Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Hate AFC's! 2

After the blow out and the girls got in a cab, we walk down the street and into another bar. Weird... it was packed earlier and now it's almost empty. There's an area over to the left that' got about 10 people hanging out, a few scattered at the outskirts and an HB9 2set in the very center of the bar. Both were about 21/22 and beautiful!

As soon as I saw them I knew what the plan was, but I had to get the AFC onboard. We walk past them to the bar and order drinks. I give him a brief primer on wing game. Went something like this:

"I'm going to walk over and talk to those girls. I need you to walk over in exactly one minute."

That's all I said. I didn't want him to be confused or try to improvise. So I went over to the two girls and opened the blond. The brunette is texting and ignoring her friend... which means when my AFC wing comes over he doesn't have anyone to talk to.
"You seem cool. Are you friendly?"

"I don't know."

"Well I think you are so I'm going to keep talking to you."

"What, are you psychic?"

"Of course. More importantly, do you think I should dye my hair blonde?"

I turn around and lock in by leaning on the bar. Exactly one minute in, AFC rolls
up and before he can open his dumb face, I say, "I don't know where Sue is, I
think you should look for her in the back."
Holy crap he got it! He rolls off. But the fucker comes right back and now he's
hovering right behind me. I feel my status draining and I say, "It's good
talking to you, I'm gonna get back to my buddy." We both walk away and I explain what just happened to him. He's genuinely clueless. I even spoke slowly :(
He fucked up my game by hovering and I was distracted. I never got her number and she was WAY into me.
I should have said, "Good meeting you." Turned to walk away, and then turn back and got her number in one of many ways:

1. "do you have email?"
2. "can I see your phone?" get phone, put in own number and call self "I'll call you"
3. "if only there was some way we could get ahold of each other to continue this conversation" ... she says, "I could give you my phone number!"

Talking to AFC I didn't notice them leave. Crap. No more girls in the bar, we roll on down the street.

Stripper Texts

I met a stripper at a bachelor party. All body language game and paying for the bachelor and never myself. She says, "Don't YOU want a private dance?"
I say, "I can get laid anytime I want, I'm not gonna pay for it... which sucks for you 'cuz I'm the only one here with money."

She's way into me (I know. They're paid to act like that.) Way into me AFTER they have counted their money for the night. I'm smoking pot with them. And NO, I didn't just hand over the weed for their company... I said, "Twenty dollars." The other stripper she's with gives me some cash and says to her friend, "give him some money"
I love the irony in the fact that they were giving me my own money back :)

More strong body language, pulled her close and said, "Do you want to see me again?"
She says, "definitely" and grabs her phone and calls my number when I gave it to her.
I bit her neck, she giggled and we said our goodbyes.
I sent her a text an hour later:

Enjoyed meeting you tonight, looking forward to getting to know you... and biting your neck again ;) ... Sweet dreams.

<< I think I fucked up on this text! Was OK EXCEPT the biting neck thing.
<< With strippers it's important to convey that the sex is not important to you.
<< In my opinion it conveyed low status. I waited a couple days and then tried to
<< do damage control and sent a much higher status text:

I'm going to the city on Saturday to see what's 'new' at the vintage stores. You should tag along and we can get some tea. I'd like to find out if you're more than just a pretty face.

<< Credit David DeAngelo. This one has DHV's and is a challenge. Pure GOLD.
<< Guess what? She responded... two separate texts.

...Oh that's really cool. Yeah that would be fun. I work Saturday night but
...during the day I'm free so yeah hopefully we could hang out

...I've only been to one vintage shop before but that was in Paris, so what kind
...of stuff do they have in the ones around here?

Nothing like the Paris flea markets... 70's, 60's clothes, mod blazers, western shirts, antiques... I'm looking for clothes/jewelry... something eccentric/rock 'n roll I can use on stage... I usually know it when I see it. I'm jealous... I've always wanted to go to Paris... even learned some French... When'd you go there?

<< I fucked up again! There is so much WRONG with this text that NO amount of
<< damage control will cure. I took her DHV bait of Paris. It's as if her
<< second text was really a TEST. And I failed it.
<< I put in a DHV, but overall this text is AFC because I should NOT have answered
<< her question. I should have been coy and said:
<< "That would ruin the surprise... all the fun is in the treasure hunt ;) "
<< So of course she didn't answer and I could count on her flaking so I sent her:

Hey Tara, I got roped into helping a friend with her photoshoot tomorrow... I'll be in the city but I won't be available. Sorry... maybe next weekend

<< Added the DHV of 'photoshoot' and hopefully my flaking wasn't transparent.
<< After the weekend I cast out a line:

Hey cutie, I'll be in the city this weekend. What's your schedule?

<< No bite... this one's blown out, but I know some things I did wrong
<< and will learn from it. And hey, this is my first real stripper game.

How I got into PUA

Derren Brown.

The man, myth, and legend. I saw his SciFi channel tv show called Mind Control. Watched every episode. He is so fascinating.. I looked up everything he did, saw every show he ever made... read all his books... this lead to NLP.

I read everything by Bandler and Erikson, which lead to Ross Jeffries and his Speed Seduction... I read a review somewhere that said, "Speed Seduction is where NLP hits the ground running."

From there I found the Mystery Method and David DeAngelo. I read every newsletter, I read all the theory. I watched every seminar I could get. I've got both seasons of The Pick-Up Artist.

My thirst for knowledge has been insatiable since finding out about this "underground" community. Did I become a keyboard jockey? No... I'm out every weekend. But I did use my computer to find every scrap of information, whether it was DVD, MP3, eBook... whatever. I read, saw, listened to it all. And I can tell you... there is no end to the intricacies of social interaction. I will NEVER learn it all, but that won't stop me from trying.

The biggest thing I learned was that it was there in the first place. I was in the dark, a total AFC. The wool was lifted. It's been a few years since the Derren Brown show was on and I've changed immensely.

Using stripper game as an example:
I was a blubbering, drooling douche at a strip bar in '05.
In '07 I was cooler, but still ogling.
In '08 I was actively trying to game a stripper in NYC with patterns.
And in '10 I was at a bachelor party and number closed the 'entertainment'.
I fucked up the text game (I'll post that here soon)... but the fact that she was responding I consider a huge improvement.

If I ever criticize myself for an error in field, all I have to do is look at how far I've come. I'm almost to the top of the mountain.

Thank you, Derren Brown. If I was gay I would totally do you. Ya know what, I would anyway ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First night with wing. While ago.

The first night out with my new wing. This was months ago, but I like the story.
We went to a popular bar in Philly. Beautiful bartenders, very friendly.
Layout of the place is open, but relatively packed. There are two sets all over the place and nobody is really moving around. There's an AFC by himself at the bar eating something. I catch a HB8 checking me out... (it's my walk that does it tonight).

Now, I'm a proponent of flash game. My interpretation is basically, be alpha, be loud, be fun, be in a great conversation with your wing. Be the center of attention. We're teasing the bartender being overall fun, and she's teasing back. All eyes in the bar are on us. It's pretty obvious who the cool kids are. At one point, I tease the bartender again and she throws a stack of napkins in the air. Nothing says social proof more than the bartender digging you. My wing and I go outside for a cigarette and talk about stuff. When we come back HB8 is sitting in my barstool talking to AFC.

HELLoooo proximity IOI!

I tease her and say that she owes me five bucks for the seat. More teasing, I Disney Princess Gambit her, she says Jasmine... Well that's her new name for the night. :)
Another thing I did.. read somewhere online about a guy who uses a couple regular keys as a pendant around his neck and gets opened with it. I like to use it as a litmus test for the game. If she says something, anything about it.. she digs me. If a guys says anything about it... he's threatened and I know where I stand in the moment.
She says, "What's the key for?"
I say, "It's the key to your heart and if you don't behave I'm gonna give it to that guy (AFC)."
She busts up laughing. What's even funnier is he heard the whole thing and she was basically laughing in his face. He thought he was the man when the HB8 was talking to him and at that point I think he realized he was used by her to get closer to me.
Poor guy :(

She says she has to go to meet some friends that are coming. I don't really care.. .the night is young. The friends roll in. Two very well dressed guys with ZERO game. They had money and not much else.
I decide they're no competition and while the HB8 is in the bathroom, I introduce myself and game them. "How do you know HB8?"
I'm in with them, back in with HB8, she decides she wants to hang out with my Wing and I and insists we go with them. She's VERY insistent. I'm skeptical, trying to remember my theory... and after a bit of deliberation... we leave with them.

That was a mistake.

It immediately set US up as the tag alongs... we should have got numbers and rolled, but feeling cocky, against my better judgement, I DLV'd. Wing and I have since learned. It won't happen again.

We did have fun that night, but it ended in a #close that flaked.
So for next time, remember folks...
Who's the prize? That's right... ME.

Monday, May 17, 2010

First immediate Kiss Close

At the club with my wing and an AFC.
The AFC is being a tool, so I'm looking for my wing who is supposed to be opening a set by the bar. I walk over to him, and the wing is buying a drink for himself and his target. (Yea, I've told him not to buy drinks, but he's learning) The AFC is following me... It's crowded, shoulder to shoulder and this HB7 walks in front of me. I start giving her shit and escalate as fast as I can, just to see what I can get away with. Literally 2 minutes later I'm making out with her at the bar in front of everyone. I have to say... it's an awesome feeling. The AFC is just dumbfounded and walks away. My wing missed the whole thing so I was disappointed. I ask the HB7 if she smokes, "no" she says. I say, "well I do, so you should join me." HB7 turns into an AFC and follows me outside.
** Lately I've been isolating outside, but I may have to find darker corners in the club because...
We were at a table sharing a smoke (yeah she doesn't smoke?), and her friends roll up, looking at us as we're making out and kinoing each other. Turns out one is her ex and he decides to shit test me... I pass all his shit tests and AMOG him, he says, "I love this guy" and then won't leave me alone... Looks like I've got a cockblocking pet. :(
I get bored with this HB7 because it was too easy and merge with my wing's set... he's my protege and I heard him stumbling a bit...
I bring my HB7 into this 4 set that my wing is gaming... He's getting shit tested hard by an Alpha UG5 while his target is WAY into him.
** I figured out the reason for the shit testing later...
My wing opens this 5 set of sorority sisters and one immediately turns AFC for him. The Alpha UG5 was pissed because it wasn't her. So she grabs some guy AFC so she wasn't the only one alone. Anyway, because she's so jealous, she's giving him a rash of shit. I overheard this and joined the group...
So I jump in and throw some negs and diffuse the obstacle. One that really seemed to work was actually calling her out on being the "Alpha". I may have heard that one somewhere before, but I don't know where. Regardless... it was GOLD.
Another thing I said was, "You're like the Samantha of the group" (from sex in the city)... HOLY CRAP they took the bait and I betaized her even more.
More verbal sparring, more gaming, I called the Alpha UG5 "samantha" the rest of the night... my HB7 lip locks me and jumps in a cab. I never got her number, but I didn't really want it.
I think I read somewhere that once the sexual tension is gone, the woman will have buyers remorse... I decided it wasn't worth the effort.

So after taking care of my wing's obstacle, I start gaming her friend... she saw me kiss the HB7 and says, "was that your girlfriend?" I said no I just met her a little while ago. That goes nowhere, but was actually very fun... I decided at that point that I was gonna get the Alpha's number just because I could. I guess that's AFC of me to have to prove something, but she was giving my wing SO much crap, I felt like I won if I got her number.

So I say, "Samantha, I have something to ask you... and I'm sure you get asked this by a ton of guys, but... Can I bum a cigarette?"
I LOVE THIS LINE! It builds tension, they brace themselves, and then, WHAM, you pull the rug out from under them!
She laughs, gives me a cigarette and I hand her my phone and say, "Oh yeah, and put your number in her so I can call you."

Done deal.

The night ends with me driving my wing and his target to her place so they can bang like they've never bung before. I take AFC back to his car and on the way he says, "So what exactly happened back there?" Jackass.

I hate AFC's!

Ok, everyone... If you are an AFC, stay the fuck away from me.
AFC = Obstacle
They're supposed to be your friends, but if they see you talking to a woman... they stab you in the face. They make fun of you right to the woman. It's fucked up. I can't roll with my 'friends' anymore. They don't understand the game so they'd like to fuck it up for everyone else.

Wing rules don't apply to them. You back up your friend because they're your FRIEND!
Ok, why am I so pissed?
I ask my buddy, "Are you going to be cool tonight?"
Well apparently that means blowing me out first chance he gets.
He and I roll into a Philly bar. Now part of my game is smoking.. I like to smoke and It's usually quiet outside for easy conversation without shouting.. I open a three set, HB8 HB7 UG5. Obviously my target is the HB8, I'm running game on all of them, everyone is laughing and my AFC interprets me making fun of them as me being mean and then starts making fun of me... I tried to recover, but they got in a cab and left.
I told the AFC that if he pulls that shit again I'm leaving him there. I said, "WATCH their body language!" I had to explain to him that it doesn't matter what they say. They were legitimately having fun and he fucking ruined it.

There was more to the night, I'll post more later...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Credit is due

Everything you read here has been learned from the community. I can't give specific props for specific things because it's all been learned from many sources over the course of 2 years. They say if you copy from only one source it's plagiarism, but if you copy from many sources it's RESEARCH!
I haven't been in the field enough to write my own stuff, especially when there's so much that is tried and true...

Only an AFC would stop doing what's working.

So the following are the main PUA's that I have learned from:
Mystery (of course... he's the man)
Cajun (body language, people)
David DeAngelo (cocky & funny, yes, I said it)
Update 5-9-2013
Heartiste - big time

I have never met them, but I thank them wholeheartedly...

My experience...

Ok, so I've hit the books for the last two years, worked on body language, facial expressions, inner game, tonality... everything. Now I've got a great wing who I'm training. I actually forget that I know so much until he asks me something. The other night we were out and I explained the basics again... He's awesome. Everything I say to do, HE DOES! No approach anxiety at all... well a little. But I light a fire and he GOES! So the other night: We're hanging in a trendy bar about 9pm before it gets crazy and I say, "Go talk to those girls". I gave him a simple opinion opener and the "open seat gambit". He opens by leaning in and saying "is this seat taken?". They say "yes our friend will be right back". He gets stymied and bails. I didn't give him enough to go on... so that was my fault. But he did well later on. I told him what went wrong with that interaction...

*** The "open seat gambit" is field tested and PUA approved.
Basically, over the shoulder body language, "Is this seat taken?" (implying that you want to take the seat) It doesn't matter if they say YES or NO. You say, "Great, I'll only be a minute, I have to get back to my friends" with a smile and sit down at the table. Then immediately use an opener.

Next time my protege needs to do:
over the shoulder body language.
take everything as positive (example: "Oh, it's taken? I'll just be a minute.")
false time constraint.

Phlfan HB8

Over the last weekend I went to a bachelor party... saw a baseball game during the day. Ten of us guys (all of which were AFC's) were at a bar beforehand getting drinks. This HB8 was by herself and giving me IOI's, I was genuinely aloof due to trying to find my buddies, and smiled at her.
She went to the other side of the bar, a very open area and sat in the middle. My buddies, the AFC's that they are did not pick up on her IOI's. They went to the bar and she immediately lit up. Sometimes I can't believe how oblivious people can be.
She moves over and says do you need more room? (as if she didn't plan it the whole time) So I said to myself, "Self, what the hell..." I sat next to her, talked a while, she was alone because she just sold her season tickets for that days game because she had to work.
So anyway, long story short, I got her number, turns out she's now a PHD, graduating saturday... has a degree from Widener Law School and is a bartender... used to be a house dancer at a club in Philly. So right now I'm feeling pretty good about myself... also... I need a sugar momma :)

Here's my text game:

I enjoyed meeting you. It's very cold and windy here. You definitely weren't dressed for it :) Don't work too hard tonight. Talk to you soon.
PHLFAN: Work hard play hard! Might go see friends at 3rd and Market

Sounds cool, what time?
PHLFAN: When I get done, prob 11:30

That's too bad... You're gonna miss the "entertainment" ;) I'll txt you later when we figure out where we'll be.

We're leaving now... Where do you want to meet?
PHLFAN: Had to go home I'm sorry.

Too bad you didn't come out... It was like a Hunter S Thompson read ;) What sort of trouble did you end up causing? ...or were you a homebody? :)
PHLFAN: Went home and packed for my 6am flight. Sorry I missed out

That's actually not a bad reason... I was expecting something like, "I had to return some video tapes." ;) I totally understand... flying hungover is not pretty, and my number one rule of air travel is: Always look good ;) Where'd you go, Greece?
PHLFAN: Was in Tampa. Just got back