Friday, June 11, 2010

Wing kinda upset me...

I #closed a bartender when she wasn't working a few weeks ago. Really nice outgoing person. We texted back and forth and she told me to come to her bar for free drinks. Razael and I went to the bar and were hanging out, talking to her. I was doing my best Cajun impression while he was doing his thing. Unfortunately his thing involved negging me twice in front of her and #closing her in front of me. WTF?

Razael's state was boisterous, loud, and kinda obnoxious. Cajun, who I was trying to channel is laid back and just 'cool'. I felt like my wing was AMOGing me. But I didn't react, I just stayed cool. I felt like if I reacted in any way it would lower my status.

We rolled off and went to another bar. On the way I told him I was a bit upset and he got really defensive. REALLY defensive. I changed the subject and let it go. Later we were opened by a cute Asian girl who wanted a cigarette.
"Can I bum a smoke?"
"No, but we can trade. A cigarette... for stimulating conversation."

Banter banter, yada yada, #close.
Whole time I'm lookin at Razael and he's not looking good. He was wasted. He was fully taking advantage of the free drinks at the bar earlier and must have put down 3 for my every 1.
We roll off and get pizza by the slice down the street.

He's an intelligent guy and after thinking about it for a while he realized why I was upset earlier. So... being drunk is a shitty excuse, but it probably won't happen again.

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