Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Night Game

My default procedure for night game is:
Standard Mystery Method with David DeAngelo Cocky/Funny during Attraction.
Speed Seduction sprinkled throughout, but especially in Qualification and Comfort.
Vin Dicarlo kino escalation ladder from Opening to Closing.
Always using Alpha body language, but locking in to a lounge state (more comfortable than the target/s) ASAP.
Always louder, constantly interrupting, and controlling the frame.
I love watching women try to keep up.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Default SS Patterns

These are some patterns I've been using lately. I'm adding more and more as I go.

What do you do?
I'm in sales. Communications equipment.
I'm not just in it for the money either, my job is very rewarding because I help people connect with each other. Even though I've been doing it for about five years, I still find this is fascinating and rewarding. Like I've been given a gift. I mean, when two people come together and really enjoy each other's presence, it's a great feeling, right? Like suppose you came to a point where every day, as you touch people, you feel great and even better.
It's a warm feeling right in your chest that tells you, you're right where you should be. And as you think about it, you come over and over again to the conclusion that, you love doing it. You just feel so comfortable. And every day, it's like, everything in front of you is great. And because of the people you work with, you're happy to be here. If you need them, you can feel good about this, because you trust them.

Actor is the Best Job
Now, what I do is great and all, but I think the best job has to be an actor. My cousin's an actor. He's done all kinds of stuff, beer commercials, B movies, stage acting. I'll never forget, he told me about a movie he did, a B movie written by the guy that did gossip girl. He had a love scene in it with an actress that never did one before, so she was a little insecure and unsure of herself. My cousin told me the director pulled her aside before rehearsal and told her, "I know this is very new and exciting for you. And you're going to feel a lot of strong emotions. It's ok. It's completely normal, so just allow it to happen. Now, for the performance, what you have to do is imagine your ideal man, go inside and find the qualities of a perfect man, and project them onto this guy. Imagine this guy as having all the qualities of Mr. Right. Now... It's important to just go with it and give yourself permission to feel the attraction, because the performance depends on it." He said, "There is a lot at stake if you don't do this now."
So they take their places, the director calls, "action." They hold each other's hands, gaze into each other's eyes, and now I'll always remember this because it was kind of odd, he says, "Can you imagine what it's like to feel the warmth of true passion. Deep red passion, like an intense pressure building inside you, burning right here. Like a boiling overfilled water balloon pushing out on all sides, pushing and growing, pushing and growing, until it bursts and floods your body with sensation, a tingling warm wave, an electric energy oozing like lava out to the tips of your body and rythmically pulsing back in to the deepest spaces of your being. Can you feel that, would be an amazing feeling?"
You could tell she took what the director said to heart, because she shuddered lightly, her eyes started to well up and she leaned in and passionately kissed him. It wasn't even in the script!

I love skating. There's nothing else like it. Every time I stand on a board, it brings me back to the day I first got a skateboard. It brings back the feeling of utter fascination I had when I jumped on my G&S Neil Blender board and rolled down the street for the very first time. It's like, you can't help but feel like a kid again when you experience this. The world feels gigantic again, full of possibility. You feel full of wonder and fascination. It's like everything is falling into place and you're just along for the ride, like destiny is compelling you. Like a part of you, the childlike part of you comes forward and takes over, as you surrender to this. To me, it's like you don't ever want to go back to where you were. You don't want to grow up.

Music/Band on stage
I love playing music. Especially on stage. Like when you first walk up there, bright lights bearing down, the energy of the audience, it's so thick you can almost feel all the eyes on you, touching you. Then you feel a heat, a heat that builds up right inside you. It builds and builds to the point where you think you're going to burst. But as it spreads out, you realize it's the adrenaline pounding through your veins like sledge hammers through cinderblock wall. It makes you feel a certain power, or electricity. A fire deep within you. When you're right there and feeling so good. With me, it's like nothing else you've ever felt. Everything you do just feels right. The inner voice that you trust says, "This is right, this is where you should be." And you love doing it. With me, it's like fate has brought you to this place and given you this great experience. It just engulfs you and all you can think about is this moment. This time. As you surrender completely to the moment. The Now. And allow yourself to feel all the wonderful, amazing currents flowing through you. It's like what Richie Valens used to say, "The energy just penetrates your conciousness."

Snorkeling in Cenotes
What's the best vacation you've ever been on?
Really, that's cool. Me? Has to be when I went snorkeling in the Cenotes, the underground rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was so amazing and serene, I have to tell you about it. It's a bumpy hot drive for about an hour through the jungle to get there. The whole time you're thinking, is this worth it? And then you have to hike a bit through rocky terrain with your shirt sticking to you. Then you see the open cave and a deceivingly small pool of water spread out in front of you. The jungle was so hot and sticky, when you plunge into the cool water it's such a relief. Like a weigh was lifted. Then when you're in the caves, floating in the comfort of the water, it feels so surreal that everything else is forgotten and this becomes everything to you. There is nothing else, only this experience. You can see the floor of the cave, 50 feet below, is lit up with flood lights and you feel like you're flying high over alien mountains. You can see more caves splintering off down into the dark abyss. There's room after room of these caves going on almost forever. Civilization is so far away, you can't help but feel one with nature. It's so peaceful. At first you can hear the jungle sounds coming in at the mouth of the cave, but then as you go deeper inside, it's silent, just the gurgle of water here and there and the echo of your breathing. Pure wonderful serenity, now, with me, it's like everything you see and hear just becomes more and more beautiful, because you're open to it, and this feeling of openness is like suddenly realizing there has been a cage around your heart, and this cage suddenly spreads wide open like the mouth of that cave, and you're now filled with this feeling of longing for what you know you are meant to have. And that's something you need to feel at least once in your life.
That was when I found what true peace and serenity is. I sometimes feel serenity is like this great internal stillness…I just stop talking, stop thinking…and then, you know, the things you’re now seeing…and hearing…just make you focus completely…and you find yourself growing completely comfortable with this…as if you’re meant to experience this…and you feel more and more connected, on deeper and deeper levels, to everything you’re now seeing and hearing…with’s like this…and you sense all this penetrating into your heart and soul…so it really comes inside you…all the way…and you know this is going to go deeper and deeper…you know, when you… feel this…now…with me…with this feeling, you just feel this even more powerfully…I had to travel thousands of miles and hike deep into the jungle to find it, but now that it's here, now. I'm better for it. And you know, this is what you are meant to feel and hold in your life, in your heart, in your mind, and in every nerve and muscle and fold of your body. Serenity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

Writing Pattern
Writing can be a very powerful experience—you’re creating this world of absolute possibility, within which anything can happen, but you’ve gotta build it from scratch, out of matchsticks. Some people may not see how this can be the case, but with me, the more I think about it and experience it, the more I connect it to a sense of passion. It can be completely enthralling, like it’s pulling your attention irresistibly, a whirlpool sucking you in.
Imagine building a skyscraper out of matchsticks. Everything has gotta be perfectly balanced, perfectly set—and all you’ve got is your own determination, your focus, your ability—really, your ability to feel passion. The passion begins with a hard, solid sense in your gut— and as it grows stronger, this hard dark solid thing begins to feel like a drum, pounding and pounding, pounding and pounding, deep inside you. Everything else seems trivial, and your intensity, your passionate sense that this is hugely valuable and important, gets stronger and stronger—and paradoxically, the more focused you are on the experience you’re creating and you’re now inside, the more whole you feel. It’s as if in surrendering to the experiencing of giving yourself completely to this, feeling every part of yourself, every ounce of your ability to feel, totally devoted to this, the more you find yourself learning and growing.
Every little flickering character on the screen challenges you to find the one that should come next—or the one it really ought to be. You’re being challenged over and over again, and you sometimes want to pound your fist through the screen, and the screen seems to grow larger and clearer in your mind—everything seems to be growing larger and clearer all the time, as you become more and more consumed by this, in ways that feel more and more intense and rewarding, as you begin to feel that this aura of pure possibility begins to radiate out from deep inside you, and your thoughts become as penetrating and piercing and focused as a laser, able to make anything melt, through the heat of the desire inside you, and this laser begins to make you feel more and more in touch with what you truly want, as everything that it’s melting seems to combine all your doubts and inhibitions, carving away your fears, refining and strengthening your excitement and intensity, so as you realize those old things are now melting inside you, your passion and desire and intensity just get stronger and stronger, as the laser gets brighter and hotter …”

What do you do for fun?
Me? I'm an artist. I paint, sculpt, and draw. I wouldn't do anything else. People always tell me that it must take a lot of patience to do art, but patience has nothing to do with it. Patience means you're waiting for something, like you're suffering through one thing to get to another. But when you're creating art, a thing of beauty, there is nothing else in the world. It's like everything else fades away except what's right in front of you. And as you're looking at me thinking about what I'm saying, you can imagine that, right? Outside sounds get softer, the edges of your vision get blurry. The only thing you see is what's right in front of you. I mean, I remember in anatomy drawing, whether it's a clothed or naked body, when you focus intently on a feature on that one figure in front of you, you feel so calm and relaxed, it's like your mind opens up. And everything feels perfect, like it had to be this way. Like fate brought you to this moment of creation. When you enjoy something like this you don't want it to end. So you have to cherish every second of this, because at any moment it may be over and the feeling will be lost forever. So it's definitely not patience.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Long Text Game and LR

This is the text game and LR from The Funnest Girl So Far post.

Her Text
My Text

Sorry I missed your call, I can't talk at work.

What, you can't make personal calls at Burger King? ;)
Haha. I've got other guy friends I'm hanging out with. And I don't have time.

Fact: I'm way more fun than anyone else you've met, so that should narrow it down for you. Plus I'd cut you off after 3 min anyway. A "playa" can't spend too much time on one woman. ;)('playa' is inside joke from first meet)
That sounds more like an opinion. And what's with the 3 min?

3 min = I'm a busy man. You're right, it wasn't a fact: I was reading your mind ;) Call me when you're off and we'll talk about Saturday.
I'm really busy this week.

Keep working; I need a sugar momma :P Just keep Sat night open.
Sorry I didn't hang out Saturday, I left my phone at work.

Ha. I figured you called your friend and she got you to ditch me to hang out with her... which is forgivable. But losing your phone?! I gotta hold that against you. ;)
Well my friend didn't come down this weekend.
I would have at least called if I made other plans. I'm nice like that...

Good thing that's a quality I admire... otherwise I'd have to break up with you. ;)
Ok heart breaker... so you like nice girls with money? fyi...
I don't have a lot of money. I like nice boys... that make me go wild.

Go wild? You women are all the same; you just want me for my body.
Aww... you want someone that's gonna see whats on the inside. ;)
Good for you.

--- a few weeks pass

On what??!

I was just thinking about you. Congratulations! ;)
Haha. I thought I won something. You still thinking about me.. :P

Who is this?
Is this 'Pulsotic's' phone?

Haha Just messin with you, goof. ;) So easy though. Did you know the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary? True story. How's the workaholics anonymous going? :)
And you're funny too. I might like you ;) Well not a workaholic,
but busy. Goof... yes. very. gullible... a little :P
Anyway, what ya been up to?

Ha. You can't fool me. I already know you like me. Something about the way you were eying me like a piece of meat. Text is too slow. We'll have to talk again soon.
-- called and left message that said I'd be away for the weekend --
I'm at work... why I missed you're call. You're going away? :)
next week I'll be working earlier days so give me a call one night.
I might be available to talk for "3 min." ;)

-- She sent pic of Penis Pacifier, "For girls who can't sleep."
-- Probably a spam text. I know you're not supposed to answer these, but
-- it was an easy way to get the convo sexual

Awww, you shouldn't have. Wow, is sex all you ever think about?
Naughty girl. ;) Just once I'd like to meet a beautiful, exciting woman at an awful dive bar without being objectified. But, hey, if it helps with your insomnia then go for it. ;)

Good luck with that :) haha. is there more to you than just a sexual
object? J/k. actually I'm thinking about food... but wait... still
thinking about sex more ;P

-- She sent pic of Man sleeping on bed of boobs in pajamas.--
Is this better?

Wow, deja vu. That's just like this dream I had of you... only there were no pajamas. ;)
Haha. perv. ;) I'm not surprised you're dreaming of me... I have that effect.

---- A few weeks pass ----

I know you haven't been able to stop thinking about me, so I figured I'd say hi.
U r so considerate. But I almost forget what you look like.
Some nude pics would jog my memory ;p
N I kinda have a boy friend/toy now sorta.
Damn short attention span :)

Naughty girl... I'd send you pics, but then you'd have to buy a new phone after drooling all over it... and it's not your memory that would be jogged ;)
A boyfriend, huh? Does that mean we're not getting married now?
P.S. Do you like roasted marshmallows?

You're so right. cough "prude"
Yes, I love roasting marshmallows... why?

What are you doing up so late on a school night, weirdo? ;)
So we both like roasted marshmallows... I knew you had a sweet tooth. Things are lookin' up.
P.S. You like red or white wine?

Red.. I'm with my boy toy.. he is bein a baby.
I don't have to work tomorrow.. or much at all this week.
Why are you still up?

How are you going to support me if you don't work?
I was up all night working on a project and now I'm amped on Mayorga hazelnut coffee. Mmmmmm.
P.S. Horror movie or comedy?

Comedy... what's with the p.s.'s dork? :)
so you're gonna take me 2 a funny movie and then we'll eat marshmallows
and wine? this is my vaca. I'm tryin to enjoy it. I drank blueberry beer
all night.
What's the project?

Greedy girl... I might have, but you didn't say please... I hope you didn't stay in Nxxxxx for your vacation. I'm a fill in guitarist for a band. I have to learn all their songs for a short tour up north. What's the rest of your week look like? I'm away this weekend and next but I may have a few minutes after practice on thurs night(tomorrow)to get a drink with you.
P.S. It's so adorable when you call me 'dork'... I want to adopt you...weirdo ;)

I'm a slow texter. My hands are tired.
I remember you quit Mxxxx when you got your 1st guitar.
I'm impressed, you're a hard worker ;)
You didn't tell me about the band thing.
Now I really get a feel for what a 'player' you are.
I do have to work tonight till like 12am... or I would have had a drink
with my dork. :( I know you're sad.

I'm intrigued... What's an innocent girl like you doing with your hands that's making them so tired? Oh, the band thing... that's odd, I thought I told you everything about me, you mean there's something I missed?!
No drink? Your loss... but I've already met my weirdo charity quota this week, so it all works out :) What are your early days or days off?

You're so right... I am intriguing, and innocent and, well I could go
on and on ;p I know you're upset you didn't get to see me... don't be
a brat :) I do have to work, my schedule is ever changing... I usually
work late on thurs... and mostly off on the weekends. but most nights
I'm off by 8. So what is the band you play with? Where will you be
playing at? wow... I sound like a stalker groupy. Maybe I am. or not.
You pretty boys all think alike :)) my playa package..

You evaded the question about your hands... now I have to use my imagination ;) Btw, you do sound like a stalker groupie... I'll let it slide this time, though, cuz I got a thing for Jersey girls. I'm in a couple bands now. The band I'm fillin' in for is from Philly. They play all over the place. I'd actually stay in the band, but I don't like touring... something about being in an enclosed space with a bunch of sweaty guys... but you'd probably LOVE it ;)
P.S. I'll be near Nxxxxx next week. You want to get a drink on tues or thurs night

So you're fantasizing about me again :) that's right, jersey girls are the
best! more people should think like you. so hows you're fill in tour with
sweaty boys going? and how many other stalkers do you have? I'm a curious
girl... enough so that I'll meet up with you next week. You have to behave
though ;P well I'm tired. time to put on my sexy pj's (sweats) and crawl
in bed... -big hug :)

I like being the only one who thinks like me - I'm in a league of my own. It's been an adventure lately... Almost died several times. Behave? Don't worry, my intentions are completely dishonorable. So tuesday night... I'll talk to you before then.
P.S. You wear clothes to bed? Weird. ;)

I'm happy to hear you are still alive. Would really like to hear about
your multiple brushes with death. Oh and you better behave... you know
I'm a taken woman ;) haha. So I need to save Tuesday night for you...
Ok Just for you.. only cause you're a cute dork..
You're gonna need to wear some bad glasses, and break out in some acne..
Ya know, tone it down a little bit so I can control myself :)
And yes I wear lots of clothes to bed. I like to be cozy. I might even
cuddle with a stuffed tiger ;p. But that's a secret. @

---- met for day 2, had awesome time, talked for several hours at a bar ----
---- made out in her car, no full close ----

Ha... last night I was feeling a little off. I know you're thinking I must
have been nervous ;) but anyway I woke up through the night full blown sick
as a dog... uhh. So I hope I didn't get you sick... but it gave me an excuse
to text you ;P

I could tell you were off... I'm feeling fine, though. I have a robust immune system. Ever since that Navy Doctor experimented on me... bullets don't hurt me either which has been pretty handy...
haha, funny guy. I'm really sick... I'm laying in bed bored and miserable.
So I was talkin to my girlfriend today and I may need your services :)
Not what you're thinking... sorry. But I do have a hot friend that could
use a charming, hot, no strings attached guy.. kinda like you :) know any?

Oh, I get it. Orgies are fun. Long as you're cool with sharing me. I'll bring my alter ego... I don't know if you could handle him, but he is entertaining.
I just thought you had a good understanding of men and women. So I assumed
you may know some men like yourself. In my delirium maybe I wasn't making
sense.. not talking orgies. Though I do love my girl and would share you :)
You'd just have to tell me all the dirty details ;p. Oh and being that we're
in love now, you should get me some damn soup... had to get some other dork
to get it for me. @

You're so right... I should have a radio talk show :) I could help thousands of you weirdos all at the same time ;p BTW, Just because I'm a know-it-all doesn't mean I know everything, but I do feel your pain... there are few quality guys out there. Though I know ONE that I would consider like me, the three of us should be enough.
P.S. Soup is what errand boys are made for.

OK... don't really know what you were talking about in the last text...
I thought you were my errand boy ;) No, but I was seriously looking for a guy
like you for my friend. I have enough boys on my hands :) She hasn't gotten
any for 2 years, 'cause she doesn't want to put in any time. Then we could
all go on a double date.. ya!... how cute would that be ;O I know you love
that kinda stuff. Dorks always do :)

2 years? Hot? Something doesn't add up. You may be succumbing to rescuer syndrome... I think your judgment may be compromised ;) Anyway, I don't believe in blind dates... they're for the desperate. Send me the sexiest pic you have and I'll let you know.
P.S. Send one of you too ;)

Only you would make this complicated :) ... I'm not trying to pawn you
off... you are a part of my collection. I'm not done with you yet ;p Merely
trying to set up a friend. So what have you been doing with yourself?

Oh.. and blind dates are not for the desperate.. and so what if I'm a rescuer
... I care.. I have a great big heart.. aww ;)

Oh, so...... she's ugly? Complicated is more fun... and you know it ;) All kidding aside, that's like asking to borrow my Lamborghini to lend to a friend I've never met and who doesn't know how to drive. Plus, if she's not willing to put in the work, that tells me she doesn't feel she deserves it... Which begs the question: "Does she have low self esteem?" Which then leads me to further assumptions about how she takes care of herself. Sometimes I'm wrong. Either way, he's my friend and I have no desire to waste his time.
P.S. I was just picturing you naked and it was HOT ;)

Sometimes you're such a cocky little brat... that needs to be spanked ;) Oh
and my friend, well your amateur analysis was way off... 'it's complicated'
;p And put in the time... meaning she's busy and doesn't have time for a lot
of dating and needy men.. but forget it now. Oh I think I lost the pic I took
of you :( You are right about one thing.. I'm very Hot naked!.. I know you
think of it often... do you think you have a shot? :)

A shot? I'll need the bottle :)
You really are a brat ;)) you're lucky I'm playful

---- a week passes ----

If I ask you a question can you give a real honest answer?
Is that supposed to make me crazy with curiosity? And what do you think I'm
gonna say... 'no, I'm a liar' ;) You're funny :)

Haha... who's the Brat now? When you're done spanking me I'll have to return the favor ;) Interestingly, you didn't answer me. Don't know how I put up with you. If I wasn't already in love with your sexy ass... ;) xoxo(love thing is an inside joke from day 2)

I accidentally erased the last part of your txt... said something about how
sexy I was and love. Yeah, I get that a lot ;) your question was for real
then? Ok.. yes I can. And I already knew I was a brat. I love that were
brats :) miss you ;p

Figures... stalkers always miss me. Ya can't get enough of the Lxxxxx Lxxxxx, can ya :) Well you know me and pseudo-psych tests... and I love the way you answer them ;) Now this is very important, my sexy girl...
If my balls were itching after you had tied my hands behind my back, would you scratch them or make me suffer?

I'll get back to your last txt later. I have a question... have you ever had
Ambien sex?

Honestly..your question.. it doesn't matter ;) that is something only the
men I allow to be tied up by me can know. So what I would do is a mystery ;p
What's the fun in telling you :)

Ambien sex? No. The point of which is to reduce inhibition, which I remove with my clothes anyway. Ambien causes amnesia, too. When you're making breakfast I want to remember how you looked during the peak of passion. I don't see you having a problem with inhibition, though. I think you'd be crazy fun in bed... and loud ;)
BTW, What's the fun in NOT telling me? I never said I'd let you tie me up. I'm disappointed, girl. I was gonna let you take a 'Lamborghini' for a spin on tues, but now I have to reconsider...

I am a free spirit, love to try new things (even if it isn't good for me)
I always learn the hard way. Sometimes you get all dorky and hyped up...
It's cute, sweety, but relax :):) Also, everyone has inhibitions.. they are
what keep us from grabbing a stranger's breasts, etc. BTW, Ambien sex was
pretty good.. and I remember it all, I texted you right afterward ;)

Free spirit? Yeah, you do seem hippyish :) You're such a freak, I mean how often do you get the urge to grab other's breasts? I shoulda known... my nipples still ache. Oh, I get it... the Ambien was to forget who you were with and when it didn't work, you texted who you WISHED it was ;)
BTW, Nothin' wrong with the hard way, that's how I roll :)
P.S. You have early days this week or next?

---- sent pic of woman's vagina with piercings, "she could have just said
---- not tonight"

Yeah, I'm a freak alright ;) Cute theory on the Ambien. Except I didn't
forget anything, so... Don't know why you were on my mind after though..
Hmmm ;) Alright, what's up with this "Lxxxxx Lxxxxx".. is that how
you refer to yourself when hitting on girls? Too funny ;p. Well I work no
later than 8 most days this week and next.. aww, you miss me... that's
adorable.. -big kiss-

"Lxxxxx Lxxxxx" is my secret agent codename... we're recruiting, ya know... right now we've got an opening for a freaky, sexy female agent... think you got what it takes? ;) How do you look in stilletos and a ball gown?
Sometimes you ask stupid questions ;p And yeah I can handle being a secret
agent... haha... when do I start?

Not. So. Fast. There is a rigorous interview process and an intense field test where I will personally drill you, pushing you to your physical limits. We'll find out if you can really handle it... IF you are accepted you will receive your codename and mission briefing.
sounds like a good time :) Oh yeah, and you are such a dork ;)

It's weird how infatuated you are with dorks ;) I don't know who your boyfriend is but he isn't spanking you enough.
Why don't you think he is spanking me enough? I'll have to let him know.
Actually, I'm infatuated with you ;p You being a dork... then yes I am.

---- She sent txt of "Clap song" ----

Why? Because naughty girls need to be spanked. Hard. No worries, I'll take care of it next time I see you. And if you behave I might even bite your neck a little ;)
I was going to say that I'm a good girl... out of instinct. But I'm not...
Haha. And if I let u spank me n bite my neck. Damn you're cocky :) Somehow I
have 2 boyfriends now.. uhh. It's so hard to be me ;) Why can't I find guys
that just want to have fun and not get serious. I'm not good at all this
sneaking around. So, no I'm not feeling like a good girl. Somebody needs to
spank me ;p

If I weren't an hour and a half away I'd come help you out with that right now... you sexy woman ;)

---- Sent 5 part text to her ----
I got a txt from you just now in 5 parts.. I only got 1 out of 5.. and it
just said "dule like" and the other pages were blank... so resend the text
thanks love :)

It was actually supposed to be 105 parts... I was hoping you'd proofread the first chapter of my romance novel... You're cool with graphic descriptions of incorrigible lasciviousness, right?

-resent text-
Haha... 2 guys, that must be tough (extreme sarcasm)... Including your txt bf that's three, right? You're such a deviant :) Sounds like a tuesday for most women I know. The sneaking around is what makes it so much damn fun. And there's nothin wrong with a little fun, especially since you work so much. You need a release, you gotta open yourself up to having fun or you'll explode with me it's so important to have an outlet... thing is you women always say that and then you fall in love with me, but I am quite adventurous, and prone to taking risks, so I'm willing to give it a shot ;) I may be in your area sunday, what's your schedule like?
It is hard ;) My 1st bf wants to be with me all the time. And is the jealous
type.. kinda takes the fun out of sneaking around.. cause I do like him.
Although I do know how fun that can be. But as appealing as you are.. I'm not
going to fall for you.. sorry, I know you were hoping I'd fall in love with
you :) I can count on one hand, that's missing fingers, the guys I've fallen
for. You have a wall up, and I respect walls, I don't try and break them down
It's too much work. And Sunday I'm supposed to see bf 2... hmmm.. what to
do ;p And don't worry about me... I have lots of fun. So when else is my
'hot package' going to be in my area? xoxo
... or who knows, maybe I will fall for you and stalk you for the remainder
of your life ;)

You are so weird ;) and missing fingers? What are you a Bond villian? If you weren't so sexy... Btw, that's why they're called 'plans' and not 'definites'... cancel your plans with bf2 and get me while the gettin's good... I'll be there about 9pm.

haha.. do you really think I'm like all the other girls? "Sure I'll
cancel all my plans at the chance to spend an hour with you" How about you
cancel band practice on monday (or any night you have plans) and hang out
with me while you've got the chance. :) So tell me something... Why do you
think I should ditch my plans with a guy that wants to take me out and spoil
me all day? Plus I already ditched him this coming Saturday. And yeah I know
I'm weird.. Isn't it cute :)

I feel super bad for bf2 because you bailed on him once... and because he has to pay for your affections. I'm actually really busy this week... I've got a bday party on monday I can't miss cuz my friend's a dancer in the circus and she isn't in town long, I'll be in Tampa from tuesday to friday for a photoshoot, and Saturday I'm going to a broadway show with an old friend. I have band practice on Sundays now and was planning on ditching out tomorrow, but maybe I should be more committed.
I'm sorry if it seems like I've forgotten about you ;p. so I'm assuming you
didn't have a circus party or photo shoot in florida.. so how was the
Colbert Report? :) oh and being spoiled has little to nothing to do with
money.. but being that I'm not that interested in bf2.. I only date him
because he spoils me.. I'm sure you've done the same. And I fought with bf1
all weekend.. why do I always fall for jerks because the sex is good? Anyway
wanted to let you know I missed you ;)

What is it about these stewardesses that makes me so rock hard? Now my pants don't fit. It's pushing so tight against my zipper. I just keep picturing her climbing onto my lap and riding me in my seat, sliding up and down as I'm biting her neck. I can feel the warm, moist air of her breath on my ear and her soft moans send a tingling up my spine like electricity, slowly burning, it's energy building... building... to the point where it can't be contained any longer and it flows uninhibited, like a river of warm taffy, sinking into the deepest, innermost, hidden places...

I didn't know you read romance novels... that's cute. Or did you write that
yourself.. just for me?.. cuter! :)

Cute? Yeah, we're a pair, you 'n me ;) We should just go to vegas and get married. What's your weekend look like?
So you're proposing now ;)... yeah we're a pair of something.. liars,
manipulators, users maybe? ;p .. haha. well I think I have plans this
weekend.. I usually do.
I may be free on sunday.. not sure. I'm a busy girl, so what's your weekend
looking like?

That's what I like most about you... your inner libertine. It's what makes you so sexy ;) I've got committments on Saturday and Monday, Looks like Sunday is our night. What are you going to wear?
would nothing work? ;)... it doesn't matter what I wear, I can work anything.
I met a girl this weekend from your home country. she was crazy. I liked her.

Nothing? That's a look you could pull off... Of course you know I like the idea of you and I naked... but let's not rush things, I'm not a piece of meat... we'll start slow, ease into it... How smokin' hot would you be with a skirt and heels... and nothing underneath?
Crazy fun Lxxxxxxxx? What's this world coming to? How'd you meet her?

haha.. maybe you are a piece of meat ;).. no, don't worry we will take it
real slow. Oh, but could you do me a favor and bring some nipple clamps?
thanks. So I'd obviously look good in skirt n heels.. but I'm sure you want
to see if I do it because you said you wanted me to... I'm not good at
following directions :) Sorry. I met this girl at a party over the weekend,
she has only lived in this country for 5 yrs... she was hot n crazy.
hmmm, kinda like you.

Hey cutie, wear what you want... Your gorgeous body will rock whatever little fabric you wrap it in.
Ya know, Lxxxxxxx women can be a bit abrasive, but they're usually sexually unabashed and insatiably lecherous. By your description she sounds like a kindred spirit... someone I should meet ;) Did you get her number?

I didn't get her number, but I'm sure I'll see her again. Haha.. she was
angry that Americans didn't know more about her country.. 'cause someone
asked if she was from russia. Yea, I was thinkin about wearing skirt n heels
with nothing underneath ;) maybe. That or the sexy sweats I wear to bed.
What are you going to wear? You're my text bf3.. you have to look hot for me
;P shouldn't be a problem for you. Oh and where are you taking me?

Ah, the obligatory drunken faux pas. Of course she was mad... The fool! He fell victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is: "Never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this:
"Never ask a Lxxxxxxx if they're Russian."
Oh, you want me to take you somewhere, Princess? I was looking forward to getting drunk with you and makin' out at a random dive bar. Either that or we could take a long hard trip to Amora Academy ;)

Should I know where that is? :) .. well you could always take me to a dive
bar. Thanks for recognizing my inner princess. You could always take me to
Mxxxxx again.. is that dive enough for you? So you're not russian then...
good to know.. ;)

Ok, Mxxxxx it is. I'll be there bout 9. Lookin forward to seeing ya, cutie.
yeah..sounds good. can't wait ;) ..I'm in dire need of a change in scenery.
and I don't mean Mxxxxx :p

---- Hung out at Mxxxxx. I said, "Let's get outta here."
---- She said, "OK" Went to her place and had sex by the pool ;)

Hey Beautiful, I had fun hanging out with you last night. Look forward to seeing you again.
Yeah, I had a good time too :)

--- Sent FWD:"Dear Vagina.... I, the penis"

I'm at a crap bar in phl called Kxxxxxx. Was just thinking bout you... picturing you naked again. I was right, ya know (I usually am)... you ARE hot naked ;) Don't dream about me too much, sexy girl.

Crap bars make you think about me.. that's so romantic. I guess I should be
thinking about you, since I'm sitting by the pool :p ... I only dream about
us getting married... that's not weird is it?.. can't help it you're such a
cute dork :)@

What's your schedule sunday?
---- Sent pic of her cousin ----
My cousin in the pic wants to meet you... or if you have any hot friends...
she wants them too... oh tomorrow night I have plans, sweetheart, sorry

I'm sooo fucked up.. I'm in the bathroom. But yeah I got plans for sunday.
What you doin on monday?? I'm ill at the moment.. And everyone wants to be so
serious.. And I just wanna throw up... lol :)

Contrast is king. I like the juxtapositioning of the classy necklace with the tattoo. She's probably an interesting person. Why does she want to meet me? Sounds like you had an off night. Hope things turn around for you. Monday is bad for me. Maybe friday, definitely sunday.
Shut up.. an off night?.. I was having a good time.. well up until I got
locked in the trunk of a car :) oh my cousin is married and not happily and
is looking for a side piece. You happened to pop in my head.. I like to
share ;p but for the most part, I just drunk texted you. And I don't know if
she is that interesting... She used to be wild when she was younger.. now
she's not. I try to bring out her wild side, but as always, like sat night
she got tired and left the bar early.. and I stayed. Hmmm.. maybe you would
hit it off.. you always want to leave early too...nerd :)

Hey weirdo, I can't do Friday now, got plans up in philly. How's this sunday look for you? xoxo
perfect.. I can't do friday either. Sunday works.. where you taking me??

haha.. suppose could do something different this time... did you want to invite your cousin?
not really.. she is kinda too high maintenance for me. She would need
someone's undivided attention. So if you or someone you know wants to do that
I can see if she's available. @

Nothin wrong with high maint, but I don't give my undivided atten to anyone. It's just me sunday. Call her up. If it's nice maybe we could actually go swimming. I'll pick up some drinks.

I'm gonna have to renege on the drinks. I forgot you owe me. Yuengling or a nice red wine would be great ;)
I'll get you some pabst maybe:) swimming over here isn't a good idea
anyway.. unless it's 1am. You should take me to your place ;) we could cuddle
and watch movies.. haha

Your car work yet?
it works enough..not well. I need a new car.

Good. I need a ride. Think it'll make it to AC?
oh you need a ride. Well I need a back rub. Do you give good massages?

---- sent "exercise ball spam text" ----

I guess looks will only take me so far, huh ;) I can give toe-curling massages, but only if I'm getting one at the same time. You have a girlfriend that could help us out on sunday?
Now you are the weird one.. what do you need help with on sunday?.. ya..bonus
points for you since you give such great massages ;)

You read my last text too fast - Ur gf to give me a massage while I give you one - what else could I have meant :p
no ive been in outerspace lately ;)... too much stress. i will try and pay
more attention to your future texts :p..

I'd expect nothing less.. don't worry.. you can expect a stimulating yet relaxing sunday night.. and let your tension surrender to the slippery silkiness.. of calm.. soothing.. release..
you should try and get sum weed if ya wana relax like that :) try also..
i jst don't usually get it..i usually jst smoke wit sumone

:p......what do you want from
Ha, adam lambrt fan? .. Hows 9 tonight?

Ur txt bout weed... I might be able to get some tonight, but only if bass player has enough.

Quit playin hard to txt :p Are you still hangin out tonight or should I make other plans?
i running in bucks county right row, at a friends.. i thought id be
leaving earlier. im not sure what time il be back.. sorry. i have a lot of
free time this week though if you want 2 make it for another night.. sorry

What time u b back?
dont at a friend of a friends.. so im just here until she is ready 2
leave..were at a cookout. so it may be maybe close to 11 or 12..??

Don't worry bout it, cutie.. I'm just glad ur ok.. thought something bad happened again.. Onway to philly now. Have fun at the cookout n I'll catch you next time. Week days rough for me. I'm always here on sundays anyway, though. Hows nxt sun look for u?
wht ya doin..i will be home in 20 min..did u make other plans

Yeah, I'm in philly. U get my last txt?
jst got it...u suck...:)

--- one week later ---

Hey stoner, are you gonna be around sunday night? im gettin some weed and i need someone cool to smoke with.
haha..yeah i will be around sunday night. where the hell do you go during
the week?? ;p..

You realize, of course, that I expect you to provide the drinks, right?
you are such a cheap ass ;) maybe il buy you a drink...and maybe some chicken
strips if your a good boy...

Listening to Coldplay... It's so inspirational :D(inside joke)

Hey brat, I hope you're working hard today, cuz I'm thinkin I'll be in the mood for chicken strips and Dom Perignon on sunday :)

Hangin out tonight?
yeah..i didn't forget you ;)

9, Mxxxxxx?
yea..pick me up :)

Ur so high maintenance ;)
i know :)

--- Lay Report ---
--- picked her up at 9:20, drove to mcglynns. smoked pot in car. hung out at mcglynns. she bought the drinks and chicken strips for me. drove back to her place. smoked pot in the car again. hung out by pool. both got naked and swam. she was playing sexual teasing games. i just leaned back against the edge of the pool and acted unaffected. when i felt it was time, i advanced and she wrapped her legs around me in the water and, while standing, i held her up and we grinded for a while. she's getting hotter and hotter and she finally says, "you wanna get out of the pool?" we get out and put a lounge chair down flat. she lays down and we have sex for a ridiculously long time. something about her or the situation, maybe because i was high, but i was hard longer than i'd ever been before and i took full advantage of it. when she was done she says, "you want me to suck your cock?" - "yeah". she goes down and puts all her energy into one of the best blow jobs i've ever had. yeah, that good. we lay for a while, in the quiet. then she gets up and we both get in the water again for a few minutes. we get out, dry off, have a cigarette, and sit in patio chairs. I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. we chat and then i tell her to walk me to my car. kiss goodbye. the drive home was horrible. A 25 minute drive while stoned out of my mind, but so worth it.

--- goal of next text: This was meant to be reassuring and make her feel good about what we did all night, and to make her smile

Hey beautiful, i was just thinking about your kisses. hope your day is going well, xoxo
hi hotty ;) i can't sleep and i'm bored..i seriously need constant
entertainment. oh, and you forgot to give me my massage sunday...
you were so funny :)

---- last text ----

--- We met many more times and one in particular I'll have to post

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sidewalk Pickup at Night

Razael, Me and 'New Wing' are hangin' outside a bar downtown with a woman friend and her just friend. We're talking to everyone and meeting all kinds of new people. We're taking up the entire area and this three set try to get by and bump into Raz.

Raz: "5 bucks, ladies."
(Yeah I know we use this routine a lot. We'll stop when it stops working.)

Taken aback, the Alpha HB8 stops and talks to Raz. The other two girls are a 5 and a 6 and beta. Raz pulls the Alpha away and goes into the disney princess routine. Qualification in 30 seconds. Playing the good wing, I swoop in and game the closest one - the 5 and 'New Wing' walks around and games the 6. It was so perfect it must have looked choreographed. I imagined it looking like a US Football strategy with circles and arrows on a whiteboard (I'm not into sports so give a guy a break on the analogy.) They never knew what hit them. Few more seconds I'm assessing the interactions with each of us and Alpha HB8 has just jumped onto Raz and wrapped her legs around him.

***This is a testament to Game. These girls were on their way across the street to go dancing and were walking fast because they were cold. As a group we stopped them and chatted them up for an easy 10 minutes before we split ways. (we met up with them later)

I immediately locked in with the 5 and have qualified with her. She's definitely a tough nut and I didn't realize until later why... she kept asking me if I was drinking and was hesitant to give me her number... why?

I had to go back to a Cajun video (or rather his explanation of it) from Keys to the VIP when he had too much value and she wasn't convinced that he could really like her. That was it. She thought I was out of her league. It sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but the reality is that my game is for hotter chicks and she was low... a 5. I don't know how to pull 5's. It took me a half hour to realize what was going on, but now it explains some other interactions. All I had to do was occupy her for Raz to game the Alpha, and that I did accomplish. Later that night I got a text from her asking Me and 'New Wing' to meet her and the 6 at her place.

Raz got a number from the Alpha. He decided to not pursue an SNL and he'd contact her for a day 2. I told him to go for it, because she was the kind of girl to get tons of numbers and his call will mean jack shit. He didn't listen. As the three set were getting a cab, I saw Alpha HB8 checking out Raz. She hasn't returned his texts yet.


Holy shit, I haven't posted anything in a while. I gotta update this here with my activities. Lotta new stuff. Incorporating SS with my MM. New wings and new girls. New venues and new adventures.