Monday, July 19, 2010

New Kino Gambit

My Wing opened a set and I joined up. He pretty much handed me off to the hottest of the two, who immediately says she's a model.

ME: "What like a hand model?" (yes, straight mystery method. No need to reinvent)
HER: (shocked look) "Is that because I talk with my hands?"

(I came up with this on the fly, because it's actually true)

ME: "Exactly. My grandmother talks with her hands so much, she says that if someone held her hands, she wouldn't be able to talk. Here, lets try it."
(I grab her hands a la Mystery's 'compliance test')
ME: "Ok, now tell me about England (where she's from)"
HER: "Ummm... It's nice there... Ummm... The weather.."
ME: "See, that's what I thought."

I know this didn't accomplish the same thing as the 'compliance test', but it was a great way to incorporate more kino. From there, I escorted her around the club arm in arm...

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