Friday, October 15, 2010

My Default SS Patterns

These are some patterns I've been using lately. I'm adding more and more as I go.

What do you do?
I'm in sales. Communications equipment.
I'm not just in it for the money either, my job is very rewarding because I help people connect with each other. Even though I've been doing it for about five years, I still find this is fascinating and rewarding. Like I've been given a gift. I mean, when two people come together and really enjoy each other's presence, it's a great feeling, right? Like suppose you came to a point where every day, as you touch people, you feel great and even better.
It's a warm feeling right in your chest that tells you, you're right where you should be. And as you think about it, you come over and over again to the conclusion that, you love doing it. You just feel so comfortable. And every day, it's like, everything in front of you is great. And because of the people you work with, you're happy to be here. If you need them, you can feel good about this, because you trust them.

Actor is the Best Job
Now, what I do is great and all, but I think the best job has to be an actor. My cousin's an actor. He's done all kinds of stuff, beer commercials, B movies, stage acting. I'll never forget, he told me about a movie he did, a B movie written by the guy that did gossip girl. He had a love scene in it with an actress that never did one before, so she was a little insecure and unsure of herself. My cousin told me the director pulled her aside before rehearsal and told her, "I know this is very new and exciting for you. And you're going to feel a lot of strong emotions. It's ok. It's completely normal, so just allow it to happen. Now, for the performance, what you have to do is imagine your ideal man, go inside and find the qualities of a perfect man, and project them onto this guy. Imagine this guy as having all the qualities of Mr. Right. Now... It's important to just go with it and give yourself permission to feel the attraction, because the performance depends on it." He said, "There is a lot at stake if you don't do this now."
So they take their places, the director calls, "action." They hold each other's hands, gaze into each other's eyes, and now I'll always remember this because it was kind of odd, he says, "Can you imagine what it's like to feel the warmth of true passion. Deep red passion, like an intense pressure building inside you, burning right here. Like a boiling overfilled water balloon pushing out on all sides, pushing and growing, pushing and growing, until it bursts and floods your body with sensation, a tingling warm wave, an electric energy oozing like lava out to the tips of your body and rythmically pulsing back in to the deepest spaces of your being. Can you feel that, would be an amazing feeling?"
You could tell she took what the director said to heart, because she shuddered lightly, her eyes started to well up and she leaned in and passionately kissed him. It wasn't even in the script!

I love skating. There's nothing else like it. Every time I stand on a board, it brings me back to the day I first got a skateboard. It brings back the feeling of utter fascination I had when I jumped on my G&S Neil Blender board and rolled down the street for the very first time. It's like, you can't help but feel like a kid again when you experience this. The world feels gigantic again, full of possibility. You feel full of wonder and fascination. It's like everything is falling into place and you're just along for the ride, like destiny is compelling you. Like a part of you, the childlike part of you comes forward and takes over, as you surrender to this. To me, it's like you don't ever want to go back to where you were. You don't want to grow up.

Music/Band on stage
I love playing music. Especially on stage. Like when you first walk up there, bright lights bearing down, the energy of the audience, it's so thick you can almost feel all the eyes on you, touching you. Then you feel a heat, a heat that builds up right inside you. It builds and builds to the point where you think you're going to burst. But as it spreads out, you realize it's the adrenaline pounding through your veins like sledge hammers through cinderblock wall. It makes you feel a certain power, or electricity. A fire deep within you. When you're right there and feeling so good. With me, it's like nothing else you've ever felt. Everything you do just feels right. The inner voice that you trust says, "This is right, this is where you should be." And you love doing it. With me, it's like fate has brought you to this place and given you this great experience. It just engulfs you and all you can think about is this moment. This time. As you surrender completely to the moment. The Now. And allow yourself to feel all the wonderful, amazing currents flowing through you. It's like what Richie Valens used to say, "The energy just penetrates your conciousness."

Snorkeling in Cenotes
What's the best vacation you've ever been on?
Really, that's cool. Me? Has to be when I went snorkeling in the Cenotes, the underground rivers in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was so amazing and serene, I have to tell you about it. It's a bumpy hot drive for about an hour through the jungle to get there. The whole time you're thinking, is this worth it? And then you have to hike a bit through rocky terrain with your shirt sticking to you. Then you see the open cave and a deceivingly small pool of water spread out in front of you. The jungle was so hot and sticky, when you plunge into the cool water it's such a relief. Like a weigh was lifted. Then when you're in the caves, floating in the comfort of the water, it feels so surreal that everything else is forgotten and this becomes everything to you. There is nothing else, only this experience. You can see the floor of the cave, 50 feet below, is lit up with flood lights and you feel like you're flying high over alien mountains. You can see more caves splintering off down into the dark abyss. There's room after room of these caves going on almost forever. Civilization is so far away, you can't help but feel one with nature. It's so peaceful. At first you can hear the jungle sounds coming in at the mouth of the cave, but then as you go deeper inside, it's silent, just the gurgle of water here and there and the echo of your breathing. Pure wonderful serenity, now, with me, it's like everything you see and hear just becomes more and more beautiful, because you're open to it, and this feeling of openness is like suddenly realizing there has been a cage around your heart, and this cage suddenly spreads wide open like the mouth of that cave, and you're now filled with this feeling of longing for what you know you are meant to have. And that's something you need to feel at least once in your life.
That was when I found what true peace and serenity is. I sometimes feel serenity is like this great internal stillness…I just stop talking, stop thinking…and then, you know, the things you’re now seeing…and hearing…just make you focus completely…and you find yourself growing completely comfortable with this…as if you’re meant to experience this…and you feel more and more connected, on deeper and deeper levels, to everything you’re now seeing and hearing…with’s like this…and you sense all this penetrating into your heart and soul…so it really comes inside you…all the way…and you know this is going to go deeper and deeper…you know, when you… feel this…now…with me…with this feeling, you just feel this even more powerfully…I had to travel thousands of miles and hike deep into the jungle to find it, but now that it's here, now. I'm better for it. And you know, this is what you are meant to feel and hold in your life, in your heart, in your mind, and in every nerve and muscle and fold of your body. Serenity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

Writing Pattern
Writing can be a very powerful experience—you’re creating this world of absolute possibility, within which anything can happen, but you’ve gotta build it from scratch, out of matchsticks. Some people may not see how this can be the case, but with me, the more I think about it and experience it, the more I connect it to a sense of passion. It can be completely enthralling, like it’s pulling your attention irresistibly, a whirlpool sucking you in.
Imagine building a skyscraper out of matchsticks. Everything has gotta be perfectly balanced, perfectly set—and all you’ve got is your own determination, your focus, your ability—really, your ability to feel passion. The passion begins with a hard, solid sense in your gut— and as it grows stronger, this hard dark solid thing begins to feel like a drum, pounding and pounding, pounding and pounding, deep inside you. Everything else seems trivial, and your intensity, your passionate sense that this is hugely valuable and important, gets stronger and stronger—and paradoxically, the more focused you are on the experience you’re creating and you’re now inside, the more whole you feel. It’s as if in surrendering to the experiencing of giving yourself completely to this, feeling every part of yourself, every ounce of your ability to feel, totally devoted to this, the more you find yourself learning and growing.
Every little flickering character on the screen challenges you to find the one that should come next—or the one it really ought to be. You’re being challenged over and over again, and you sometimes want to pound your fist through the screen, and the screen seems to grow larger and clearer in your mind—everything seems to be growing larger and clearer all the time, as you become more and more consumed by this, in ways that feel more and more intense and rewarding, as you begin to feel that this aura of pure possibility begins to radiate out from deep inside you, and your thoughts become as penetrating and piercing and focused as a laser, able to make anything melt, through the heat of the desire inside you, and this laser begins to make you feel more and more in touch with what you truly want, as everything that it’s melting seems to combine all your doubts and inhibitions, carving away your fears, refining and strengthening your excitement and intensity, so as you realize those old things are now melting inside you, your passion and desire and intensity just get stronger and stronger, as the laser gets brighter and hotter …”

What do you do for fun?
Me? I'm an artist. I paint, sculpt, and draw. I wouldn't do anything else. People always tell me that it must take a lot of patience to do art, but patience has nothing to do with it. Patience means you're waiting for something, like you're suffering through one thing to get to another. But when you're creating art, a thing of beauty, there is nothing else in the world. It's like everything else fades away except what's right in front of you. And as you're looking at me thinking about what I'm saying, you can imagine that, right? Outside sounds get softer, the edges of your vision get blurry. The only thing you see is what's right in front of you. I mean, I remember in anatomy drawing, whether it's a clothed or naked body, when you focus intently on a feature on that one figure in front of you, you feel so calm and relaxed, it's like your mind opens up. And everything feels perfect, like it had to be this way. Like fate brought you to this moment of creation. When you enjoy something like this you don't want it to end. So you have to cherish every second of this, because at any moment it may be over and the feeling will be lost forever. So it's definitely not patience.

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