Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phantom Call Gambit

A girl I had in my phone called me on accident the other day.
I sent her a text that said, "I missed your call, what's up?"
HER: "Sorry, my phone phantom calls people sometimes."
ME: "You don't have to make up excuses to talk to me. I may have ridiculously high standards, but I'm still approachable."

A bit more banter, and met up at a bar. Introduced her and her friends to my wing, but we ended up opening a hotter set and kinda ignored the first one.

So what I've taken from this is:
1. She may have legitimately "phantom" called me. or...
2. It was a form of game.
3. I tested it (as game) on another target... and it works.

Was at a loud club, at 1am I called Txxx and just let it ring without saying anything. The call connected right away, so I know she answered. It stayed connected for about 9 seconds and then she hung up. TWO minutes later I got a text that said, "Where are you?"

So as not to seem eager, a couple days later I replied, "Was out. Sorry, my phone phantom dials sometimes." (If I gave her anymore info I think it would have seemed tryhard.)

I saw her out the next day and she immediately started asking me where I was. I'm going to be using this one again.

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Kino Gambit

My Wing opened a set and I joined up. He pretty much handed me off to the hottest of the two, who immediately says she's a model.

ME: "What like a hand model?" (yes, straight mystery method. No need to reinvent)
HER: (shocked look) "Is that because I talk with my hands?"

(I came up with this on the fly, because it's actually true)

ME: "Exactly. My grandmother talks with her hands so much, she says that if someone held her hands, she wouldn't be able to talk. Here, lets try it."
(I grab her hands a la Mystery's 'compliance test')
ME: "Ok, now tell me about England (where she's from)"
HER: "Ummm... It's nice there... Ummm... The weather.."
ME: "See, that's what I thought."

I know this didn't accomplish the same thing as the 'compliance test', but it was a great way to incorporate more kino. From there, I escorted her around the club arm in arm...

Friday, July 16, 2010

DHV'ing my Brother to his Date.

I was out with my younger brother the other night.
On his own, he chats up HB-Librarian (a friend of a friend) and they're hitting it off. She's giving a lot of IOI's.

I talk to our mutual friend about HB-Lib and find out:
1. She's really into classical music.
2. She writes poetry.
3. She's actually a really nice girl. Perfect for my naieve brother.

Later on I roll up to them. When I got there I immediatly started talking to my bro's new friend. The girl I'm with (HB X) follows shortly after and talks to my bro. So, we basically interrupt their convo and separate the two and have separate convos right next to each other.

ME: "So you're a librarian?"
HER: "Yeah, it's exciting."
ME: "Do you have a degree in librarianism?"
HER: "No, it's BLAH BLAH"
ME: (I cut her off) "That's cool. I never finished for my degree, but my brother has a degree in Music theory. He writes Symphonies."
HER: "No WAY! (Addressing my brother) You never told me that!"
My brother has a confused look, so I wink at him.
ME: "Yeah, he's really creative. He even does some writing. Hey bro, what's that stuff you're working on right now. Is it short stories or POETRY?"

So her jaw is to the floor and if he had any game at all he woulda been laid that night, but at least he number closed and the girl wants to drive an hour to hang out with him. They hung out the rest of the night and hugged goodbye.

Wing's Manager Game

Just introduced Razael to "Manager Game"
He took to it very quickly and now is his default opener.

"Are you guys having fun tonight?"

He opens very easily with this even if he's out by himself. I will be trying to ease him into some bolder openers, but this is excellent for getting him some social experience.

Hardcore Shit Test - FAIL

Out last night to see a friend's band play. Hanging out with two buddies, a beta and a lesser beta.

I've used my David DeAngelo approved Cocky/Funny, "5 bucks, this ain't free", when girls bump into me so many times that I've lost count. ALWAYS goes well, except for last night.

Last night I used it on an HB6. Clearly joking and smiling. It went ok at first, but I'm not sure if the rest was my fault or hers.

She was kidding in the begining. Slightly confused, as if she didn't understand the context of what I was saying. So I added the usual, "this is for display purposes only". She taps me several times in a row, in what I thought was playful. And I say, "just give me your card and we'll run a tab"

She: "What's your name?"
ME: (Gave my real name)
She: "is that your real name or your fake name?"
ME: Real

I hold out my hand as if to shake hers. She looks at it and keeps talking and doesn't shake my hand. So I left my hand out in front of her, just hanging in the air. Eventually she got uncomfortable and shook my hand. (I read about people that won't shake your hand and what to do. I've been wanting to try that out. It worked.)

Then she says, "you are so cocky", while smiling and looking me up and down (sizing me up). Then she SNAPS and says, with an attitude, "What makes you think you're so special. Why do you think you can be so cocky. You're not that good looking. I bet you don't even make that much money."

ME: "Wow, right into the money thing. (to my beta buddies) See, I told you. Some chicks only want to know how much money you make.

SHE: (more bitch banter)
ME: (to my beta buddies) Are you taking notes?

SHE: So why are you cocky? What makes you think YOU can be cocky?

On and on. Her mouth doesn't stop running.
At this point my mind was stalling because of the complete 180 degree shift in her personality. I was stunned and half speechless because she became so antogonistic so quickly. And she wouldn't let up. I was so taken aback by her attack. I kept trying to blow off her question and finally said something like, "I'm allowed to be cocky." I know, weak.

I accept that this one won't be turned around and I'm done with her attitude, so I said, "It was nice to meet you. Have a good night." I put my hand out. She shook it right away and sauntered off. So I was able to salvage a modicum of value by ending the set first. Also, because I was relaxed, leaning on the bar the whole time (yes, my Cajun impression) it looked like she was gaming me. She was actually leaning in and pecking to talk to me.

Now the whole time, my beta buddies were right next to me, doing all their creepy beta stuff, like staring at us and not talking to each other. Lesser beta had a creepy grin/smirk the whole time. So this was probably a contributing factor. When she was sizing me up, was she weighing them against me?

So I've run this scenario through my head several times and slept on it. I've figured out a few things I could have done better.
1. Roll with cooler guys, or alone.
2. Don't take shit.
SHE: "you're not even that attractive"
ME: "strike one - I thought you had a sense of humor... strike two - you insulted me... It was good meeting you. Have a good night."
SHE: "what about strike three"
ME: "If I give you another chance, will you behave?"
3. My goal is to have fun. So if someone is trying to ruin my night. NEXT! Which is what I did. (It didn't ruin my night. On the contrary, I had an AMAZING night. Will post later.)
4. I'm sure I'll run into this in the future and I need to have responses. ONE DEFAULT THING TO DO IN ANY SITUATION.
5. I need more time in the field.

Things I think I did right.
1. Opened without anxiety.
2. Decent banter.
3. Won the handshake standoff.
4. Excellent body language.
5. Ended bad interaction positively and first.
6. Didn't take it personally and learned from it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Funnest girl so far.

I was at a dive bar a while back seeing a band I know. My little bro went with me. He knows I'm into game and of anyone he needs it, so I thought I'd show him what it can do. We're sitting against the bar talking and I see this girl who looks out of place. It's a punk/rocker bar (everyone's wearing black) and she's wearing bright red. I knew right away she was mine. The girl was insecure and out of her element so I knew if I talked to her she'd be receptive.

She's just standing by herself, looked like she was waiting for someone.
Using Cajun body language, leaning against the bar, I look at her, catch her eye and say, "What, are you lost?"
She says something.
I say, "I can't hear you. Come over here."
She walks over and we talk for a while, totally hit it off. Find out she's here on a date and the guy brought her to show off to his friends. (A week later I find out that every time he sees her, he mentions me. Ha!) That backfired on him because she spent the next hour chatting me up and his friends thought he was a tool. (I've dubbed this 'Chump Game'... Anytime I swoop a girl from a beta.)
At this point my brother is just baffled at what I'm doing.
She asks for my number and I say, "Just give me yours."
I had to take my bro home, so I bounced.

This number turned into some of my best texting ever (which I'll post), which turned into a full close and a regular sunday thing.

Amen to game.


I done w/ PHLFAN... she's so effin' weird.
Can't, possibly DON'T, want to describe it.