Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wing and I use same lines at same time!

Razael and I were talking while walking down a street in Philly and I saw a 2set smoking outside a bar. As soon as I saw them (the blonde caught my eye) I stopped him and we were talking right in front of them.

I turn around as if just noticing them and use my standard opener on the cute blonde, "You guys seem cool, are you friendly?"
(love this line)

Other girl immediately says, "we're awesome. are you?" .. "of course"
[boom! in set]

If anyone saw us they would have thought we were pros. Razael moves to the far left and chats with the brunette and I move to the far right to chat up the blonde. Divide and conquer. In the middle of my convo w/ blonde I hear Razael using the same lines/routines. Trying to think fast, before the girls could put it together, I said, "Are you talking about the Otter trainers we met? I was telling blonde here about them. Weren't they cool?"

CYA - Cover your ass.

Next time we're gonna have to talk about who says what in set. Had a good time, number closed. They invited us to hang out with them longer, but I said no because it was after last call and I thought it may have been awkward. Thinking back, maybe we should have because the numbers were duds. More rapport would have helped.


I thought I was done with her, but PHLFAN is back. As I said, I think she's crazy.

<<< Text Game lead up >>>
Hey cutie, I'm really busy this week, but I'll be in the city friday night. You gonna be around?
... Possibly. Might have to work

<<<< few days later >>>>
Tonight... Working or playing?
... no plans

I'm going to MCxxx w/ my buddy Razael. He knows someone there, so no cover/free drinks/big fun. You wanna tag along?
... Which MCxxx 3rd?

Think so

You fall asleep?

... Nah, were coming, what time?

Bout 40 min
... What name for no cover?

<<<< she called. we were running late. gave her name so they could get in
<<<< show up, PHLFAN and her girlfriend are being boring.
<<<< Razael and i left her there w/ her gf

Didn't go to old ciey, met frienss in rirtenhous... Ur frend ditch yu?
<<< misspellings were on purpose to act like I wasn't worried about what she
<<< thought, but now I think it may have been interpreted like I was drunk.

Sorta. Im at Pxxxx w/ different GF

U want to meet up latr?
... Nah, not like that

Ha. K, have a good night... C u some other time.

<<< next day >>>

... Hey, wanna go to the phils game today?

I would but im in nyc right now

Game wasnt on tv up here. Howd it go?
... Extra innings. Real exciting, but ended with a loss

Monday, June 21, 2010

Approach Anxiety is gone!

I read a great bit about approach anxiety. Thanks to Bhodisatta who posted a link to the article on Love Systems site. Here is the LINK.

Fri night Razael and I went to sarge a new place.
We get there and aren't talking to anyone... I just read the article and reminded him that the longer we are only talking to ourselves the harder it will be to open and be in set. So we committed to open the first set we saw.

We go inside. I go to the bathroom and Razael goes to buy a beer. When I come back to the bar, he's still waiting for his drink and not talking to anyone. There's a 2set right next to him! I roll up right next to him and the 2set and open them with, "You guys seem cool. Are you friendly?" (This is my default opener now.)

BOOM! We're in. First thing they say is they're paying their tab to leave. 2 hours later they're still there and talking to us. While we're chatting them up, Razael goes to get a beer and subsequently opens another set. I had opened another set behind me while in set with the first ones.

The social proof from the first set carried cumulatively to the next, and our state improved as well.

We became the guys in the bar that everyone wanted to talk to. I caught women checking us out from across the bar. We were friendly with everyone and mingling. It's like the first set was the first few drops of a thunderstorm.

We left the bar and I opened another set on the street and they invited us to join them inside another bar.

This has been a huge revelation and a turning point in my game.
It's something that seems self-explanatory and pretty obvious, especially to someone who's been doing this awhile, but now that I saw it first hand in the field, it puts a new perspective on it.

How do you kill approach anxiety? OPEN!

PHLFAN Day 2 notes

What did I learn?
1. I didn't get laid, but I didn't have to. As far as I've come I have no regrets about what didn't happen because I know it can only get better. I was able to have this great adventure and it's all due to the last couple years of learning game.
2. PHLFAN may actually be crazy. I know all women are irrational and therefore crazy, but she could be legitimately wacko.
3. I don't think I'll ever pay to get into an after hours club. It was open for 2hours tops and would've cost $20 cover. Drinks were $10. Plus, if I haven't at least #closed a couple sets by 2am... then I need to give up.
4. Beautiful women are common. Just because she's beautiful doesn't mean she's quality. PHLFAN was a BAD kisser and actually said some racist shit. I think I'm done with her.
5. She's probably done with me anyway. The VinDicarlo escalation ladder specifically states that if you start the escalation ramp to sex and don't finish it, she will probably flake and not want to talk to you again. That's exactly what I did.
6. I need to learn more about the Phillies. A LOT of people in Philly are into them and it makes for easy fluff talk. Also, if I don't know anything about the home team, I look like an idiot.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update to Phlfan HB8


<<< Text Game lead up: >>>
Out tonight? <<< this is exactly how she texted me before >>>
Shot girl at Pxxxx
Look for the girl who looks like a whore
Any cover?
It's hip hop and r&b
Yeah thurs are big for us, I can let you in tho
Would I be "out of place"?
Depends how comfy you are with yourself
I love the music on thurs
If ur in the area stop in, but u might not make it your destination
Plus side, I look like a whore
Are you wearing your 'tip top'?
And leather boots mini skirt
I'm on my way to hang out w/ my bro. Swingin by Pxxxx on the way... C u in a bit
It's slow
Might let me leave

<<< Meet up >>>
Rolled into Pxxxx. They carded me and wanted a cover. I said, "I'm here to see PHLFAN."
They let me right in. Walk upstairs, she sees me and has a BIG smile. It really is slow tonight, like 5 people. There was a final basketball game and apparently the crowd that would have been there that night is also into basketball. She's been there 4 hours as a shotgirl and has made 4 dollars.
I say, "let's get outta here"
She says she has to stay for a little while. So I get a couple free beers, chill, talk to the bartender. He says, "you look just like that guy from the Hangover!"
PHLFAN and I go to the back room and are talking/flirting a bit, she's kinoing me. Really making a bunch of obvious incidental kino (vin dicarlo ladder), so I ramp it up a little. I was taking it a lot slower than normal. Not sure why... just got that vibe. Ended up paying off later. Most guys would've had their hands all over her, but I just played it cool, did my Cajun impersonation, and did incidental kino.
She gathered her things, protested that she wasn't dressed appropriately to go anywhere. I told her, "yeah, you better cover up. No one wants to see that."
So we go outside, and the owner of Pxxxx is there with his girlfriend, who is PHLFAN's best friend and roommate. We hang for a few minutes and I said let's roll.
I took her to a bar around the corner, NxMx. A place I frequent with my wing.
I brought her there specifically to DHV to her and simultaneously DHV to the bartender at NxMx. Worked brilliantly. Soon as NxMx Bartender saw me with PHLFAN I could see the look in her eyes. I chat NxMx Bartender up in front of PHLFAN and we leave after a single beer. It's almost 2am now and PHLFAN wants to go to an after hours club.
We walk back to Pxxxx and meet up with the owner and his girl. A short walk to their car and we drive to Zxxxx After Hours Club.
Soon as we roll up I hear, "It's the guys from Pxxxx. Let them in." That felt great.

I remember somewhere reading that women want a man to be like a rock. Where they can go do their thing and come back to him. There were other implications to this, probably the fact that the guy isn't needy and hanging all over them. They want a guy that isn't always in their business and will give them a longer leash. I saw it in action first hand that night.
I didn't know anyone there except PHLFAN. Sure I rolled with the other club owner and made small talk with him and his girl, but I was pretty much by myself. Most guys I think would have been hanging onto the girl as if she were the rock. I let her do her own thing. She didn't have to worry about what I was doing. I did swoop in a couple times to save her from the wolves, but only after her body language said she was annoyed. I wasn't worried because I knew she was coming back to me. Let her have her ego boost.

This one AFC Millionaire was pecking and pulling on her sayin' crap like, "hey baby". She blows him off and walks to me and makes a show of kinoing me in front of him. I put my arm around her and we turn our backs on him. If only that was the end of it.

Later on I'm leaning on the bar with PHLFAN snuggled up to me and here comes AFC Millionaire again, pecking and pulling on her. She tries to blow him off again. After he doesn't get her message I catch his eye and shake me head. I didn't say a word, just used my body language to tell him to shove off. He actually pouts! and says, "Yeah well I don't need to be hanging all over a girl like that 'cuz I'm a millionaire." as he points to me like I'm the chump. Ha. I said, "You're a millionaire? Congratulations!" And I shook his hand condescendingly and said, "See ya later." His expression was classic defeat.

Throughout the night PHLFAN and her girlfriend were going to the bathroom every ten minutes. I didn't see any evidence of it, but I think they were doing coke or something.
I chatted up a few random people so I wasn't bored, plus it made me look more friendly. I had already framed myself as a person that talks to everyone, so I felt some pressure to be that guy.
The owner of Pxxxx was apparently an AFC who didn't know what to do with his status as 'club owner'. He was dressed very smartly in a suit and expensive shoes. He tells me I need to buy PHLFAN flowers because women love that stuff. HA!

Right after he said that a girl bumps into me and I'm off...
"Five bucks, lady! This ain't free."
She stuttered something about being her being cheap and it came out wrong. Made fun of her for it. In 20 seconds I was in with her and her girlfriend while their two guys look on with their mouths open. I was trying to make a point to the smartly dressed guy I came with, but I think it was in vain. I was also setting up a jealousy plot line so that when PHLFAN came back from the bathroom she'd see me talking to the girls.

After PHLFAN came back I was leaning on the bar and she came up to me and kissed me.
Uggh! She was the WORST kisser. She rammed her huge tongue in my mouth like she was feeding me a steak whole. I know.. it wasn't so bad I wouldn't keep kissing her, but it was definitely cringe worthy. I got through it by imagining how that tongue would feel on my dick.

End of the night, they're kicking people out. Pxxxx owner and his girl are arguing and PHLFAN and I wait for them outside. Everyone's wasted but me. Yes, the aspiring PUA does in fact know that he needs his wits about him and specifically prevents himself from being tipsy. I will usually only have a single drink per hour.
Because of this, I'm the one who drives their car back to Pxxxx.

We get back and they want to drink more... it's 4:30 am! I'm done. I want to go to bed. PHLFAN and I leave the drunk couple at Pxxxx and I walk her back to her car.
We make out a bit in the street and then when we get to her car she leans on it and pulls me closer. I'm grinding her and kissing her and she's acting like she wants to fuck right there on her car in the middle of the street.
I'm thinking, "I don't want to fuck her in the open. That's a little weird for me."
So I want to get her in the car to continue.
I said... "can you give me a ride to my car?"
We get in and she's lost the vibe... fuck.
In retrospect, maybe I should've just fucked her in the street. Woulda been a better story.
The night ends with her driving me back to my car. We kiss goodbye.
I get out and go home.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wing kinda upset me...

I #closed a bartender when she wasn't working a few weeks ago. Really nice outgoing person. We texted back and forth and she told me to come to her bar for free drinks. Razael and I went to the bar and were hanging out, talking to her. I was doing my best Cajun impression while he was doing his thing. Unfortunately his thing involved negging me twice in front of her and #closing her in front of me. WTF?

Razael's state was boisterous, loud, and kinda obnoxious. Cajun, who I was trying to channel is laid back and just 'cool'. I felt like my wing was AMOGing me. But I didn't react, I just stayed cool. I felt like if I reacted in any way it would lower my status.

We rolled off and went to another bar. On the way I told him I was a bit upset and he got really defensive. REALLY defensive. I changed the subject and let it go. Later we were opened by a cute Asian girl who wanted a cigarette.
"Can I bum a smoke?"
"No, but we can trade. A cigarette... for stimulating conversation."

Banter banter, yada yada, #close.
Whole time I'm lookin at Razael and he's not looking good. He was wasted. He was fully taking advantage of the free drinks at the bar earlier and must have put down 3 for my every 1.
We roll off and get pizza by the slice down the street.

He's an intelligent guy and after thinking about it for a while he realized why I was upset earlier. So... being drunk is a shitty excuse, but it probably won't happen again.

Off night, but learned a lot.

Yeah, it was an off night. I was out of state, not feelin' good.
Was with my buddy/wing, Razael.

We were opened several times but got blown out for various reasons.
I opened a two set outside a bar. They were sitting smoking in the only chairs there. A stack of chairs was right behind them.
I said something about sitting down and they said, "grab a chair, but the door guy said to put it back when you're done."
So I said, jokingly, "You're not gonna put it back for us?"
I was even smiling.
She blew up and said, "What are we, your servants?"
"Just for tonight. I don't know you well enough for you to be full time."
Blah blah, banter banter. The one girl is smiling, obviously getting that it's a joke, and even having fun, but the Bitch Shield on the other is ridiculous.
My frame at this point is that I'm sitting here smoking and enjoying the company of my buddy and that I'm cooler than her, which I was. As they get up and leave the BitchShield snydly says, "You're smart."
"Thank you." I interpret everything positively.
"I didn't mean it like that." Gone.

I could probably have done some things better, like had a better opener. But maybe she was in a bad mood from some other drama and didn't want to be bothered. Whatever it was, it jarred my frame a bit for the night.

Inside the bar, Razael and I were walking around. We need a better strategy, because he was following me and hovering at the next set. The room was kinda sparse. Was supposed to be a hoppin night because the DJ's from Germany. A lot of guys standing with other guys. A few HB8 sets here and there. There was a 3set of HB8-Short, HB8-Blonde, and HB7 standing at the bar acting bored. I opened the 3set with, "Are you guys having fun tonight?"

Instant smiles. They were waiting for someone to talk to them. HB8-Short had her arms crossed and pouting. I imitated her exaggeratingly and she smiled, then I ignored her. Went on talking to the other two. The HB7 was into me, but I wanted the HB8-Blonde. (I love blondes. I know, how cliche ;)

Razael was having a hard time talking to the HB8-Short so he wasn't talking. While I was rambling on, something weird happened......

Razael mimed, "Did you see that?" at exactly the same time as a couple people walked by me and brushed up and bumped into me. SENSORY OVERLOAD. This was classic misdirection/distraction that I've seen in NLP. I thought he was talking about the people walking and I looked away a second. Apparently, the HB8-Blonde stood away from the bar and invited me to take her place next to the HB7. She was telling me to Lock-In! I missed it COMPLETELY due to the 'interrupt'. Right after that the set dried up and I was blown out. But I couldn't figure out why until ten minutes later when my wing told me what happened. It's a bizarre feeling when something that obvious doesn't even register on your sensory radar as even a tiny blip. It's like it didn't exist.

The event was interpretted by the 3set as low social intuition and they felt like their status was waning by talking to us. I felt the vibe disintegrate and was confused. So I said, "Nice meeting you guys." and rolled off. In my head, "WTF?"

That's why it's great to have a second pair of eyes there. I keep forgetting to lock-in. I asked my wing if he sees me not doing something, to just say it to me.
He could have even said, "Lock-In" out loud and it probably would have been fine because it wouldn't have made sense to the girls. But he thinks I know what I'm doing all the time, which I don't. I wing-it a lot. Probably not good - I need some standard routines.