Monday, September 12, 2011

Gaming with AFC Wings is Counter-Productive

My past few months have been busy.

My game has been taken to new levels and I no longer feel the need for blogging about it. I guess that's the normal progression. I do like having a sort of diary, but when it becomes second nature it is also difficult to analyze for some reason.

I've been getting a ton of leads every week that I want to pursue, but if I do, then I can't spend time with girls I'm already with that I like and that are sure things. I've been dropping girls quick if they don't put out. That's so fucking liberating. One girl I was really into. I was really kinda pissed at her for not putting out because I liked her so much. Ok, that's actually a cool story.

I was in WxxxCxxxxx with my friends. All of which were AFC's. While walking down the street a girl wearing a green dress, who my buddy knows, came up and talked to us. I was throwing a bunch of game shit at her and she was eating it up. She went on to Bxxxx and we went somewhere else for a while. I convinced the AFC's to go to Bxxxx too. (cuz I wanted to fuck that chick) We get there and meet up with 'Green Dress' and her friends. Her one friend was being a cunt and my buddies and 'Green Dress' dared me to game her. Of course I accepted.

I rolled up to her and spouted some more game shit and she was being really bitchy. I ignored all her shit and kept at her. I kept bringing up different sexual topics which she seemed to respond to. I was determined to stay until I got a 'No' or a 'Fuck off!' My rep was on the line. Other AFC douches kept interrupting and then 'Green Dress' came over and the game was up. (Later, 'Cunty' told 'Green Dress' that talking to me was the only fun she had that night.)

I stood up to walk back to my friends and notice this cute chick sitting 3 feet from me smiling at me. I walk up and say, "you can't smile at me like that and not say, Hi." She said something in a German accent. Kick ass. She's from outta town. We talk for about 5 minutes and my buddy comes up to us from the OTHER SIDE of her to talk to me. That's fucked up in itself, but then he makes it worse. He hears her German accent and proceeds to talk German to her. What a fuck head. But it gets worse. He's saying, in German, that he wants her to eat his hemorrhoids. He thinks it's fucking hilarious and that it would go over well because he's a fucking moron, but all it does is make the number I got a DEAD END. She was disgusted and now thinks I'm a fucking tool because I'm with him. Maybe I am.

Later, we were all standing and talking and I isolated 'Green Dress' within our group and was really eye fucking her. It was mutual. She asked me if I had my friends number. I said yeah, give me your number and I'll text it to you. That weird logic was not questioned at all.

Cunty was trying to get 'Green Dress' to take her home. SNL was out with 'Green Dress'. I texted her a month later, met up, and fucked her on her friends couch. She was going away that weekend for a year out of the country and mentioned that she hadn't hooked up with anyone all summer, so I knew she was really craving sex. It didn't take game, just logistics.

Back to WxxxCxxxxx. Same night after 'Cunty' and 'Green Dress' left. We left the bar too and hit a couple other places. They were all dead so we went back to Bxxxx. I rolled in with the only decent wing outta all my friends that night and he got blown out BAD. I ditched him. I rolled with another friend upstairs. He got nervous and left. I walked up to a tall cute girl and told her I wanted to meet her. She was happy to meet me. I danced with her and we talked for a good 10 minutes. Her friends left us alone. It was closing time, so we walked downstairs and made out on the sidewalk in front of my gawking friends before she gave me her number and left. And Yes, I did check logistics before just letting her go. They were bad.

The several meetups with that girl will have to be told later as well as the final time I hung out with her. She's the girl I dumped for not putting out.


  1. Hey Man,
    I have been reading all your posts and enjoying them. One question: How old are you?


  2. Glad you like the posts. I'm in my lower 30's.