Monday, May 17, 2010

First immediate Kiss Close

At the club with my wing and an AFC.
The AFC is being a tool, so I'm looking for my wing who is supposed to be opening a set by the bar. I walk over to him, and the wing is buying a drink for himself and his target. (Yea, I've told him not to buy drinks, but he's learning) The AFC is following me... It's crowded, shoulder to shoulder and this HB7 walks in front of me. I start giving her shit and escalate as fast as I can, just to see what I can get away with. Literally 2 minutes later I'm making out with her at the bar in front of everyone. I have to say... it's an awesome feeling. The AFC is just dumbfounded and walks away. My wing missed the whole thing so I was disappointed. I ask the HB7 if she smokes, "no" she says. I say, "well I do, so you should join me." HB7 turns into an AFC and follows me outside.
** Lately I've been isolating outside, but I may have to find darker corners in the club because...
We were at a table sharing a smoke (yeah she doesn't smoke?), and her friends roll up, looking at us as we're making out and kinoing each other. Turns out one is her ex and he decides to shit test me... I pass all his shit tests and AMOG him, he says, "I love this guy" and then won't leave me alone... Looks like I've got a cockblocking pet. :(
I get bored with this HB7 because it was too easy and merge with my wing's set... he's my protege and I heard him stumbling a bit...
I bring my HB7 into this 4 set that my wing is gaming... He's getting shit tested hard by an Alpha UG5 while his target is WAY into him.
** I figured out the reason for the shit testing later...
My wing opens this 5 set of sorority sisters and one immediately turns AFC for him. The Alpha UG5 was pissed because it wasn't her. So she grabs some guy AFC so she wasn't the only one alone. Anyway, because she's so jealous, she's giving him a rash of shit. I overheard this and joined the group...
So I jump in and throw some negs and diffuse the obstacle. One that really seemed to work was actually calling her out on being the "Alpha". I may have heard that one somewhere before, but I don't know where. Regardless... it was GOLD.
Another thing I said was, "You're like the Samantha of the group" (from sex in the city)... HOLY CRAP they took the bait and I betaized her even more.
More verbal sparring, more gaming, I called the Alpha UG5 "samantha" the rest of the night... my HB7 lip locks me and jumps in a cab. I never got her number, but I didn't really want it.
I think I read somewhere that once the sexual tension is gone, the woman will have buyers remorse... I decided it wasn't worth the effort.

So after taking care of my wing's obstacle, I start gaming her friend... she saw me kiss the HB7 and says, "was that your girlfriend?" I said no I just met her a little while ago. That goes nowhere, but was actually very fun... I decided at that point that I was gonna get the Alpha's number just because I could. I guess that's AFC of me to have to prove something, but she was giving my wing SO much crap, I felt like I won if I got her number.

So I say, "Samantha, I have something to ask you... and I'm sure you get asked this by a ton of guys, but... Can I bum a cigarette?"
I LOVE THIS LINE! It builds tension, they brace themselves, and then, WHAM, you pull the rug out from under them!
She laughs, gives me a cigarette and I hand her my phone and say, "Oh yeah, and put your number in her so I can call you."

Done deal.

The night ends with me driving my wing and his target to her place so they can bang like they've never bung before. I take AFC back to his car and on the way he says, "So what exactly happened back there?" Jackass.

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