Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Update

I haven't been too active lately. It's fuckin' cold. I've gone out only a couple times for new leads and haven't followed up on any of them.

I've been seein this one girl for a while (met her July 2011) and the sex is great. She does pretty much whatever I want. She got drunk the other night and all but told me she loves me. Great, now I feel bad. See, I have feelings for her too, but I know it's just chemicals and that it fades pretty quickly. I've had feelings for many other women as well, but I don't make decisions based on them. That would be foolish. I've been seein her only a couple times a month. Never more than that. But of course she's been pining for me the whole time. She really talked my ear off when she was drunk and revealed everything. So now I can't see her anymore, which sucks, cuz like I said, the sex is great.

There was another girl I was seein for a while. Witch Costume from Halloween 2011. We hung out a buncha times and had Ok sex. She has a big dog which is a big turnoff. I haven't seen her in a couple weeks. Neither of us has contacted each other. I guess it's mutual.