Friday, July 16, 2010

DHV'ing my Brother to his Date.

I was out with my younger brother the other night.
On his own, he chats up HB-Librarian (a friend of a friend) and they're hitting it off. She's giving a lot of IOI's.

I talk to our mutual friend about HB-Lib and find out:
1. She's really into classical music.
2. She writes poetry.
3. She's actually a really nice girl. Perfect for my naieve brother.

Later on I roll up to them. When I got there I immediatly started talking to my bro's new friend. The girl I'm with (HB X) follows shortly after and talks to my bro. So, we basically interrupt their convo and separate the two and have separate convos right next to each other.

ME: "So you're a librarian?"
HER: "Yeah, it's exciting."
ME: "Do you have a degree in librarianism?"
HER: "No, it's BLAH BLAH"
ME: (I cut her off) "That's cool. I never finished for my degree, but my brother has a degree in Music theory. He writes Symphonies."
HER: "No WAY! (Addressing my brother) You never told me that!"
My brother has a confused look, so I wink at him.
ME: "Yeah, he's really creative. He even does some writing. Hey bro, what's that stuff you're working on right now. Is it short stories or POETRY?"

So her jaw is to the floor and if he had any game at all he woulda been laid that night, but at least he number closed and the girl wants to drive an hour to hang out with him. They hung out the rest of the night and hugged goodbye.

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