Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sidewalk Pickup at Night

Razael, Me and 'New Wing' are hangin' outside a bar downtown with a woman friend and her just friend. We're talking to everyone and meeting all kinds of new people. We're taking up the entire area and this three set try to get by and bump into Raz.

Raz: "5 bucks, ladies."
(Yeah I know we use this routine a lot. We'll stop when it stops working.)

Taken aback, the Alpha HB8 stops and talks to Raz. The other two girls are a 5 and a 6 and beta. Raz pulls the Alpha away and goes into the disney princess routine. Qualification in 30 seconds. Playing the good wing, I swoop in and game the closest one - the 5 and 'New Wing' walks around and games the 6. It was so perfect it must have looked choreographed. I imagined it looking like a US Football strategy with circles and arrows on a whiteboard (I'm not into sports so give a guy a break on the analogy.) They never knew what hit them. Few more seconds I'm assessing the interactions with each of us and Alpha HB8 has just jumped onto Raz and wrapped her legs around him.

***This is a testament to Game. These girls were on their way across the street to go dancing and were walking fast because they were cold. As a group we stopped them and chatted them up for an easy 10 minutes before we split ways. (we met up with them later)

I immediately locked in with the 5 and have qualified with her. She's definitely a tough nut and I didn't realize until later why... she kept asking me if I was drinking and was hesitant to give me her number... why?

I had to go back to a Cajun video (or rather his explanation of it) from Keys to the VIP when he had too much value and she wasn't convinced that he could really like her. That was it. She thought I was out of her league. It sounds like I'm tooting my own horn, but the reality is that my game is for hotter chicks and she was low... a 5. I don't know how to pull 5's. It took me a half hour to realize what was going on, but now it explains some other interactions. All I had to do was occupy her for Raz to game the Alpha, and that I did accomplish. Later that night I got a text from her asking Me and 'New Wing' to meet her and the 6 at her place.

Raz got a number from the Alpha. He decided to not pursue an SNL and he'd contact her for a day 2. I told him to go for it, because she was the kind of girl to get tons of numbers and his call will mean jack shit. He didn't listen. As the three set were getting a cab, I saw Alpha HB8 checking out Raz. She hasn't returned his texts yet.

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