempting to AMOG him) The guy turned to him disgustedly and said, "No." Then 'Tall' rolled off. So fucking awkward. As I predicted the friendly short girl I was talking to blew him off and turned back to me. After another minute she finally said, "Well, your friend already got my number soo..." I just said, "Have a nice night."

'Tall' was drunk and really irritating me at that point, so I went home.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open Mic Night Escalation Attempt

A week after being introduced to 60 Years of Challenge I had Johnny 5'd all his books and was eager to take on the 18-30 year old attractive and thin female demographic. Everything he said resonated with me and made sense.

I accompanied my little brother to an open mic night he was doing with friends and I brought my guitar with plans to do a couple songs, too. It was a week night so it was pretty dead except for the musicians and my brother's friends. There were a couple girls with his group and only one was single or not spoken for and she had nice tits. I would have had fun just hanging with my brother and his guy friends playing music, but here was an opportunity.

I tell my brother a bit about game when I can. He's very interested, but I only tell him a little at a time. He knew I was going to be hitting on his friends that night, and with my new 'Risk it to get the Biscuit' game I was looking forward to pushing the creepy envelope to see what I could get away with. This was my second attempt at it after Andy's party, so I was also prepared to get blown out.

I met his friends and found my target. "So what's your story?" Love that line. Get's 'em flustered. (Shit. I just realized a moment I should have used it last night.) I moved closer, and went for the hands. She liked talking to me. Her guy friends are all chumps and she hadn't met anyone interesting in a long while. She was also nervous. Good. I went for her hands again. She pulled away. I pulled myself back a little. My brother and I went outside for a cigarette. I explained to him what I was doing so he would know what really went on if she later told him that I was creepy. He was cool with it and even enthusiastic because I was being so bold. (I realize now, however, that I only told him because I felt uncomfortable and needed to protect my ego by making sure my bro didn't think bad about me if I was rejected by the girl.)

Outside, a really cute girl that worked there was smoking near me and my brother so I walked up and said, "you got a light?" She said yeah, but kinda standoffish. So I said, "I actually have a light, but you seemed cool so I wanted to meet you." Boom! She opened up and we had a great conversation. Plus, I got another chance to show my brother how cool I am easy it is to talk to women. I didn't push for any kino. I probably should have, but she lived with her parents and this bar was about an hour from me,

We went back in and I pushed for an "it's on moment' with his friend. It never came. I held her hand and she looked up at her girlfriend with a 'deer in headlights' stare and said, "we have to go to the bathroom". It's funny how women are incapable of saying 'No". Like serously, dude. All she had to do was say, "I appreciate the flattery of you trying to force sexual tension with me, but I'm not really feeling it, so thanks anyway, but if you'd like me to waste your time some more I'd love to continue to chat about my goals and aspirations."

This was a blow out, but non-verbal so it's easy to brush it off. Even still, I think most guys would be devastated. I, on the other hand, had a ton of fun that night. I was challenging myself and learning some new fundamentals.

Weeks later, my brother said the girl has still never mentioned anything about me being creepy. That could be either good or bad if I meet up with her again. Persistence is attractive. I'll be pushing again. She had nice tits.

Party in University City

I'm gonna cut to the chase with this post. This is only from February and I already feel like it's really old. This is continued from Philly Lair - Feb '11 MG&S.

Chill and I roll up to the party. There's a couple cute girls here. Andy introduced me as his cousin and everyone bought it. I was talking to one girl who seemed really glad to talk to me. Then over her shoulder I see a really cute asian girl trying to get noticed. I told the first girl not to be rude and introduce me to her friend. I shook her hand, and using a tip that Garv taught me, I didn't let go of her hand. She didn't let go either. I was a little shocked at how quickly physical escalation was from here. We went to get drinks and then were dancing and making out.

Everything I'm doing now hinges on this. It's straight up 60yrs of Challenge game and I'm never going back. Quick physical escalation.

Ok, but it was the first time I used it and I fucked up. And hopefully someone can benefit from what I've learned.

She was DTF. Her buying temp was through the roof, we had an 'it's on' moment, sexual tension, whatever you want to call it. Sex was in the air. She wanted it and I wanted to give it to her. She lived down the street, so it would make sense to take her back to her place, right? NO. It was a party. Her friend said to 'Chill' later, "Why didn't Pulsotic take her upstairs and fuck her in the bathroom?" Yeah, her friend said that. So I missed out on banging this fucking cute ass chick because it didn't occur to me. Stupid. I know a lot of people would say 'Duh' right about now, but the escalation was so quick that I wasn't ready for it.

After further analysis, I've come to the conclusion that my subconcious sabotaged me as well. For a while I've carried this limiting belief that pick-up should be 'difficult'. It's not. I thought that it should be a challenge and that if it was too easy it wasn't worth it. Bullshit. That belief made me fuck up this seduction because I didn't think it should be that easy.

"Easy come, easy go", we're taught. "Difficult to come by; must be valuable." Not necessarily.

Here's the thing with our value systems. They're vulnerable to subjective bias. The girl was at least a 7 in my book and the sex would have been fun as hell. When she liked me immediately I pulled back a little and was looking for other girls. Maybe this points to personal self-esteem issues or inner game problems. I don't know, I'll delve into it later. Either way, my point is that value is not constant. It fluctuates. I think 60 Years touches on this, too (maybe that's how I noticed). It's important to be conscious of your fluctuating desire/motivation scale and be able to step back, give yourself perspective, and make more logical decisions.

At the end of the party, I'm making out with her outside and when I move to take her home Andy's girl cockblocks me and drags her back to her place. Fear of Loss / loss aversion kicks in and now her value to me inflates. I go for a number close and fail.

The takeaways from this are
1. The game is changing (It's all about 60 Years of Challenge).
2. Be mindful of limiting beliefs and fluctuating values.
3. You don't have to wait to the end of the night to fuck her.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Break Time is Over

So it seems like I've been off the grid for a while. I have.
Fuckers turned off my internet at work. So what if I was abusing it.
Someone has to...

Anyway, a ton of shit's happened and I have to get my thoughts down a lot sooner 'cuz I've already forgotten a lot of stuff that I wanted to put up here. And these posts are going to take some time.

1.Psychological and physiological differences between betas and alphas.
2.Party at 'Andy's' place the same night as the February MG&S.
3.Review of 60 Years of Challenge materials. Spoiler alert: it's excellent.
4.Tried out 60 Years of Challenge style at an open mic with my brother.
5.Gaming with Raz and my brother using 60yrs style.
6.March MG&S and sidewalk pickup, then accidentally deleted her number.
7.Flo Rida show and 'Strawberry' night 3.
8.'Strawberry' night 4 (final meetup).
9.Gaming with 'Tall' wing and text game.
10.LONG Texts and Sexting with 'Strawberry'

Friday, March 25, 2011

'Strawberry' Second Lay Report

I am exhausted. I need to work out. Seriously. Cardio and weights. I used to work out all the time but stopped for some reason. I blame XBOX.

An hour and a half of fucking last night and I feel like shit today. My quads and hip muscles are burnt. My triceps are burnt. My shoulders are burnt.

My head feels good though. Ain't that a thing. How can you simultaneously feel good and feel like shit at the same time?

(Raz just called me a pussy 'cuz he can fuck a chick for 4 hours.)

Lay Report:
I met 'Strawberry' at her house at 6pm last night. She opened the door wearing an outfit very similar to the picture I sent her. Where was her ASD from last time? Maybe it only happens at 'first-time-sex'. Who cares. I had a nympho that needed banging. But first I had to pee.

We started at the couch. A couple positions. I picked her up and stood with her stradling me. She liked that the best. No wonder my quads are burnt. Then we went to the bed. After a while I finally came. Then we went back to the couch for a cigarette. She put on my shirt and sprawled out on the couch with me sitting next to her. A few minutes break then we fucked again. Completely rearanged the furniture and carpets this time. Pretty much every position. It was better and longer the second time. Somehow we ended up on the bed again. After the second time I knew it would take me an hour to recoup so we lay together for a while and talked while I caressed her body. She felt good. I started rubbing her again and fingered her until she came.

There's nothing more sexy than a woman writhing in ecstasy.

She always had her eyes closed. I made fun of her for it. I mimicked her voice, closed my eyes, and said, "He's Bradley Cooper. He's Bradley Cooper." I guess her having her eyes closed could be a good thing. It means she's enjoying herself. It's a huge turn on for me to lock eyes when having sex, though. And I told her a couple times to look at me when she was really getting into it.

I know I said this before, but she sucked a mean dick. I fucking love it when a chick sucks my dick during sex and I go back and forth between her pussy and her mouth. There really isn't anything better in this world. I'm fucking telling you. Thank god for the orgasm, ending the sex act, otherwise I would die of starvation while this chick fucked and sucked me.

So anyway, there's nothing to be learned from this post. I'm just bragging.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'Strawberry' Text Game for Meetup Tonight

Some of this is boring, but notice how much I text vs her.
Also my frame.

HER: So when do I get to see you again?
ME: Sunday

HER: If you grew your hair out and slicked it back you'd look more like Bradley Cooper.
ME: What if Hilary Duff and Bradley Cooper are secret lovers...
(she looks like Hilary Duff)

HER: Maybe they are. Sundays really aren't that good for me though. I cancelled babysitting this past Monday but I can't be doing that every Monday. Isn't there any other day?
ME: Any other day is tough. If we can control ourselves, just kick me out at a decent time and get some sleep.

HER: I can't do this Sunday anyway, sorry.
HER: Hmmm. I'm curious. And be honest with me. Are you just looking to hook up or what?
ME: Too soon to know

HER: Haha alright sketchball. Well like I said Sundays aren't the best so if we could maybe work in a Friday or Saturday here and there that'd be great. I have to go home this weekend. So no Sunday.
ME: Tomorrow night

HER: I'm going home tomorrow. And won't be back till Sunday night. It'll have to be next week. Next Thursday's good unless you wanna do earlier.

HER: I want you sooner though. I can definitely do the just sex thing. And I can do it well. I just wanted to know ;)
ME: Tonight

HER: Can't. I'm sorry. Gotta give me a little more notice than that. Ok maybe Sunday.

HER: I thought you said any other night was kinda tough you little liar. Tryna call all the shots?
(next day)
ME: Don't worry 'bout this Sunday. I got some late work days next week. What time is your first class on Tues?

--- already made plans to hang with Pool Girl on Sunday night.
--- See Pool Girl Fiasco

HER: 12:30 so Monday would work.
ME: And tuesday?

HER: Oh I thought you wanted to come Monday night. Tues I have class 12:30-5:30 and then babysit Wed morning. When would you come?
ME: Tuesday morning. Before your class. Do you have to babysit?

HER: No. What time?
ME: I can get there by 9:30

HER: Hm. I guess that works yeah.
ME: You go out for St. Pats?

HER: I couldn't. A friend from home passed away so 'Tan' and I drove home yesterday.
HER: What'd you do?
ME: I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you're doing ok. I'll call you later.
(This was genuine. I called later, no answer. Left message.)

HER: Thanks. Sorry I missed your call. Things were kind of crazy this weekend. I don't think I'm gonna be able to do Tuesday. Maybe Wed or Thurs night?
ME: If Tues morning doesn't work, have to wait 'til Sunday. Is Tues definitely out?

HER: Yeah I'm pretty sure. I'm leaving for spring break Friday so sunday's no good.
ME: I'll see what I can do for wed/thurs. I'll let you know tomorrow.

HER: K. Not a big deal if not.
(Yeah it is a big deal, cuz I don't want to wait two weeks to fuck her)

(At Pool Girl's house right after she said she was a 'virgin'.)
ME: I'm still at band practice. Can you hang tonight or should I go back up?

HER: I can't
ME: No big. Have a good night. Txt u tomorrow.

ME: Wed or thurs night?
HER: Yeah. Either one works.

HER: I'm taking a picture of your naked body when you come over. So I can look at it whenever I want. Just thought you should know.
HER: I'm also going to lick your body when you come over. Mmm.
ME: Wednesday. What's the earliest we can meet; when do you get home from class? ...and how sexy will you be dressed?

HER: I'm done with class at 5:30. Come at like 6:30. How do you want me dressed?
(have to admit, I wasn't expecting that. I consulted Raz and he said to send her a pic of what I want)

ME: Like this
(sent her the picture at the top of this post)
HER: Haha. Ohh now I see your type. I'll see what I can do. I happen to have a corset.

HER: So you're gonna have to go a little easier on me than you'd probably like today. I pulled a muscle in my neck and it kills. I'm not sure I should even be having sex haha.
(called her. left message. said if she's not feeling well can do thurs)

HER: I'm in class.
ME: Figured.
ME: If you're not feeling good, I can do tomorrow instead.

HER: You're sweet. I'll let you know a little later. I'm gonna try to get a chiropractor appt. I want you to come today though.

HER: I made an appt. For 4:30 so I'll text you a little later.

HER: Ugh this sucks. Maybe you should just come tomorrow so I'm all better for you ;)
ME: If you can talk now, call me

She called. We talked a bit and cancelled for that night. She said having sex wasn't a good idea because she's not feeling good. I said, "Who said I wanted to have sex. I was planning on cuddling with you all night." She didn't get the joke at first (she did later) and she said, "I didn't think that's what this was." I said, "I don't know what this is. I'm just winging it." She basically just wants sex. That's fine, but I have to admit that it is a blow to my ego. Being very sexual puts you in a different place in women's lives, I guess. I'm not part of her agenda, so she's not emotionally attached. I'll still plan on reaping the benefits, though.

(wednesday night)
HER: Yeah it's good you didn't come today. It feels worse now that it's been adjusted. I'm gonna cuddle the shit out of you tomorrow.

HER: Ok I'm not going this long without having sex with you again. I want you nooow.

HER: You're the worst texter. I can't even get a fun response out of you.
(thursday morning)
ME: Haha thanks. I wasn't even awake. I'm gonna spank you so hard for that.
(I'm not that good at sexual texting yet. Right now I don't know what I can get away with and what will blow me out. That's why I didn't respond to her. Best response when you're not sure is *no response*.)

HER: I apologize :) I was high.
(4pm thursday)
ME: Still good for 6?
HER: Yup
I'm meeting her in 1 hour.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pool Girl Fiasco

Second meetup with Pool Girl. Conclusion from Partying in DE 3

Text Game Lead Up:
ME: I had fun. Next time we should finish our drinks ;) I'll talk to you soon, cutie.
(4 days later)
HER: i had fun, when's next time
ME: Wow. You just got the record for delayed responding.
(1 minute later)
HER: you never told me your talent, remember that? lol
(4 hours later)
ME: That's better ;)
HER: Look who's tryna win the delayed response award now
ME: I am soooo gonna spank you for that when I see you.
(keep text convo sexual so she knows I don't just want to be friends)
HER: You're a mess lol

HER: Yes i'm tryna win at delayed responses
ME: Hey cutie, you have a good weekend?
HER: it was alright, you?
ME: Earth shattering weekend.
HER: Do you always text extra late? Like I know you're gettin old but geez, memory loss at an early age

(she called at 12am, left no message)
ME: Woke me up 'n no message? :(
HER: Aww I'm sorry! I'm too cool to leave messages.. y r u asleep
ME: Call me
HER: I'm at work, call ya tonight?

HER: I'm at work then meeting til late like 10:30 ish
ME: I'll be asleep.
(she called and left message right after my text. She was very nervous)
HER: I hate leaving messages btw...
ME: Your message was so cute ;)
HER: U shoulda came over 2niiiiite! I duno when my roomie comin back =/
ME: U shoulda inviiiiited me
HER: Lol touche. Are you at work?
ME: Sorta. Construction on my bros place on weekends.
HER: Ok what time-ish r u callin me tomorrow
(2 days later)
ME: Hey cutie, how's your sunday goin?
HER: Studyin, got a crazy 2 weeks ahead of me =/ is this your one day off lol
ME: Hey cutie, you gonnna be around on sunday? I owe you a spanking ;)
HER: always time =) what time tho, i got a dinner 2 go 2
ME: after 9
HER: Can't wait!
ME: You gonna have ice this time?
HER: Yes! Lol
ME: Is your roomate gonna get jealous if we're having too much fun? ;)
HER: Door locks, well jus keep it down haha
ME: Hey cutie, how sexy will you be dressed on Sunday?
HER: Itll all b a surprise =)
(I kept the sexual vibe going to let her know that I intended on having sex with her when I saw her. Her response was not so good because she didn't know how to respond.)

ME: Mmmmm

ME: 9:15 good?
HER: Yeah that's cool

Fiasco Report:
Met her at her dorm. She made margaritas again. Much better this time. We talk for a bit and then start making out. Her shirt and bra were off in record time. Everything is going smoothly. Then she gets up and gets chocolate syrup. WTF? We haven't even had normal sex and she's going for syrup. Call me a neat freak, but I wasn't too keen on getting that shit on my clothes. So she pours some on her tits and I licked it off while rubbing her through her pants.

Then she stops me and says, "I have a confession..." Oh. Fuck. Is it STD, is she a post-op? What could it be?

"I'm a virgin." Oh thank god. That just means sex is going to be difficult, not dangerous.

She told me she wanted me to know because some guys don't want to have sex with virgins. I said, "I only have a problem with it if you have a problem with it."

But after that it was done. I'm thinking that she probably wanted to talk it out a bit. I didn't want to. She said her stomach was bothering her and then she said it was her time of the month. Whatever. Now I'm thinking it was all lies. Who knows. Either way, this was her second and last chance.

After Action Review:
Did I make any mistakes? Not sure. If anyone sees any, please let me know. I'm thinking the 'Virgin' thing was a test I failed. Don't know. Maybe she really was a virgin and it was a hangup she couldn't get past. I'm not waiting for her.

I'm learning to laugh at a lot of the stuff women do. It doesn't make me mad or pissed or upset in any way. It is what it is, but it does annoy me sometimes.

What really annoyed me with Pool Girl is that we were making out for a while and she NEVER went for my dick. If she had given me a hand job or blow job, I might have seen her again. I might have even put up with her not having sex.

Let this be a lesson to any women reading this. If you want to keep a man, especially one who has options, touch his dick.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Short Text Game and FR and LR - 'Strawberry'

From Partying in DE - Text game for HBStrawberry

Text Game Lead Up:

ME: I want to see you. Can you do your work early and come out with me at 9? I'm stuck until then.
HER: Yeah I can do that, I just have to work in the morning so it can't be super late
ME: No prob. I'll have you back by morning ;)
HER: Haha waay before then

HER: Hey, I'm sorry but I had to go home to jersey for a last minute family thing. We're gonna have to hang out another time. And don't think I'm cancelling because I don't want to see you. I do.
ME: Cool, then it's mutual ;) I'm available this sunday again. You?
HER: I believe so. After 9? I can let you know later in the week but I don't think it's a problem.
ME: Yeah, after 9 again.
HER: Hey are you in philly tonight?
ME: Yeah, meeting some friends in Old City. What are you up to?
HER: Great! I'm in Philly wanna meet up?
ME: I like that plan. Where are you gonna be?
HER: I don't know the city too well so idk what you mean by old city but I'm on the UPEN campus right now about to go to happy hour somewhere.
ME: You're in University City. 30 blocks away. What brings you up here? (want to know logistics for sex the same night)
HER: Oh :( can we still meet? My roomie and I just decided to come hang out here for the night. We're driving back later.
ME: Maybe. I gotta see what my friends are doing. I haven't seen them in a month. Think you could find market and 3rd?
(can't be too easy, I got other things in my life, and gauging her interest level by finding out if she'll drive to meet me)
HER: Boy I can find anything. I got an iphone lol. Yeah I'm near market and 34th now. Is that where you're gonna be?

HER: And what time are you going?
ME: Near there. About 10.
HER: Oh well we're not staying too late, we weren't planning on really going out tonight, just happy hour and hanging out for a bit. Would you be able to meet us up here before you go out?
ME: Maybe 9ish. What bar?
HER: Well right now we're at *bar* but might go somewhere else. I mean I know you have plans so I understand, I just thought it'd be fun if we could meet up.

(hour later)
HER: We're leaving soon. What do you want to do?
ME: Can't get there 'til 9. How's sunday look for you?
(Says I'm not worried about not seeing her that night.)
HER: Haha. You and 9, why are you always busy till 9? I think I can do Sunday. What do you want to do?
(called and made plans with her to meet up in University City)
HER: Dxxxx on xx and Chestnut. Getchyo ass there.
Drove and parked, walked in and got a drink.

Field Report:
I sat down with them, leaned back, and splayed out like it was a couch. Strawberry's friend is cute and tan with black hair. I already started thinking about how I'd like to bang her, too. 'Tan' immediately started grilling me. Asking what I do, who I am. This ain't my first rodeo. I passed her tests with flying colors and she ended up giving me crazy IOI's.

I forget what I said to the shit tests. It's getting so I don't think about any of this stuff anymore. I'm winging it now, but only because (I realize this only as I type this) I've internalized the frame. And frankly, I don't care. If they don't like me, then I'll find someone that does. And that, my friends, is the best attitude to pass any shit test. It's all about abundance. It's quite obvious in my texts, as well, that I'm not putting any extra importance on the interactions.

The shit tests weren't anything spectacular, actually. Just enough to screen for a douche. And guess what... I'm not.

It took barely a whisper of a suggestion to join me in Old City and they were following me like I was Justin Bieber's Twitter account. She was worried that the garage her car was in closed at Midnight. I told her that was stupid and not to worry about it.

We went to a drug store around the corner (I needed Red Bull and cigarettes). I don't care if I smoke and she doesn't. I will smoke around her anyway. Unapologetically.

With a frown she said, "Oh, you smoke."

I said, "Yeah" in a tone that said, "So what?" and "Of course" at the same time.

We took my car to Old City. 'Tan' assumed she could smoke in my car.
Fuck No. There's nothing worse than cigarette burns in leather seats.

I played Flo Rida. They insisted on playing 'Bottom's Up' and rapping to Nicki Minaj which I interpreted as them qualifying themselves to me. Additionally, they kept asking me what kind of music my band plays. Just for fun, I dodged the question over and over.

In Old City I got a sweet parking spot that cost $51 dollars, but at least I didn't have to walk far. We got to the P&S Bar and got a table upstairs. 'Chill' came in later and joined us. Tonight is the March Philly Lair Meet 'n Greet. There were 10 more guys from the group downstairs.

I was the only one who brought sand to the beach. And yet, 'Chill' and I were the only ones talking to girls, but it was still early and there weren't many girls there yet anyway.

I was acting chill and Strawberry was eating it up. I held her hand and did quick makeouts with her while 'Chill' was gaming 'Tan'. I told 'Tan' that she had a nice ass. The girls asked if I was a boob man or an ass man. I said, "Depends on what's in my face at the time." This is just more of the 'I don't care' attitude coming through. I just said whatever I wanted. I got a look from 'Chill' that I thought meant, "I can't believe you said that." I don't know his tells yet so it could have meant, "You have a bat in the cave."

'Chill' was using the 60yrs method with 'Tan'. I knew because of the way he was touching her hands. This method is not for the weak willed, folks. It's the gaming equivalent of 'Going Hard or Going Home'. It will either get you laid or get you labeled... 'creepy'. If not 'creepy' then the woman will make something else up. In this case before the girls left for the night, I found out that 'Tan' decided that 'Chill' was wasted. He wasn't. It was a rationalization.

'Chill' and I got smokes outside and I introduced Strawberry to a couple Group Guys. Most were cool, but one guy (there's always one) thought it would be a great idea to game her. He held her hand and kissed her cheek. I wasn't worried. His technique was off and he seemed embarrassed afterward as he ducked away.

After hanging for an hour, 'Tan' convinced 'Strawberry' to leave and the girls flagged a taxi. I kissed Strawberry goodbye and broke the kiss first. She said, "One more?" I said, "Just one." And I kissed her quick then smacked her ass as she got in the taxi. I hugged 'Tan' goodbye and they were off.

I hung out with the Philly Lair guys the rest of the night and met some cool people. I may post about it later.

After Action Review:
Logistics for an SNL were off. I wanted them to be. I met up with Strawberry and Tan to seed for a Sunday night meetup and I wanted to sarge with the Group Guys that night. I invited 'Chill' because I think he's a cool dude, I wanted to throw him a bone, and I wanted someone to take care of the obstacle ('Tan'). As I said, logistics were off, she lives an hour from 'Chill', and I just found out that 'Chill' doesn't have a car. So basically I wasted his time. Sorry, dude, but thank you for winging me.

Texting Epilogue for Friday and Lead up to Sunday LR:
(Same night, Friday - after we hung out)
HER: So.. What kind of music do you play?
ME: Haha. Sunday.
HER: Fine. But the garage did close at midnight!
(next morning - Saturday)
HER: How's *your project* in this beautiful weather going?
ME: Ok. Sorta. It's complicated.
(thank you, Roissy)
HER: Oh haha I'm sorry. I thought you liked it.
(Saturday Night)
HER: 12:24am - Hi I'm wasted. I want you.
HER: 1:30am - I'm really Fu cked. Up. I cAnt wait go hook up you.
(next day, Sunday)
HER: 1:09pm - Oh good. Glad I kept it classy and attractive last night. Sorry about those texts.
ME: Ur so cute ;)
(I ignored her sexual texts. They could have been tests or sent by her friends. I'm not looking for a sexting relationship. I want real sex. The 'cute' line is to say that her wanting me is not a big deal to me, implying that I'm used to it.)
HER: Haha I don't see how that's in any way cute but I'm glad you think so. Call me later about tonight.
(called and left message about hanging out)

ME: You around tonight?
HER: Yeah Sorry I missed your call, I just got out of the shower. What's up?
ME: I'll be done around 9 again. Meet you at your place?
HER: Yeah that works. Do you have a gps or do you want me to find directions?
ME: no gps
(I know this part is boring, the only reason I put it here is to show how little I text back)
HER: *gave directions*

HER: I don't have any liquor. Do you want me to run and get some real fast?
ME: Yeah, I'll be 10 min
HER: Ah. It'll take me longer than that. Do you want me to wait and we can go together?
ME: wait
(once again, less is more. the less you text, the better)

Lay Report:
Drove to her place, picked her up outside, and drove to the liquor store. Bottle of Mango Absolute and a pack of Marlboro Lights.

I hadn't touched her, not even a hug or hand holding. I wanted to wait until it was 'on' because I knew she'd be anticipating it more.

Back at her place we smoked a bowl. She didn't have mixers for the drinks and needed to borrow club soda from her neighbor. She told her neighbor that I look like Bradley Cooper and she wanted to show off her to meet me. She was cute. I was high.

We left with the club soda and crossed the very small hall to her apartment and she made us drinks. I took a sip and as she tried to walk by I grabbed her and pulled her toward me. My 'no touch' tactic worked. She was all over me. I was all over her. My hands found their way into her pants from behind and she stopped me, "Not so fast."

I brought her to the couch and we made out. She was wearing skin tight, spandex like, black pants (I don't know what the fuck they're called) and I could feel her getting wet through them.

I went for her panties again and she stopped me, "We're not going to have sex, you know."
I said, "Look, we're both adults, we'll do whatever we're comfortable with."
She squinted and smiled, a look that said, "Mmmmm, I like that response."

She kept up a pretense of ASD: "I can't believe you're taking advantage of me like this. I'm not a slut."

We hung out a bit more and I was persistent. A few minutes later we were both naked on her couch. I said, "Where's your bed?" and we went to her room. She got a text message while we were having sex. It was her neighbor, "I knew you would." Apparently the walls are thin.

Afterward we lay on the couch. I put my boxers and jeans on, she was naked but with a button-up shirt. I kept carressing her and she was writhing. I told her to touch herself. She said, "Oh, do you like that?" and she began moaning and rubbing herself. After a minute or two of watching her, I helped her out with the 'corkscrew'. She told me she came 4 times that night. I said, "Take my pants off." She did and gave me an amazing blowjob. I told her she's really good at it. "Yeah, I pride myself on them," she said.

We chilled out and I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later a bit more sober and I left her place at 1:20am
HER: (2:06am, Sunday, same night) Idk if I can wait another week for that.
(next day, Monday)
HER: Text me when you can so I know you're alive and made it back ok
ME: You look damn sexy in just a button up shirt.
HER: Stop it. I'm already horny just thinking about you.
HER: AND I'm in class.

After Action Review:
I have to say, this took a lot of gaming to come to fruition. The girl is 11 years younger than me. She's a bit heavier than my ideal, but god damn is she sexy. I had the feeling the entire time that I was one misstep away from leaving her place unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong. At no point did I feel like I would fuck up. It felt like I could see all the previous iterations of myself failing at different points and the new 'Me' was above it all, able to foresee all her games and countering them in ways that could only lead to her wanting me.

My game has been taken to a new level.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Philly Lair - Feb '11 MG&S

My experience meeting the Philly Lair.

I rolled into DH Pub and looked around. It's busy here. Downstairs were a ton of people eating. I walked upstairs and saw more tables of diners. I wasn't sure if I was in the right place. I found a back bar upstairs and walked up to a couple guys. I said, "Is this..." They gave me a knowing look and said, "yeah."

I talked to them for a minute and looked around again. Everyone there 'looked' cool, but some of the guys were kinda 'off'. I asked who the main organizer was. They pointed him out and I went up and introduced myself. He was a really cool guy and I was a little shocked to see that he had his girlfriend there. He told me that she knows all about the group. I guess, since I'm so secretive about what I do, that I hadn't thought it could be any other way.

I shot the shit with him for a minute and then asked him who the best, most proficient guys were. He gave me a couple names and I went to talk to them.

One of the guys he pointed out was very friendly and had a cool style and vibe. Then I met a friend of his who was very excited and had the 'kid in a candy store' energy. Not so skilled, but he's got a lot of enthusiasm. It's either going to really help him or really hinder him.

After only a few minutes of assessing the social skills of the guys in the group, it became apparent to me that there was a large gap in experience and awareness. What I mean by this is that there are guys that are good and 'get it', and then there are guys that aren't good and don't even know they don't 'get it'. It's the concious/competence stages. I'm sure I'm somewhere in the middle, but everyone thinks they're better than they really are, including me.

I talked to another co-organizer who had a 'leader of men' aire about him. Just based on these short interactions, I can say with certainty that the organizers are of the few that 'get it'. As I was hanging with them, I saw a guy who 'owned the bar' with body language and was holding court with about 4 guys. The co-organizers said he was really good and they learned a lot from him. This was 'Garv'.

During one of the conversations in the Pub, I found myself talking fast and tripping on my words. I was nervous and kinda 'geeking out' a bit. I don't do that. It was a bit embarrassing because I'm usually much more composed, so I went out front for a smoke.

A few minutes later everyone (about 15 guys) came outside to go to the club. I went to Wawa for a Red Bull with a good-looking, well-dressed guy. He was a newb and asked me some questions that showed a serious lack of experience so I decided I wasn't going to wing with him. He was cool, and I have no problem winging with someone who needs some help, but that's not why I came out tonight.

I came out tonight to meet some pros. Or at least someone to show me the real potential of game. I've had a feeling for a while that there was something missing, some hidden ingredient that has eluded me. And dare I say it, I felt there was something wrong, or broken, with game as I understood it. I've been at the edge of an epiphany for a year now and I wanted... needed... a final push.

I walked with 'Well-Dressed' to the club, a half block behind the group, and found he was a really likeable person.

When we got there 'Well-Dressed' went in with everyone else. I'm not a herd animal. I'd rather walk in late and make a real entrance than be just another body. There was a guy from the group smoking on the sidewalk and I walked up and talked to him. He was a really chill guy. He just had a great laid-back vibe.

I introduced myself to 'Chill' and we talked about the group. Aside from his body language and demeanor, I knew he was good because he asked me, "What are your goals with all this?" He was feeling me out, wanted to know if I 'got it'. I was honest with him. I'm usually not. Maybe it was his vibe. Maybe I just needed a confidant.

Now, I thought 'Chill' was a chill guy, but then 'Garv' came out for a smoke and leaned against a railing next to us. He knew 'Chill' and was listening to our convo. I said to 'Garv'. "You've got the best body language of anyone I've ever seen. I noticed it at the Pub. No matter where you are you find something to lean against."

They laughed knowingly. Then 'Garv' schooled me on game. This guy is a pro. I'm not exaggerating. In 10 minutes of talking to him my mind was open to concepts that I hadn't even thought of. This is why I came out tonight. He critiqued my appearance and gave me some pointers. The few techniques he taught me I used the same night with phenomenal success (before I fucked up). Besides the tips, just being in his presence gave me a model to emulate. His 'cool' was deep to his core and really showed me how far I could take it. I don't mean to be praising anyone so much, but just trust me on this, he knew his shit and wasn't too cool to help someone.

We finished our cigarette's and headed inside. I wandered and introduced myself to a couple of the guys. Then I realized why I thought they were 'off'. They were scared. They gave me a look that said, "Why are you talking to me?" There were a couple small groups of guys huddled together for protection here and there. I kept going. Looking around I noticed it was a dick farm. A few girls here and there, but nothing I wanted to open. I checked out upstairs. Same thing. The 'kid in a candy store' guy was in set with three girls. He needed help, but I didn't know him or the dynamic, so I didn't go in. I should have. Turns out he needed the help and the girls were cute.

Overall I didn't see much that I wanted to open or could open. Back downstairs I ran into a guy from the group and mentioned that I wasn't really feeling the place because there weren't many sets. He said, with an attitude, "What are you talking about? There's a set there, one there, one there." I gave him a, "What the fuck are YOU on?" look and rolled off.

I ran into 'Chill' a couple feet away talking to three guys. They were looking at him like he had all the answers. I introduced myself to the group and got more of the same "why are you talking to me" looks. Then I asked 'Chill' if he wanted to go find some girls. He said, "Yeah" like I was offering him free weed. I guess the 'kids' were wearing him out. We went upstairs and scanned the area.

Not much. Then I saw a 2set and walked up. "You guys seem cool, are you friendly?"
The one said, "No." And with bad body language. I plowed anyway. It was the first set of the night so I wanted to milk it a bit. The other girl was shy but liked the attention. Her friend ruined it for her by being standoff-ish. I looked at 'Chill' and signaled him to come over. The mean girl kept giving shit, so we threw 'em back in the water.

We hung out a minute and I saw a group of really cute girls coming up the stairs. I moved toward them, but it became really crowded and so many people were moving in different directions that it wasn't conducive for starting conversations.

A little upset about the environment, I vented to 'Chill' and told him what the guy said earlier ("there's a set here, a set there"). I speculated that it was approach anxiety that was getting me down. 'Chill' verbalized what I was thinking earlier. There really weren't many viable sets. One of the sets the guy earlier pointed out was a family party of some sort. 'Chill' said it would have shown a great lack of social calibration to open them. He also said if they really were available sets, then why wasn't he opening them? Then he asked me if I thought any of the girl were good looking. I thought for a moment, and then said, "No." He said, "Then why open them?"

I think 'Chill' was hanging with me because I wasn't a knucklehead and showed some initiative/courage with opening. There were plenty of people he could have winged with but he stuck with me.

We went outside for a smoke. I saw a girl by herself at a table and opened by asking for a light. She said, "Sure." I lit my cigarette and her girl friend came over and started some drama. The girl I opened started crying and I walked away.

'Chill' and I sat and talked. I said, "You want to go to a party tonight?"

He said, "You don't have to ask me twice."

To be continued in "Party in University City"

After Action Review:
The Philly Lair was everything I thought it would be. It was a great experience meeting the organizers and members.

If you want to take your game to another level, overcome some obsacles, meet some new wings, and make new friends, definitely come to the meetups.

If you want some one on one time with a local pro, 'Garv' actually does workshops. I learned a ton after only 10 minutes and his workshops are hours, so I can only imagine how far it could take you. Several of the organizers took his workshop and recommend him. His price is extremely fair, so if you want to get on the fast track, give him a shout. I do not know him personally and do not benefit from endorsing him. It is only for your benefit that I mention him.

Good luck, and I'll see you at the next meetup... which is tonight.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Game and the Effects of Porn

Porn is a ubiquitous and pervasive phenomenon. The internet's explosion of accessibility means that anyone can get new sex videos at any time of the day for free. Does that mean that it SHOULD be accessed?

Let's examine the effects of porn and you can decide for yourself.

Effect 1: Porn desensitizes you to real women.

Desire for real women is reduced. Even in the presence of a naked woman, you will be numbed to the degree that you wank it. It cannot NOT affect you. I read an article somewhere a while ago (sorry, no source) that cited a study that proved men perceived their wives as less beautiful after watching porn.

What this means for the guy who's getting a regular dosage of porn is that, not only is he not going to be as motivated to bang a real girl, his performance will be lacking as well.

Effect 2: Porn saps Motivation and Desire.

Desire and Motivation are similar.
Desire is a 'Want'.
Motivation is a 'reason for action'.
As I define it for this excercise, they are exclusive:
Desire is what you feel when you are IN THE PRESENCE OF BEAUTY.
Motivation is what makes you want to be IN THE PRESENCE OF BEAUTY.

Motivation is what gets you there.
Desire is what you feel when you are there.

So, in order to keep your desire and motivation for sex high, limit your porn intake. If you just rubbed one out, yet are somehow still Motivated to meet women, is your Desire going to be as palpable? Are you going to be able to show your desire? I think not. If you are consuming Porn on a daily basis, is your desire for 'women in your league' going to be appropriately high? I think not.

Effect 3: Porn causes erectile dysfunction.

When you are having sex with a 'woman in your league', will you satisfy her? Or will the fact that you jerk off regularly to 10's (who do some freaky shit) prevent you from being turned on enough to keep an erection when with a normal girl?

Erectile dysfuntion is on the rise in youth. I speculate that if we saw a graph of youth ED superimposed on a graph of porn proliferation, we'd all have an 'Aha!' moment.

ED causes performance anxiety. If you can't please a woman and it's just an awkward affair, it will create in you a pavlovian avoidance to sexual relations. Our limbic system and reward centers compel us toward pleasure and away from pain. When imbalance occurs, porn is a pleasure and sex is a pain.

The way our brain works with pornography is like pouring water into a bottomless bucket. Each click brings you to novel images or video that triggers the reward centers of our brains. Dopamine is released. At the same time, dopamine sensitivity is numbed so you need a stronger stimulus to cause the same pleasure response. This leads to needing more novel material. All of a sudden it takes more than just a cute girl pleasuring herself to get you off.

On a practical level, porn changes our needs and makes it take much more than what is available to us in our reality to arouse us adequately.

Simply put, the more you use porn, the less you will feel desire for 'normal'.

That in itself is not necessarily a bad thing if you know what's going on and have made an informed choice. What I think is bad is when this happens and we don't know it. If you know what you're sacrificing, would you still do it?

Effect 4: Porn diminishes your ability to satisfy a woman.

What do most men want out of a relationship?

A loving partner.
A caring partner.
A sexual partner.
An understanding partner.
Sex on demand.
Dinner / meals made for us.
To be treated like a king.

Well the only way you're going to get that is to fuck the shit out of your woman. If you're not fucking her good enough because you can't get a rock hard dick because her naked body isn't as hot as the one you just saw on your computer, then she's not going to see you as a man. She's going to see you as an inferior boy (you're not still wearing comic book T-shirts outside the house are you?). Good luck getting a woman that feels superior to you to treat you well.

Effect 5: Porn causes conflict in relationships.

It's amazing how doting a woman is after you just rocked her world. The corrollation is that if you're unable to give her an orgasm, or the sex is unsatisfactory, a contempt toward you will build in her and she will not respect you.

Effect 6: Porn contributes to White Knighting:

Some guys have this habit of pedestalizing women. If you know a guy like that, ask him how much he masturbates and if he's honest, he'll tell you somewhere about once a day, if not more. This is not an intrinsically bad thing. When it IS 'bad' is when a guy allows porn to infect his rational processes.

There are two things guys want from women: Sex and Affection.
These two things have to be in balance for psychological health and relationship health.

The guy who pedestalizes women is inflating the value of her affection and acts like he doesn't want sex from her. Maybe he doesn't. He gets all the sex (junk sex) he wants from a video screen. He'll scold you on respecting women and to not treat them like a sexual object (Madonna/Whore paradox). He may want sex on some level, but his fantasy is of the woman doing all the work. The woman taking the reins and leading him. He lacks the balls, motivation, and desire, to initiate himself.

If you know about common female fantasies, you'll know this isn't one of them.

To the degree that you use porn, it will:

1. Desensitize you to 'normal' women.
2. Sap your Motivation and Desire.
3. Cause erectile dysfunction.
4. Diminish your ability to satisfy a woman.
5. Cause conflict in your relationships.
6. Imbalance your need for Affection and Sex from real women.

Porn isn't just a viscious cycle of dopamine binging and crashing.
It is a psychological and physiological downward spiral.

Porn is NOT for anyone interested in practicing game.

If you want a happier/healthier sex life, then don't just stop watching porn. Stop masturbating altogether. This will create a drive in you to fuck real women. Make real sex your only sexual outlet.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me a Narcissist?! (a rationalization)

I read a recent blog post at The Rawness, Double Meanings, and it struck a chord with me, inspiring me to investigate narcissism.

I found a narcissim quiz that Dr. Drew has online, promoting a book.

Out of 40 points I scored a 38.
Authority: High
Self-sufficiency: High
Superiority: High
Exhibitionism: High
Exploitativeness: High
Vanity: High
Entitlement: High
Right on the website it says,

There's no such thing as a good or bad result on this test. Scoring high on the narcissism inventory, or high on any of the component categories, doesn't mean you have a disorder, or that you're a good or bad person.
I then took another online narcissism quiz that had me at 36 out of 50.
"If your score is 35 or more you may be narcissistic."

So, I guess it's official. I'm a narcissist.

Is that a bad thing? Not neccessarily.
Somebody else said it for me (forget where I took this from):
A lot of people are 'relieved' if they scored low and worry they should call their therapist if they scored high. But when did being assertive, controlling, capable, unstoppable, successful, beloved, believable, enduring, popular, and aggressive become dirty or some sort of personality disorder?
Introverts don't become presidents, ceo's, captains, owners, or generals, unless they were born rich. We've become a nation of losers who are 'relieved' they didn't score too high.
You can always pay someone to write your biography to make you sound humble.
I find nothing wrong with expecting better things for myself. I find nothing wrong with being selfish. I do find it a bit regretful (no real regret, just a figure of speech) that some relationships (bros and hos) have been strained because they think I'm an asshole. And yet I've always been an optimist and have always been very happy. My self esteem is sound.

I see a lot of people promoting modesty as a virtue, but to me that reeks of weakness. I abhor weakness unless it is a calculated front.

"The meek shall inherit the Earth." Bullshit. That line was written by people in power to keep the sheeple in their pens. They don't want anyone rising up and challenging them.

Nobody's ever gotten laid being timid.

To be timid is to be dependent. To be meek is to be tamed. I cannot respect anyone that is not assertive and can't stand up for themselves. They may as well put on a collar and hand the leash to their women, bosses, bullys, 'friends'.

Women don't respect the weak. Self-deprecating humor is the worst thing that could ever be used socially, not to mention seductively. If you're going to err, err on the side of being COCKY. I'm not saying being cocky is the end all be all. But you need to be cocky to break out of timidness. After giong to the opposite extreme, and knowing what the limits are, you can then find a good median.

I think narcissism has a bad name because there are few people with balls to stand up for what they want. The people that don't have this self-assurance are envious of the people that do and try to 'take them down a peg'.

There are few people who have the guts to say to someone else, "Fuck you, I'm more important to me than you are." But that's the way it should be. You are more important to yourself than you are to anyone else. Be selfish. Think of yourself first next time. You will be surprised at how good it makes you feel. A little guilty, too? Pangs maybe. But your self-esteem will grow as you treat yourself with respect and choose your happiness over someone else's.

Choose yourself. Feel better. Get laid.