Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I thought I was done with her, but PHLFAN is back. As I said, I think she's crazy.

<<< Text Game lead up >>>
Hey cutie, I'm really busy this week, but I'll be in the city friday night. You gonna be around?
... Possibly. Might have to work

<<<< few days later >>>>
Tonight... Working or playing?
... no plans

I'm going to MCxxx w/ my buddy Razael. He knows someone there, so no cover/free drinks/big fun. You wanna tag along?
... Which MCxxx 3rd?

Think so

You fall asleep?

... Nah, were coming, what time?

Bout 40 min
... What name for no cover?

<<<< she called. we were running late. gave her name so they could get in
<<<< show up, PHLFAN and her girlfriend are being boring.
<<<< Razael and i left her there w/ her gf

Didn't go to old ciey, met frienss in rirtenhous... Ur frend ditch yu?
<<< misspellings were on purpose to act like I wasn't worried about what she
<<< thought, but now I think it may have been interpreted like I was drunk.

Sorta. Im at Pxxxx w/ different GF

U want to meet up latr?
... Nah, not like that

Ha. K, have a good night... C u some other time.

<<< next day >>>

... Hey, wanna go to the phils game today?

I would but im in nyc right now

Game wasnt on tv up here. Howd it go?
... Extra innings. Real exciting, but ended with a loss

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