Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some Quick Text Game


Here is a link to an example of my new text game... http://pulsotic.blogspot.com/2013/05/ive-been-slackin-in-posting-dept.html

Here is the old post for your enjoyment...

Most of my texting now is just logistics. This is some recent teasing, though. Some of this is compliance testing. If she accepts the frame then everything is a lot easier later. Some of this is also screening for her interest. It doesn't all go well.



ME: Haha I just made you look at your phone

(met her on a friday and hung out at a party, then bar, then friends house, then drove her home and got her number)
HER: Drive safe
ME: I rear-ended a cop car while reading your text.
HER: Very funny.
(couple days later)
ME: What's your schedule this week? I want to see you again
HER: I have a lot going on, but what are you thinking?
ME: Sure you do but I already got tix to mexico for the weekend. You can ditch philly, right?
HER: If you got a ticket for me too, I'm in.
ME: Well, you called my bluff...
HER: Indeed ;)
(next day)
HER: Why are you interested in me? (shit test)
ME: I need a sugar momma (she's in law school)
HER: Sorry, I'm going into public interest
ME: You just need to make enough so I can be a house husband
ME: We also need a butler
HER: I was thinking Chef
ME: I like the way you think, but then who's gonna bring me my food?
HER: ...
(next day)
ME: Ok, I got the tix, plane leaves in 20, just meet me at the airport
HER: I showed up... Where were you?
ME: Traffic

(couple days later)
ME: How's your weekend going?
HER: Weekend went well. How was your weekend?
ME: My weekend was awesome, I'm in OH visiting friends, be here for the week.
HER: Cool. Have fun!
ME: Always do. You doing anything crazy this week?
HER: Finals are coming up, so I need to study. I have a race on friday. May go to NY this weekend. Roomie problems.
ME: I say blow off the studying and come party with me in Ohio. Hotel room has a kickass jacuzzi. Bonus: your roomate/stalker won't be here
HER: You wish... (I did NOT like this response, 'she's the prize' frame)
ME: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have a strict 'no clothes' policy in the jacuzzi... and room... (reframe - I call the shots)
HER: Interesting policy...
ME: It's a king, but you'll have to sleep on the floor cuz I like to spread out
HER: You can sleep on the floor... I'll sleep on the bed like a star fish
ME: Lmao when I pictured that, ok stringbean, we'll armwrestle for it
HER: I'll win (did I mention she's in law school - alpha chicks can be hard nuts to crack)
ME: You wish... (ended the convo here, I'll restart later with stronger frame)

(met on holloween. she was really flirtatious and we made out, but she balked when I put her on my lap)

ME: Hey cutie, how's your week goin?
HER: Hey stranger, what's up
ME: You didn't answer the question, goof
HER: Work is good. What about you?
ME: I've been a busy bee. Workin by myself all week. You sell any insurance plans this week?
HER: Really... now you're the bee. Lmao. What do you do again??
ME: Did I tell you? I do xxxxx. What's your schedule this weekend? I want to see you.
HER: Awe. I'd luv to c u to (spelling kept to emphasize her laziness)
ME: Good, then tell me what nights you're available this weekend
HER: Fri
ME: Fri, 9:30, drinks at MxxxGxxx
HER: I'll let you know if that works. K
ME: You've got an hour
HER: For what
(more than an hour later)
HER: Me and my friends will be out fri. Text me. Maybe we can catch up (she thinks I'm a beta-boy and I'll be content with crumbs)
ME: Yeah, I don't want to do that
HER: Huh.
HER: Y not
ME: I don't like maybe's, have to get together some other time
HER: ????
(couple days later)
ME: Hows your week goin?
HER: It's ok
ME: Just ok?
HER: Ehh. Yea it was ok. What do you do again.. ???
ME: Underwater sneaker repair
HER: Lol!
(Never met up with her again. This chick was REALLY dumb. I had to explain to her what the word 'Jovial' meant. Which sucks because she was petite and blonde, just my style. Only thing is she reminded me of another girl I know who is a complete attention whore which means it was a bad lead anyway.)

(also met on Holloween)

ME: How's your week going?
HER: Oh hey! Going well. Getting ready to go to work... Didn't think I was going to hear from you. How's your week?
ME: Not hear from me? That's crazy talk. My work's been busy, been by myself. What's your schedule like this weekend. I want to see you.

(logistics followed and we met up. I cut to the chase immediately after she said 'didn't think I was going to hear from you'. That meant she felt I had higher value and she would be amenable to hookup, which she was)

(also met on Holloween at same bar)
HER: Hey! How's your weekend going?
ME: Yo weird, I was just thinking about you. My weekend has been really great. Met a lot of cool people and been hangin with my bro. How bout you? (always be exciting)
HER: I'm good. I just got to work. I hope you enjoy your night.
HER: What time do you usually get off work?
ME: Deepends on day, I have some long hours and it can take me a while to finish, but sometimes I go in late too. What do you have in mind? (obvious double entendres)
HER: I was thinking about asking you out for a drink.

My Current Workout Routine

This is Part 2. See my previous post before you read this one.

Before you do any workout you need to assess your goals. Figure out what you want to achieve. The following workout has been chosen for MY needs: Overall Strength and Mass.

This workout is based on the Compound Workout found at the Muscle and Strength website.

I have changed the workout slightly to fit my needs. Your needs will vary. My specific changes occur when I experience shoulder pain or 'popping'. Some people's knees pop when they do squats or lunges. For me it's my shoulders. So I don't do Chin ups (but I do Pull Ups) and all barbell excercises are with a wide grip.

I added calf excercises (seated and standing). High weight/low rep for Standing, low weight/high rep for seated. I added a second Barbell Bench Press to help build my chest quicker. I use Olympic Rings for Dips and Inverted Rows. Sometimes I do pushups with them. Olympic Rings are an excellent compound workout tool.

I vary the reps and weight. Sometimes lower reps / higher weight just to mix it up. I do the excercises in a different order each time. The weight stays the same during all four sets to keep it simple. If I'm too burnt out to do a single rep, then I drop the weight a bit. I only increase the weight if I'm able to do more than 12 reps. I like to keep the reps below 12, closer to 8, for the first set.

This workout takes me about an hour. If you're new to it, I'd only do 2 sets to start, which will only take a 1/2 hour. You don't ever have to do 4 sets depending on your goals.

I don't do any real cardio. If I have time to workout then I'm going to spend it lifting heavy things. If I don't get DOMS then I'm not working out hard enough. I always warm up with jumping jacks w/ dumbells and sometimes a full set w/ light weight. Stretch only after warmed up.

Videos of all these excercises can be found HERE.

Monday: Chest and Triceps
Barbell Bench Press
Incline Bench Press
Smith Machine Bench
Dips w/ Olympic Rings - Max reps
French Press

Tuesday: Legs and Abs
Standing Calf Raise
Seated Calf Raise
Leg Raise w/ Crunch w/ 25lbs plate

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: Back and Biceps
Wide Grip Pullups - Max reps
Bent Over Barbell Rows
Cable Row
Inverted Row w/ Olympic Rings
Preacher Curl
Barbell Bench Press - Max reps - same weight from Monday

Friday: Shoulders
Military Press
Alternate Arm Seated Dumbell Press
Upright Rows w/ Smith Machine
Leg Raise

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Day

Monday, November 21, 2011

Working Out, My Routine and Suggestions

Ok, if you don't already know this then you're a fucking lazy moron: You need to work out if you're going to be competing with other men for the attention of women. This goes double if you're getting older.

Yes, it is possible to do well with the ladies and still be a tub of lard or a lanky twig, but why would you want to handicap yourself?

Women LOVE muscles and if they say they don't, that's usually their hampster talking or a vocal response to social conditioning. I have the benefit of being relatively fit (my attempt at being modest) and have seen first hand the way ladies treat a fit person. I also dress to accentuate my physique which is an art in itself. I have been called an 'Adonis'. Walking naked after sex, one girl said I looked like Christian Bale from American Psycho. In bars, women call attention to my muscles and will grope them.

One of my favorite examples is this tall blond chick recently who, while hugging me, said, "can you pick me up?" I hoisted her up Road House style without missing a beat. Startled, she said, "Ok, I guess you can."

Yeah, I know I'm bragging (it's my blog), but the point is that if you are fit, it already sets you above 90% of the shmucks out there and women will want to fuck you on looks alone. It makes 'the Game' easier.

Trust me. You want to be fit.

Ok, so now you've decided to get off your ass and start exercising. The problem arises when trying to sift through all the contradictory information out there, which is why I used to work out rather ignorantly. But after some research and certain articles, I've discovered pretty much the best method for myself.

I don't like to spend a lot of time on working out. So with the goal of minimal time / maximum benefit, my routine is now based on Compound Exercises and an article called Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie.

Read that article and then come back here...

Ok, so now you know about the Russian Formula for Getting Fit. This is your workout bible. You also know about the importance of squats (which is even more important if you like to have sex while standing). You also now know about Supercompensation and the Plank. Here's a couple PUA inspired workout links:

Ten Fitness Tips That Will REALLY Change You - Tenmagnet

Excellent post by Bhodisatta, especially the first paragraph: 'Get in Shape'

Next Post: My Workout Routine