Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wing and I use same lines at same time!

Razael and I were talking while walking down a street in Philly and I saw a 2set smoking outside a bar. As soon as I saw them (the blonde caught my eye) I stopped him and we were talking right in front of them.

I turn around as if just noticing them and use my standard opener on the cute blonde, "You guys seem cool, are you friendly?"
(love this line)

Other girl immediately says, "we're awesome. are you?" .. "of course"
[boom! in set]

If anyone saw us they would have thought we were pros. Razael moves to the far left and chats with the brunette and I move to the far right to chat up the blonde. Divide and conquer. In the middle of my convo w/ blonde I hear Razael using the same lines/routines. Trying to think fast, before the girls could put it together, I said, "Are you talking about the Otter trainers we met? I was telling blonde here about them. Weren't they cool?"

CYA - Cover your ass.

Next time we're gonna have to talk about who says what in set. Had a good time, number closed. They invited us to hang out with them longer, but I said no because it was after last call and I thought it may have been awkward. Thinking back, maybe we should have because the numbers were duds. More rapport would have helped.

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