Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First night with wing. While ago.

The first night out with my new wing. This was months ago, but I like the story.
We went to a popular bar in Philly. Beautiful bartenders, very friendly.
Layout of the place is open, but relatively packed. There are two sets all over the place and nobody is really moving around. There's an AFC by himself at the bar eating something. I catch a HB8 checking me out... (it's my walk that does it tonight).

Now, I'm a proponent of flash game. My interpretation is basically, be alpha, be loud, be fun, be in a great conversation with your wing. Be the center of attention. We're teasing the bartender being overall fun, and she's teasing back. All eyes in the bar are on us. It's pretty obvious who the cool kids are. At one point, I tease the bartender again and she throws a stack of napkins in the air. Nothing says social proof more than the bartender digging you. My wing and I go outside for a cigarette and talk about stuff. When we come back HB8 is sitting in my barstool talking to AFC.

HELLoooo proximity IOI!

I tease her and say that she owes me five bucks for the seat. More teasing, I Disney Princess Gambit her, she says Jasmine... Well that's her new name for the night. :)
Another thing I did.. read somewhere online about a guy who uses a couple regular keys as a pendant around his neck and gets opened with it. I like to use it as a litmus test for the game. If she says something, anything about it.. she digs me. If a guys says anything about it... he's threatened and I know where I stand in the moment.
She says, "What's the key for?"
I say, "It's the key to your heart and if you don't behave I'm gonna give it to that guy (AFC)."
She busts up laughing. What's even funnier is he heard the whole thing and she was basically laughing in his face. He thought he was the man when the HB8 was talking to him and at that point I think he realized he was used by her to get closer to me.
Poor guy :(

She says she has to go to meet some friends that are coming. I don't really care.. .the night is young. The friends roll in. Two very well dressed guys with ZERO game. They had money and not much else.
I decide they're no competition and while the HB8 is in the bathroom, I introduce myself and game them. "How do you know HB8?"
I'm in with them, back in with HB8, she decides she wants to hang out with my Wing and I and insists we go with them. She's VERY insistent. I'm skeptical, trying to remember my theory... and after a bit of deliberation... we leave with them.

That was a mistake.

It immediately set US up as the tag alongs... we should have got numbers and rolled, but feeling cocky, against my better judgement, I DLV'd. Wing and I have since learned. It won't happen again.

We did have fun that night, but it ended in a #close that flaked.
So for next time, remember folks...
Who's the prize? That's right... ME.

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