Monday, February 28, 2011

Partying in DE - Part 3

Continued from: Partying in DE - Part 2 and Partying in DE

Text to HBStrawberry on sunday at 9am:
ME: My buddy said Hxxxxx is cool. Pick you up or meet me?
HER: I'm sorry, I just have too much work due tomorrow. I can't tonight.
ME: no response

--- at midnight on Sunday, the night we were supposed to hang out
HER: I just got done doing my work. I'm sorry I couldn't hang with you tonight.
ME: No big deal. I knew early enough. There'll be plenty of time for us to hang out, anyway. Just make sure you get good grades so you get a good job. I need a sugar momma ;)
HER: Oh finally, a reason for me to keep my grades up, so I can be your sugar momma! Haha :) when are you free again? Sundays work a little better if it's earlier. Otherwise I can do weekends but our weekday schedules seem to clash.
--- Logistics are going to be tough with her, but it will be worth it.
--- No big deal because I had a backup plan:
Pool Girl: You still coming by tonight?
ME: Depends... Am I the guest of honor?
Pool Girl: I mean we just gon chill in my room with margaritas, would you feel that honored?
ME: I'll be around after 9. Where should I meet you?

--- Ignored her text. Not sure if she understood that I was kidding.
Pool Girl: (texted address)
Met up with Pool Girl at her dorm room. It was just her and a friend, who I met at the party, from down the hall. Her roomate is out of town for the weekend. She made us bad margaritas without ice and talked for a bit. I had her put on music and then I sat on the couch (in the middle and spread out a bit). Her friend was sitting in a chair and Pool Girl came and sat right next to me. We chatted a bit and her friend got up and said she had to go. I think she was just hanging out until she felt I was safe. As soon as her friend left I knew it was on.

I took Pool Girl's hand and smelled her hair. Then I kissed her. She enthusiastically reciprocated. I picked her up like a doll, put her on my lap, and we made out for a bit.

She said, "You should see my bed. It's tiny."
Just fucking around, I said, "I can see it from here." (I shouldn't have joked at a time like that. I should have lead her. With hindsight I can see that I was slightly uncomfortable with escalating and I joked to relieve the tension.)
She said, "No, I mean I want to show it to you."

We got up, went to the bed, and made out again. This time I escalated toward sex and she said, "I can't do this."

I said, "You're right. We should stop." Then her shirt and bra were off.

I was rubbing her through her pants and she said, "That's not going to do it." I said, "Of course not, but I like to see you squirm."

My hand went down her pants and she said, "I can't do this."
I said, "You're right. We should stop." Then her pants were off.

I pulled out my dick and she grabbed it. She said, "I can't do this." I agreed. Then my clothes were off and we were both naked.

I persisted and ignored her half-protestations until it was apparent that she really couldn't 'do this'. It seemed like it was going too fast for her or something. Or, more likely, she was playing games.

Interestingly, she said, "I'm so glad you just took my clothes off and went for it. I'm so sick of guys asking if it's OK to kiss me or take my shirt off."

I lay naked with her for a while, half-asleep, half thinking about logistics for giving her another chance. Then I got up, put my clothes on, and left.

After Action Review:
The new name of the game is 'Escalation'. Straight escalation. Risk it to get the biscuit. After thinking about all my best and easiest hookups, I've found a common denominator: quick sexual escalation.

That's what I was doing with Pool Girl. It went from her friend leaving the room to Pool Girl and I on her bed in about 3 minutes. Basically, just 'Manning Up' and unappologetically initiating sexual contact sets me head and shoulders above my competition and women APPRECIATE it. Women hate doing the work and, as a male, it's my responsibility to push. Every time I've done this, it's been successful.

I'm not wasting time with 'comfort game' anymore. I'm going to be pushing the sexual tension toward either a blow out or a blow job.

I didn't f-close or get a blow job this time. She played with me a bit and that's it. I didn't push it far enough. I didn't persist. I never made it to a 'NO'. I've been winging it for quite a while. From now on I'm going to have goals. My new goal when in isolation is to push it to either BJ/F-close or a verbal 'NO'. 'I can't do this' is NOT a 'NO' and although I had fun, I failed in getting laid because I was winging it. Next time, I'll ignore fake protests, and in an authoritative tone, I'm going to say, "Suck my dick." It's called leading. And if she says, 'I can't do this.' I'll tell her, "Yes you can, keep going."

This adventure was a success because I now know what I did wrong and I am learning from it. Plus, I plan to meet up with her again. Oh, but not right away. I still have to see HBStrawberry :)


  1. fucking nice I need to work on my bloody escalation and grab my balls. Bi chick I had problems with recently and I should of just went for the f-close. Also I need to work on disarming girls friends who stop me bring the girls back to my place. I think it is my failure to deal with the girls friends. PROXIMO!

  2. Don't put it all on you. You gotta have a good wing who can take care of the friends. I'll help you out anytime I roll with you.