Friday, May 14, 2010

Phlfan HB8

Over the last weekend I went to a bachelor party... saw a baseball game during the day. Ten of us guys (all of which were AFC's) were at a bar beforehand getting drinks. This HB8 was by herself and giving me IOI's, I was genuinely aloof due to trying to find my buddies, and smiled at her.
She went to the other side of the bar, a very open area and sat in the middle. My buddies, the AFC's that they are did not pick up on her IOI's. They went to the bar and she immediately lit up. Sometimes I can't believe how oblivious people can be.
She moves over and says do you need more room? (as if she didn't plan it the whole time) So I said to myself, "Self, what the hell..." I sat next to her, talked a while, she was alone because she just sold her season tickets for that days game because she had to work.
So anyway, long story short, I got her number, turns out she's now a PHD, graduating saturday... has a degree from Widener Law School and is a bartender... used to be a house dancer at a club in Philly. So right now I'm feeling pretty good about myself... also... I need a sugar momma :)

Here's my text game:

I enjoyed meeting you. It's very cold and windy here. You definitely weren't dressed for it :) Don't work too hard tonight. Talk to you soon.
PHLFAN: Work hard play hard! Might go see friends at 3rd and Market

Sounds cool, what time?
PHLFAN: When I get done, prob 11:30

That's too bad... You're gonna miss the "entertainment" ;) I'll txt you later when we figure out where we'll be.

We're leaving now... Where do you want to meet?
PHLFAN: Had to go home I'm sorry.

Too bad you didn't come out... It was like a Hunter S Thompson read ;) What sort of trouble did you end up causing? ...or were you a homebody? :)
PHLFAN: Went home and packed for my 6am flight. Sorry I missed out

That's actually not a bad reason... I was expecting something like, "I had to return some video tapes." ;) I totally understand... flying hungover is not pretty, and my number one rule of air travel is: Always look good ;) Where'd you go, Greece?
PHLFAN: Was in Tampa. Just got back

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  1. Wow, have I learned a lot in a year.
    First of all, it ain't shit to get a number. And from a lawyer? Yawn. And it's kinda funny how douchey the texts sound. And what's with the emoticons? Nerd.
    Some good things though, like the immediate ping text of "enjoyed meeting you/talk to you soon" and I still like the "always look good line". I used a follow up question about Greece to try to keep a convo going, but it was really unnecessary. I'll have to write a how-to post on texting in the future to explain that.