Monday, November 21, 2011

Working Out, My Routine and Suggestions

Ok, if you don't already know this then you're a fucking lazy moron: You need to work out if you're going to be competing with other men for the attention of women. This goes double if you're getting older.

Yes, it is possible to do well with the ladies and still be a tub of lard or a lanky twig, but why would you want to handicap yourself?

Women LOVE muscles and if they say they don't, that's usually their hampster talking or a vocal response to social conditioning. I have the benefit of being relatively fit (my attempt at being modest) and have seen first hand the way ladies treat a fit person. I also dress to accentuate my physique which is an art in itself. I have been called an 'Adonis'. Walking naked after sex, one girl said I looked like Christian Bale from American Psycho. In bars, women call attention to my muscles and will grope them.

One of my favorite examples is this tall blond chick recently who, while hugging me, said, "can you pick me up?" I hoisted her up Road House style without missing a beat. Startled, she said, "Ok, I guess you can."

Yeah, I know I'm bragging (it's my blog), but the point is that if you are fit, it already sets you above 90% of the shmucks out there and women will want to fuck you on looks alone. It makes 'the Game' easier.

Trust me. You want to be fit.

Ok, so now you've decided to get off your ass and start exercising. The problem arises when trying to sift through all the contradictory information out there, which is why I used to work out rather ignorantly. But after some research and certain articles, I've discovered pretty much the best method for myself.

I don't like to spend a lot of time on working out. So with the goal of minimal time / maximum benefit, my routine is now based on Compound Exercises and an article called Everything You Know About Fitness is a Lie.

Read that article and then come back here...

Ok, so now you know about the Russian Formula for Getting Fit. This is your workout bible. You also know about the importance of squats (which is even more important if you like to have sex while standing). You also now know about Supercompensation and the Plank. Here's a couple PUA inspired workout links:

Ten Fitness Tips That Will REALLY Change You - Tenmagnet

Excellent post by Bhodisatta, especially the first paragraph: 'Get in Shape'

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