Monday, May 17, 2010

I hate AFC's!

Ok, everyone... If you are an AFC, stay the fuck away from me.
AFC = Obstacle
They're supposed to be your friends, but if they see you talking to a woman... they stab you in the face. They make fun of you right to the woman. It's fucked up. I can't roll with my 'friends' anymore. They don't understand the game so they'd like to fuck it up for everyone else.

Wing rules don't apply to them. You back up your friend because they're your FRIEND!
Ok, why am I so pissed?
I ask my buddy, "Are you going to be cool tonight?"
Well apparently that means blowing me out first chance he gets.
He and I roll into a Philly bar. Now part of my game is smoking.. I like to smoke and It's usually quiet outside for easy conversation without shouting.. I open a three set, HB8 HB7 UG5. Obviously my target is the HB8, I'm running game on all of them, everyone is laughing and my AFC interprets me making fun of them as me being mean and then starts making fun of me... I tried to recover, but they got in a cab and left.
I told the AFC that if he pulls that shit again I'm leaving him there. I said, "WATCH their body language!" I had to explain to him that it doesn't matter what they say. They were legitimately having fun and he fucking ruined it.

There was more to the night, I'll post more later...

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