Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Phantom Call Gambit

A girl I had in my phone called me on accident the other day.
I sent her a text that said, "I missed your call, what's up?"
HER: "Sorry, my phone phantom calls people sometimes."
ME: "You don't have to make up excuses to talk to me. I may have ridiculously high standards, but I'm still approachable."

A bit more banter, and met up at a bar. Introduced her and her friends to my wing, but we ended up opening a hotter set and kinda ignored the first one.

So what I've taken from this is:
1. She may have legitimately "phantom" called me. or...
2. It was a form of game.
3. I tested it (as game) on another target... and it works.

Was at a loud club, at 1am I called Txxx and just let it ring without saying anything. The call connected right away, so I know she answered. It stayed connected for about 9 seconds and then she hung up. TWO minutes later I got a text that said, "Where are you?"

So as not to seem eager, a couple days later I replied, "Was out. Sorry, my phone phantom dials sometimes." (If I gave her anymore info I think it would have seemed tryhard.)

I saw her out the next day and she immediately started asking me where I was. I'm going to be using this one again.

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