Thursday, February 10, 2011

Raz' Newest Text Game (with analysis)

So Razael used to work with this cute girl and saw her out a week ago. This is his TEXT game (with a little help from ME).

RAZ: I just saw someone who looked exactly like you. i almost said hi (ME)
--- Great opening volley.

HER: That would've been funny
RAZ: Funny? That is a moment of sheer terror for most people
--- Great teasing.

HER: lol it wouldn't have been that bad. just a hello...
RAZ: Not that bad! I would have said hi then baam! now she's in love with me.
--- Great cocky/funny.

HER: lmao. damn is that how it happens?
RAZ: Hi.. :) What's your schedule like next week? (ME)
--- Great. To the point logistics.

HER: Hello! Mon-fri X:XX - X:xx. it's the same every week.
RAZ: Come out with me next Saturday night. (ME)
--- Great. To the point logistics, inviting her into his world.
--- Usually for a Day2 Saturdays are a bad idea. They're a big night
--- and a girl usually doesn't want to commit a Saturday night to
--- a guy she isn't sure about. If she does, flaking is likely.
--- Better to do a weeknight for a Day2. In this case her schedule
--- is crap and it's the only night available.

HER: Where to?
RAZ: A little restaurant called Txxxxx.
--- BAD. By saying 'restaurant' is frames it as a DATE-date
--- which implies that he's like all the other guys.
--- Remember that you don't have to answer a direct question.
--- Her:'Where to?' Raz:'I'll surprise you.' or 'It's a secret'
--- or even 'Not telling'
--- A reframe is NECESSARY.

HER: Oh where is that at? Big party?
RAZ: Party girl? I thought you were different. (ME)
--- Excellent reframe. Put her on the defensive, exactly as was intended.

HER: Not much of a party girl. Like to have a good time. Just was wondering what was going on there that u were inviting me out
RAZ: Pshhh Do you really need any other reason than getting to go out with me..
HER: Maybe
--- Good cocky/funny, but not sure if it was needed here.
--- 'Maybe' means she needs more gaming.

--- Waited Until Monday at Noon to send next text --
RAZ: Saturday: You. Me. Drinks. (ME)
HER: Yes sounds good
HER: Hey so... what time r we going out on Saturday? Bunch of people? Just us?
--- Great. To the point. Yes or No. Cut and dry.
--- Raz' text here was pretty fucking clear, but this is a woman
--- so it's not enough...she's still pushing for something...
--- What could it be?

RAZ: Just us, Party girl. I'll pick you up at 8. What's your address? (ME)
HER: Nah... no party girl. Just wondering if this was a date :)
--- Use of the nickname 'party girl' is to tease. She seems not to like it.
--- Discontinue this nickname in texts, maybe reuse in person sparingly.
--- Another CLEAR text, but she needs more.
--- What was she pushing for? Oh... she wants Raz to jump through a
--- hoop and into her frame by calling it a 'date'.
--- Use of the emoticon is to relieve tension. She doesn't want it to
--- seem like she wants it to be a 'date', but she really does.

RAZ: Date? Just drinks, and if we get along you can call it a date. :) (ME)
--- Excellent parry. This says so much in a single text.
--- 1 - He's not playing by her rules.
--- 2 - He's not assuming he's going to like her.
--- 3 - He has higher status than she.
--- BTW, the emoticon was reciprocating her exact emoticon, otherwise
--- it's best to avoid them.

HER: Lol. Y wouldn't we get along? I'll just call it drinks, don't want to make it something it's not lol
--- Her response is perfect.
--- 1 - She did not back out. (yet)
--- 2 - She confirmed the 'date' by calling it 'drinks'.
--- 3 - She laughed. (laugh is to relieve tension, she's not used to this)
--- 4 - She accepted his frame.

RAZ: Address? (ME)
HER: 222 Smang It Lane.
--- To the point. No cocky/funny during logistics.

We'll see what happens. Never underestimate a woman's propensity for flaking.

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