Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Funnest girl so far.

I was at a dive bar a while back seeing a band I know. My little bro went with me. He knows I'm into game and of anyone he needs it, so I thought I'd show him what it can do. We're sitting against the bar talking and I see this girl who looks out of place. It's a punk/rocker bar (everyone's wearing black) and she's wearing bright red. I knew right away she was mine. The girl was insecure and out of her element so I knew if I talked to her she'd be receptive.

She's just standing by herself, looked like she was waiting for someone.
Using Cajun body language, leaning against the bar, I look at her, catch her eye and say, "What, are you lost?"
She says something.
I say, "I can't hear you. Come over here."
She walks over and we talk for a while, totally hit it off. Find out she's here on a date and the guy brought her to show off to his friends. (A week later I find out that every time he sees her, he mentions me. Ha!) That backfired on him because she spent the next hour chatting me up and his friends thought he was a tool. (I've dubbed this 'Chump Game'... Anytime I swoop a girl from a beta.)
At this point my brother is just baffled at what I'm doing.
She asks for my number and I say, "Just give me yours."
I had to take my bro home, so I bounced.

This number turned into some of my best texting ever (which I'll post), which turned into a full close and a regular sunday thing.

Amen to game.

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