Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some Quick Text Game


Here is a link to an example of my new text game... http://pulsotic.blogspot.com/2013/05/ive-been-slackin-in-posting-dept.html

Here is the old post for your enjoyment...

Most of my texting now is just logistics. This is some recent teasing, though. Some of this is compliance testing. If she accepts the frame then everything is a lot easier later. Some of this is also screening for her interest. It doesn't all go well.



ME: Haha I just made you look at your phone

(met her on a friday and hung out at a party, then bar, then friends house, then drove her home and got her number)
HER: Drive safe
ME: I rear-ended a cop car while reading your text.
HER: Very funny.
(couple days later)
ME: What's your schedule this week? I want to see you again
HER: I have a lot going on, but what are you thinking?
ME: Sure you do but I already got tix to mexico for the weekend. You can ditch philly, right?
HER: If you got a ticket for me too, I'm in.
ME: Well, you called my bluff...
HER: Indeed ;)
(next day)
HER: Why are you interested in me? (shit test)
ME: I need a sugar momma (she's in law school)
HER: Sorry, I'm going into public interest
ME: You just need to make enough so I can be a house husband
ME: We also need a butler
HER: I was thinking Chef
ME: I like the way you think, but then who's gonna bring me my food?
HER: ...
(next day)
ME: Ok, I got the tix, plane leaves in 20, just meet me at the airport
HER: I showed up... Where were you?
ME: Traffic

(couple days later)
ME: How's your weekend going?
HER: Weekend went well. How was your weekend?
ME: My weekend was awesome, I'm in OH visiting friends, be here for the week.
HER: Cool. Have fun!
ME: Always do. You doing anything crazy this week?
HER: Finals are coming up, so I need to study. I have a race on friday. May go to NY this weekend. Roomie problems.
ME: I say blow off the studying and come party with me in Ohio. Hotel room has a kickass jacuzzi. Bonus: your roomate/stalker won't be here
HER: You wish... (I did NOT like this response, 'she's the prize' frame)
ME: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have a strict 'no clothes' policy in the jacuzzi... and room... (reframe - I call the shots)
HER: Interesting policy...
ME: It's a king, but you'll have to sleep on the floor cuz I like to spread out
HER: You can sleep on the floor... I'll sleep on the bed like a star fish
ME: Lmao when I pictured that, ok stringbean, we'll armwrestle for it
HER: I'll win (did I mention she's in law school - alpha chicks can be hard nuts to crack)
ME: You wish... (ended the convo here, I'll restart later with stronger frame)

(met on holloween. she was really flirtatious and we made out, but she balked when I put her on my lap)

ME: Hey cutie, how's your week goin?
HER: Hey stranger, what's up
ME: You didn't answer the question, goof
HER: Work is good. What about you?
ME: I've been a busy bee. Workin by myself all week. You sell any insurance plans this week?
HER: Really... now you're the bee. Lmao. What do you do again??
ME: Did I tell you? I do xxxxx. What's your schedule this weekend? I want to see you.
HER: Awe. I'd luv to c u to (spelling kept to emphasize her laziness)
ME: Good, then tell me what nights you're available this weekend
HER: Fri
ME: Fri, 9:30, drinks at MxxxGxxx
HER: I'll let you know if that works. K
ME: You've got an hour
HER: For what
(more than an hour later)
HER: Me and my friends will be out fri. Text me. Maybe we can catch up (she thinks I'm a beta-boy and I'll be content with crumbs)
ME: Yeah, I don't want to do that
HER: Huh.
HER: Y not
ME: I don't like maybe's, have to get together some other time
HER: ????
(couple days later)
ME: Hows your week goin?
HER: It's ok
ME: Just ok?
HER: Ehh. Yea it was ok. What do you do again.. ???
ME: Underwater sneaker repair
HER: Lol!
(Never met up with her again. This chick was REALLY dumb. I had to explain to her what the word 'Jovial' meant. Which sucks because she was petite and blonde, just my style. Only thing is she reminded me of another girl I know who is a complete attention whore which means it was a bad lead anyway.)

(also met on Holloween)

ME: How's your week going?
HER: Oh hey! Going well. Getting ready to go to work... Didn't think I was going to hear from you. How's your week?
ME: Not hear from me? That's crazy talk. My work's been busy, been by myself. What's your schedule like this weekend. I want to see you.

(logistics followed and we met up. I cut to the chase immediately after she said 'didn't think I was going to hear from you'. That meant she felt I had higher value and she would be amenable to hookup, which she was)

(also met on Holloween at same bar)
HER: Hey! How's your weekend going?
ME: Yo weird, I was just thinking about you. My weekend has been really great. Met a lot of cool people and been hangin with my bro. How bout you? (always be exciting)
HER: I'm good. I just got to work. I hope you enjoy your night.
HER: What time do you usually get off work?
ME: Deepends on day, I have some long hours and it can take me a while to finish, but sometimes I go in late too. What do you have in mind? (obvious double entendres)
HER: I was thinking about asking you out for a drink.


  1. I like that you're not afraid to show interest off the bat on some of these. A lot of guys are, which betrays the fact that they default to assuming lower value. Only criticisms:

    -could push for meet faster with some of these
    -would not have pushed forward with the nudity rule. The girl just took a step back; she's unlikely to respond well to anything like that atm. Would probably have done a mini-neg or called her on her shit somehow.
    -the girl who said to meet with her friends wasn't "giving you crumbs". She was probably just afraid to meet alone without knowing you very well. Some girls are like that, no problem with it. Honestly, I take that as an excuse to hit her up at my convenience come Friday night, and not have the responsibility of making sure she's having a good time. That's on her. Just two free agents meeting up mid-party.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment. I agree with your assessment a hundred percent.
    I cannot push for quick meet ups due to several things in my personal life otherwise I'd be all over it. So I have to string it along a week or two before I can make time. Then it's 'now or never' which means I don't want to waste time with her friends. In my limited experience it has put me at a great disadvantage to meet a girl with her friends. Isolation is difficult and blocks are many. Admittedly I was probably being 'choady' with the 'crumbs' line.
    The workout girl I actually met up with and got a ton of resistance with. She's a lawyer chick and she just kept talking logically about our date. Even half naked she just wouldn't stop being cerebral. I left there with a curious dry feeling and vowed to select for more sexual women. Even a year later my current skills would have been inadequate for that.
    Thanks again for reading this stuff. I appreciate the input.

  3. Found you from CH. Not bad. I think you're using too many words and not coming off as high value. I pulled a girl on H'ween 2012 (married now - not to her tho) at a party Drake Hotel in Chicago. Made out with her that night after a few light negs and some easy DHV'ing (I'd befriended a cool group of folks earlier that evening and they thought my costume was rad). Text game the next day, kept it short and sweet, right to the point, and escalated to sexytimes fast. She showed up that weekend (H'ween was a weeknight that year) and we fucked within 10 minutes of her entering my pad. Spent the whole weekend with me, and begged to see me again. Dated for 2 months, then I met the girl who is my wife today. I know this is an old post, but my advice based on the content is the same. Shorter messages, more teasing.