Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Hate AFC's! 2

After the blow out and the girls got in a cab, we walk down the street and into another bar. Weird... it was packed earlier and now it's almost empty. There's an area over to the left that' got about 10 people hanging out, a few scattered at the outskirts and an HB9 2set in the very center of the bar. Both were about 21/22 and beautiful!

As soon as I saw them I knew what the plan was, but I had to get the AFC onboard. We walk past them to the bar and order drinks. I give him a brief primer on wing game. Went something like this:

"I'm going to walk over and talk to those girls. I need you to walk over in exactly one minute."

That's all I said. I didn't want him to be confused or try to improvise. So I went over to the two girls and opened the blond. The brunette is texting and ignoring her friend... which means when my AFC wing comes over he doesn't have anyone to talk to.
"You seem cool. Are you friendly?"

"I don't know."

"Well I think you are so I'm going to keep talking to you."

"What, are you psychic?"

"Of course. More importantly, do you think I should dye my hair blonde?"

I turn around and lock in by leaning on the bar. Exactly one minute in, AFC rolls
up and before he can open his dumb face, I say, "I don't know where Sue is, I
think you should look for her in the back."
Holy crap he got it! He rolls off. But the fucker comes right back and now he's
hovering right behind me. I feel my status draining and I say, "It's good
talking to you, I'm gonna get back to my buddy." We both walk away and I explain what just happened to him. He's genuinely clueless. I even spoke slowly :(
He fucked up my game by hovering and I was distracted. I never got her number and she was WAY into me.
I should have said, "Good meeting you." Turned to walk away, and then turn back and got her number in one of many ways:

1. "do you have email?"
2. "can I see your phone?" get phone, put in own number and call self "I'll call you"
3. "if only there was some way we could get ahold of each other to continue this conversation" ... she says, "I could give you my phone number!"

Talking to AFC I didn't notice them leave. Crap. No more girls in the bar, we roll on down the street.

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  1. Why do beta's always hover right outside the group conversation, staring in with their heads jutting forward and their drinks at their chest? Nevermind the girl, it creeps ME out.

    Oh, and fuck that method of getting the number, especially fuck the email. Just say, "I want to see you again, give me your number." And be a MAN about it, fucko.