Monday, February 28, 2011

Partying in DE - Part 3

Continued from: Partying in DE - Part 2 and Partying in DE

Text to HBStrawberry on sunday at 9am:
ME: My buddy said Hxxxxx is cool. Pick you up or meet me?
HER: I'm sorry, I just have too much work due tomorrow. I can't tonight.
ME: no response

--- at midnight on Sunday, the night we were supposed to hang out
HER: I just got done doing my work. I'm sorry I couldn't hang with you tonight.
ME: No big deal. I knew early enough. There'll be plenty of time for us to hang out, anyway. Just make sure you get good grades so you get a good job. I need a sugar momma ;)
HER: Oh finally, a reason for me to keep my grades up, so I can be your sugar momma! Haha :) when are you free again? Sundays work a little better if it's earlier. Otherwise I can do weekends but our weekday schedules seem to clash.
--- Logistics are going to be tough with her, but it will be worth it.
--- No big deal because I had a backup plan:
Pool Girl: You still coming by tonight?
ME: Depends... Am I the guest of honor?
Pool Girl: I mean we just gon chill in my room with margaritas, would you feel that honored?
ME: I'll be around after 9. Where should I meet you?

--- Ignored her text. Not sure if she understood that I was kidding.
Pool Girl: (texted address)
Met up with Pool Girl at her dorm room. It was just her and a friend, who I met at the party, from down the hall. Her roomate is out of town for the weekend. She made us bad margaritas without ice and talked for a bit. I had her put on music and then I sat on the couch (in the middle and spread out a bit). Her friend was sitting in a chair and Pool Girl came and sat right next to me. We chatted a bit and her friend got up and said she had to go. I think she was just hanging out until she felt I was safe. As soon as her friend left I knew it was on.

I took Pool Girl's hand and smelled her hair. Then I kissed her. She enthusiastically reciprocated. I picked her up like a doll, put her on my lap, and we made out for a bit.

She said, "You should see my bed. It's tiny."
Just fucking around, I said, "I can see it from here." (I shouldn't have joked at a time like that. I should have lead her. With hindsight I can see that I was slightly uncomfortable with escalating and I joked to relieve the tension.)
She said, "No, I mean I want to show it to you."

We got up, went to the bed, and made out again. This time I escalated toward sex and she said, "I can't do this."

I said, "You're right. We should stop." Then her shirt and bra were off.

I was rubbing her through her pants and she said, "That's not going to do it." I said, "Of course not, but I like to see you squirm."

My hand went down her pants and she said, "I can't do this."
I said, "You're right. We should stop." Then her pants were off.

I pulled out my dick and she grabbed it. She said, "I can't do this." I agreed. Then my clothes were off and we were both naked.

I persisted and ignored her half-protestations until it was apparent that she really couldn't 'do this'. It seemed like it was going too fast for her or something. Or, more likely, she was playing games.

Interestingly, she said, "I'm so glad you just took my clothes off and went for it. I'm so sick of guys asking if it's OK to kiss me or take my shirt off."

I lay naked with her for a while, half-asleep, half thinking about logistics for giving her another chance. Then I got up, put my clothes on, and left.

After Action Review:
The new name of the game is 'Escalation'. Straight escalation. Risk it to get the biscuit. After thinking about all my best and easiest hookups, I've found a common denominator: quick sexual escalation.

That's what I was doing with Pool Girl. It went from her friend leaving the room to Pool Girl and I on her bed in about 3 minutes. Basically, just 'Manning Up' and unappologetically initiating sexual contact sets me head and shoulders above my competition and women APPRECIATE it. Women hate doing the work and, as a male, it's my responsibility to push. Every time I've done this, it's been successful.

I'm not wasting time with 'comfort game' anymore. I'm going to be pushing the sexual tension toward either a blow out or a blow job.

I didn't f-close or get a blow job this time. She played with me a bit and that's it. I didn't push it far enough. I didn't persist. I never made it to a 'NO'. I've been winging it for quite a while. From now on I'm going to have goals. My new goal when in isolation is to push it to either BJ/F-close or a verbal 'NO'. 'I can't do this' is NOT a 'NO' and although I had fun, I failed in getting laid because I was winging it. Next time, I'll ignore fake protests, and in an authoritative tone, I'm going to say, "Suck my dick." It's called leading. And if she says, 'I can't do this.' I'll tell her, "Yes you can, keep going."

This adventure was a success because I now know what I did wrong and I am learning from it. Plus, I plan to meet up with her again. Oh, but not right away. I still have to see HBStrawberry :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Partying in DE - Part 2


Text Game for HBStrawberry:

ME: (on a monday) Hey cutie, bet my weekend could beat up your weekend.
HER: Haha, I don't know about that. Mine was pretty great. You go first.

ME: Lot of parties up here, met some crazy people, and even hung out in Nxxxx again. What did you do?

--- fuckin' LAME text. I don't know what I was thinking. It basically
--- sounds like bragging and is NOT interesting in any way.
--- as soon as I sent it I had an "oh shit" moment. I ran it through
--- my head a couple times and 10 minutes later I followed with:

ME: Oh, I forgot about the penguin.

--- I get a response IMMEDIATELY.

HER: Haha, what about the penguin? So you were in Nxxxx and didn't tell me? Ruude.

ME: Yeah, I'm despicable. Don't worry about the penguin... we're getting an annulment. How was your weekend of family?
HER: It was just Sunday dinner with the fam. I went to Hxxxx for a concert thursday to friday and then went out here saturday.

ME: Thursday doesn't count. I win. How's this weekend looking?
HER: Thursday counts for me, that's the start of my weekend! This coming weekend could work for me, are you gonna be around?

ME: I'll be around on sunday again. Free after 9.
HER: What do you do when you're here?

ME: Last week for work. The sunday thing is a different project.
HER: Ohh ok. You'll have to tell me what you do at some point. Maybe your last name.. Age.. You know, the usual things people talk about when they barely know each other. You're not free at all before sunday?

ME: No, not 'til Sunday.
HER: And what on earth would you propose we do in a town like Nxxxx at 9 on a sunday?

ME: I'll bring a movie.
HER: Haha, I don't even know you. I'll go out with you some time but don't think you can just come over.

--- Last text was on wednesday. I didn't respond. Coincidentally, a few minutes later I got a text from the girl I played pool with. I think I'm going to hang out with her instead. She's having her girlfriends over for margaritas and told me to stop by. (I'm assuming girlfriends. What guy drinks margaritas?)

Pool Girl: Hey what's up?
ME: Hey goof, how've you been?

HER: Busy wit school, lookin for fun on weekends.. you?
ME: Ok, party girl ;) I always run into fun. I think it's stalking me.

HER: Lets be party buddies! have fun, drink and kick ass in pool.. if you can handle it

--- haha, she's trying to game me. i love it.

ME: I like the way you think. I may be in Nxxxx this sunday. Not much of a party night, but anything going on?

HER: Me and my friends are just having margarita sunday in the room. Lol. Stop by and we can chill tho
ME: Sounds like it could be fun. I'll text you when I'm in town.

HER: Name something ridiculous you did this year
ME: America's Got Talent tryouts

HER: Shut up.. what was talent haha
ME: Long story. I'll tell you when I see you.

--- I don't need a text buddy.

HER: Will I enjoy this talent ;) ?

--- Haven't responded yet.

HBStrawberry was NOT a sure thing. Even though she said she wanted me to come over for sex, it did not mean she would a week later. I've read, and learned from experience, that after a heavy makeout, a woman will likely have buyer's remorse and need to be gamed all over again.

My plan for tomorrow night is to hang out with HBStrawberry and escalate as quickly as possible and take her back to her place. It's only two weeks later, so she won't be able to use the period excuse again. If she stops the escalation I'll meet up with Pool Girl.

Text to HBStrawberry:
ME: My buddy said Hxxxxx is cool. Pick you up or meet me?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Partying in DE + Field Report + Kiss Close

So I contact a guy from the Philly Lair, who we'll call the D-man.
He invites me to a college party in DE.

I met D-man and Nxxx and we drove to the party. Both these guys are cool as shit but Nxxx has a girlfriend and knows nothing of game. D-man is a very social person and seemed to know everyone. To him every stranger is just a friend he hasn't met yet.

We rolled up to the party. Outside we ran into a couple people, including a rather 'odd' individual. I was talking to 'Odd' for a minute. He seemed cool, but I had to ditch him later because he was rather artless in the pursuit of women.

Inside the party I was very pleased to see a ton of cute girls. After mixing a bit I went downstairs where the DJ and a pool table were. Lot more people down here. Hanging out with Nxxx and 'Odd', we played pool with a cute girl. I was eyeing up a girl at a table with 3 guys. I made eye contact, said a cool 'Hey' (with an up-nod), and held the eye contact until she looked away. She got the messsage. So did I (she held one of the guys hands). She was 'with' one of them. Moving on...

There was one girl downstairs I thought was the cutest. While playing pool she siddled up to me and said, "don't miss". I missed. While she was with her friends, I walked up and told her she made me mess up and one of her 'friends' cock blocks me and says, "Why are you talking to her? She has a boyfriend." I said, "She started it." I could have tried to salvage it, but there's plenty of women tonight. Blown out of the whole set, I move on...

I number closed the cute girl we were playing pool with, and although there was kino, I got no sexual vibe so I probably won't call her. Moving on...

Upstairs I run into a pair of blondes that are clearly the hottest things at the party. I didn't even open. I'm not going to try to make an excuse, either. Sure, if Raziel were there I'd be 'In Like Flynn', but I can't always use his exhuberance as a crutch for social anxiety. In other words, I spoke too soon. My state was not pumped enough for the challenge. Moving on...

Went outside for a cigarette with 'Odd'. Three betaboys were out on the deck talking about how wonderful 'love' is. *Blurgh* 'Odd' quotes scripture and a betaboy quotes it back to him. I get the fuck out of there.

Inside, D-man was talking to several girls who were sitting in the living room. I roll up and he says, did you meet my friend? Good introduction. A lot of guys WON'T introduce you because they want to keep all the female attention to themselves. Then he introduces them in their 'ghetto' names or something similar. This took the attention immediately back to him and the girls. I was left standing there as an outsider after all. No fault of his and I'm not upset in the least. He brought me out to the party. I only point it out because he may not have experience with the BEST way to introduce a friend, especially if you're gaming:
"Oh hey, this is my buddy ______. This guy is awesome.
He's done _____ and _____ and even _____."
This is called a DHV Introduction or Accomplishment Introduction. It is not bragging if someone else says it. It does several things.
1. Your wing is brought into the group.
2. Your friends are cool which means you are cool.
3. The women become interested.
4. It gives you more conversational threads.
Here's a great example. I also give him a pass because he doesn't know me well enough to DHV me. If he did, it would be something like, "Hey, this is my buddy P. He's a rockstar (exaggeration but great for DHV). This guy's toured with Nxxxx and Gxxxx. He just played the Exxxx Fxxxx."

How I DHV intro Raz: "Hey this is my buddy Raz. You don't want to talk to him though, he's the most dangerous mother fucker here. He's been xxxxxx and xxxxxx."
You can literally see the 'gina tingles when I call him 'dangerous'. I don't usually like to use the F-Bomb but it works great here for effect.

I stood next to D-man for half a minute and then moved on...

I opened a very cute redhead by the stairs. Her ugly friend comes over and talks to me and I have no wing. Two guys start talking to the cute girl. Moving on...

At this point, I've exhausted most of the opportunities I was interested in. There were a few more, but I didn't want to wait for the Magic Time. I convinced D-man and Nxxx to go to the next party and we moved on...

We roll into the next party and I immediately feel like a different person. I was engaging everyone and being really social. I felt a little vulnerable at the first party for some reason. I think it was just because I didn't know anyone. At this party, only an hour later, I felt like I knew the people I was rolling with better and was much more comfortable. Not only that, but now Nxxx and D-man seemed more comfortable with me. This I just now realized was a Mystery Bounce in action, but working on wings instead. Something to keep in mind next time I'm rolling with people I just met.

In the party I mingled and chatted. I ran into Nxxx in the basement who was flirting with 3 girls. I joined him at first but then I saw a really cute latin girl talking to a couple guys and D-man. I rolled up and teased her about her ballet dancing. She liked it. She's from Pxxxxx. I told her my country could beat up her country. She got fake mad and walked over to her friends. D-man laughed. She turned back and half smiled/half pouted. She's used to guys chasing her. I'm not chasing her. She just blew herself out.

Then I spotted a 2set in the basement - HBBrunette and HBStrawberry. I said to D-man, "Let's go see if they're having fun." We roll up and engage them immediately. He talks to HBStrawberry and I talk to HBBrunette. The conversation flows easily and I get IOI's right away. She's nervous. Good.

Nxxx is talking to HBStrawberry. Where the fuck did D-man go?

Somehow our two convo's get mixed and HBStrawberry called me the 'Cute Pxxxx'. *Huge IOI* She thought I was someone else with a similar name. I took her hand and walked toward her, pulling her away from Nxxx and HBBrunette. Standing close, still holding her hand, I said (as if telling a secret), "I have to tell you something. My name is not 'Pxxxx', but I appreciate you calling me 'cute'."

She said, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry I thought you were Kxxxx's friend."

Still standing close and still holding her hand.
"I'm from Philly. I only know D-man and Nxxx."

I let go, backed up and looked at Nxxx and HBBrunette. They were smiling and flirting and I wondered if I made the right choice.

HBStrawberry closed the distance and said, "Where'd you get that necklace?" And then I knew I had her.

"I got it from a street vendor in *European country*." My hands found her hips and back.

"What's it mean?"

"Hope and Life" I pulled her closer, our belts touching. I touched her necklace. "This is nice."

"It's from Gxxxxx, it's meaning is a mystery."

I looked in her eyes and held it a heartbeat longer, relishing the adrenaline pumping through my chest. And then I kissed her.

She got into it. Way into it. I stopped her twice and she wanted more. I stopped her a third time, looked around, took her hand and lead her to a large, plush, sofa. She climbed on top of me and we made out more. I had my hand in her panties and she stopped me, "I want to. I really do, but I'm on my period." Fuck. I made the best of it. We had the area mostly to ourselves so I sucked on her tits and let her hands wander down my pants. Her tongue found every inch of my face and neck, but my neck started hurting so I made her stop. I calmed her down and we composed ourselves. I told her I had to leave to be at work at 5am. She MADE me take her number and insisted that I come back to see her to have sex. She walked me out and I kissed her goodbye.

I had a smoke with Nxxx outside as we waited for D-man. Remember Nxxx knows nothing of game and has a girlfriend. He just met these people tonight as well. I told him that girl was fun and he said, "Yeah, but she was making out with everyone." He seemed so cool earlier and until this point I didn't realize that Nxxx was a bitter beta. His statement was very enlightening because we both saw her earlier and she was hanging out with girlfriends, which tells me he was jealous. And even if she was making out with a dude or two before we got there and someone told him, that just increases my likelihood of getting laid. Yay me.

I did pull her away from him earlier, but I left him another girl. He has a girlfriend he's very content with and he wasn't going to do anything anyway, so there's no foul. Plus he was wasted.

Before I left I talked to D-man. He gave me a great compliment. He said he saw a Pro PUA talk in Philly recently and it wasn't anything special. He said it was great seeing it done in person and called me the real deal. I thanked him for bringing me out and told him I'd be inviting him to Philly.

Oh. My neck. I got a hickey. I can NOT have a hickey. When I got home I took a broken piece of wood and gouged my neck in a long, bloody line. No more hickey and easier to explain with the slippery conditions of this winter.

I texted HBStrawberry on the way home (not while driving):
ME: Hey cutie, it was fun meeting you. Have a safe night. See you soon. - P.

I texted her a day later:
ME: I'll be in your area this week. You should join me for some coffee and stimulating conversation. What's your afternoon schedule like?

She texted back her schedule and we are in the process of setting logistics for a day2.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Show Your Desire

I was at a blog (dissention dot wordpress dot com), written by an omega, which I check out sometimes to give me things to think about. It also gives me something to measure myself against.

There was a post on porn vs. real women that referenced this article which had this comment at the bottom (note the sentence I put in bold):
By JJFrank on 01/31/2011 at 12:06pm
Contrary to this article's headline, the male libido is obviously not disappearing, it is just focusing in a different direction than live women. I would speculate that the reason is that online women seem to want to have sex and seems to always enjoy it. That is what turns men on. It is not due to the shape of the body or the equipment.
It is the porn stars obvious and expressive desire, appreciation and satisfaction.
First of all he's wrong. Not only are shape and equipment hella important, but the reasons for the proliferation of pornography are much simpler (supply and demand) and much more complex (natural addiction). That said, his hypothesis about expressing desire is insightful. Obviously, men and women want to have sex with people who are sexually attractive to them. Once that requirement is met, we prefer to have sex with people that are expressive with their own sexual desire.

To illustrate the point:

Would you fuck an ugly girl who's shy and doesn't put much effort into it?
--Probably Not.

Would you fuck a cute girl who's shy and doesn't put much effort into it?

Would you fuck an ugly girl who screams and rams her crotch into your dick?
--Probably not.

Would you fuck a cute girl who screams and rams her crotch into your dick?
--Hell. Yes.

So a girl who REALLY wants to fuck AND really gets off on it is VERY attractive, provided she's not repulsive and her desire is not a caricature of porn and so over the top that you think she's exaggerating (which, of course, is a turn off because then it seems fake and causes you to question whether she is enjoying it at all, which takes you out of the moment).

What he's pointing at goes both ways. When in the bedroom, women get off on men who show they're enjoying themselves as well, which was eloquently said in this craigslist post.

Show your desire:
Our society already curtails our sexual expression. It is frowned upon for a man to be overtly sexual. The last thing you want to do is self-castrate. Men want to bang. Women like to be desired.

Am I saying stare at your coworkers' tits? No. But I'm also not saying don't do it unless you're like Fred Armison in a Sexual Harrassment video. As men we need to shun this PC idea of hiding our urges. Tom Brady's character in that SNL skit is absurd, but if you are Alpha, groomed, and dress well, you can pull off a sexual vibe at work without flak from HR.

Now translate that to gaming in field:
If you go out trying to meet women and you keep it PC (sterile), you're going to be LJBF'd or they're going to think you're a 'nice' guy. Apply sexual tension/energy. Make her feel like you want to bang her. Take up space. Take up HER space (both meanings). Make her feel your presence with body language and no matter what the subject matter, the underlying message is clear: she is a sexual object, you want to fuck her, and it is a completely normal and acceptable thing.

Of course it can go too far as Bhodisatta found with Over-Intent.
As he says, keep the vibe playful.

By showing your desire (using sexual tension) she will know that you want to bang, which will do one of two things:
1. Blow you out.
2. Get you laid.

A blow out is good. You aren't wasting time hoping it goes somewhere and you can move on to the next girl.

Remember: You've got to risk it to get the biscuit.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raz' Newest Text Game (with analysis)

So Razael used to work with this cute girl and saw her out a week ago. This is his TEXT game (with a little help from ME).

RAZ: I just saw someone who looked exactly like you. i almost said hi (ME)
--- Great opening volley.

HER: That would've been funny
RAZ: Funny? That is a moment of sheer terror for most people
--- Great teasing.

HER: lol it wouldn't have been that bad. just a hello...
RAZ: Not that bad! I would have said hi then baam! now she's in love with me.
--- Great cocky/funny.

HER: lmao. damn is that how it happens?
RAZ: Hi.. :) What's your schedule like next week? (ME)
--- Great. To the point logistics.

HER: Hello! Mon-fri X:XX - X:xx. it's the same every week.
RAZ: Come out with me next Saturday night. (ME)
--- Great. To the point logistics, inviting her into his world.
--- Usually for a Day2 Saturdays are a bad idea. They're a big night
--- and a girl usually doesn't want to commit a Saturday night to
--- a guy she isn't sure about. If she does, flaking is likely.
--- Better to do a weeknight for a Day2. In this case her schedule
--- is crap and it's the only night available.

HER: Where to?
RAZ: A little restaurant called Txxxxx.
--- BAD. By saying 'restaurant' is frames it as a DATE-date
--- which implies that he's like all the other guys.
--- Remember that you don't have to answer a direct question.
--- Her:'Where to?' Raz:'I'll surprise you.' or 'It's a secret'
--- or even 'Not telling'
--- A reframe is NECESSARY.

HER: Oh where is that at? Big party?
RAZ: Party girl? I thought you were different. (ME)
--- Excellent reframe. Put her on the defensive, exactly as was intended.

HER: Not much of a party girl. Like to have a good time. Just was wondering what was going on there that u were inviting me out
RAZ: Pshhh Do you really need any other reason than getting to go out with me..
HER: Maybe
--- Good cocky/funny, but not sure if it was needed here.
--- 'Maybe' means she needs more gaming.

--- Waited Until Monday at Noon to send next text --
RAZ: Saturday: You. Me. Drinks. (ME)
HER: Yes sounds good
HER: Hey so... what time r we going out on Saturday? Bunch of people? Just us?
--- Great. To the point. Yes or No. Cut and dry.
--- Raz' text here was pretty fucking clear, but this is a woman
--- so it's not enough...she's still pushing for something...
--- What could it be?

RAZ: Just us, Party girl. I'll pick you up at 8. What's your address? (ME)
HER: Nah... no party girl. Just wondering if this was a date :)
--- Use of the nickname 'party girl' is to tease. She seems not to like it.
--- Discontinue this nickname in texts, maybe reuse in person sparingly.
--- Another CLEAR text, but she needs more.
--- What was she pushing for? Oh... she wants Raz to jump through a
--- hoop and into her frame by calling it a 'date'.
--- Use of the emoticon is to relieve tension. She doesn't want it to
--- seem like she wants it to be a 'date', but she really does.

RAZ: Date? Just drinks, and if we get along you can call it a date. :) (ME)
--- Excellent parry. This says so much in a single text.
--- 1 - He's not playing by her rules.
--- 2 - He's not assuming he's going to like her.
--- 3 - He has higher status than she.
--- BTW, the emoticon was reciprocating her exact emoticon, otherwise
--- it's best to avoid them.

HER: Lol. Y wouldn't we get along? I'll just call it drinks, don't want to make it something it's not lol
--- Her response is perfect.
--- 1 - She did not back out. (yet)
--- 2 - She confirmed the 'date' by calling it 'drinks'.
--- 3 - She laughed. (laugh is to relieve tension, she's not used to this)
--- 4 - She accepted his frame.

RAZ: Address? (ME)
HER: 222 Smang It Lane.
--- To the point. No cocky/funny during logistics.

We'll see what happens. Never underestimate a woman's propensity for flaking.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Posts

One of the downsides to having 2% body fat is that cold weather is intolerable. I HATE the cold to such an extent that I don't go out much in the winter. (Maybe I need to move to Florida or Southern California. Hotter chicks there anyway.) For this reason, the posts I'm working on right now are more idea oriented instead of field oriented.

Upcoming Post 1: Desire/Motivation and the effects of Porn.
Upcoming Post 2: Me a Narcisist?