Monday, February 14, 2011

Partying in DE + Field Report + Kiss Close

So I contact a guy from the Philly Lair, who we'll call the D-man.
He invites me to a college party in DE.

I met D-man and Nxxx and we drove to the party. Both these guys are cool as shit but Nxxx has a girlfriend and knows nothing of game. D-man is a very social person and seemed to know everyone. To him every stranger is just a friend he hasn't met yet.

We rolled up to the party. Outside we ran into a couple people, including a rather 'odd' individual. I was talking to 'Odd' for a minute. He seemed cool, but I had to ditch him later because he was rather artless in the pursuit of women.

Inside the party I was very pleased to see a ton of cute girls. After mixing a bit I went downstairs where the DJ and a pool table were. Lot more people down here. Hanging out with Nxxx and 'Odd', we played pool with a cute girl. I was eyeing up a girl at a table with 3 guys. I made eye contact, said a cool 'Hey' (with an up-nod), and held the eye contact until she looked away. She got the messsage. So did I (she held one of the guys hands). She was 'with' one of them. Moving on...

There was one girl downstairs I thought was the cutest. While playing pool she siddled up to me and said, "don't miss". I missed. While she was with her friends, I walked up and told her she made me mess up and one of her 'friends' cock blocks me and says, "Why are you talking to her? She has a boyfriend." I said, "She started it." I could have tried to salvage it, but there's plenty of women tonight. Blown out of the whole set, I move on...

I number closed the cute girl we were playing pool with, and although there was kino, I got no sexual vibe so I probably won't call her. Moving on...

Upstairs I run into a pair of blondes that are clearly the hottest things at the party. I didn't even open. I'm not going to try to make an excuse, either. Sure, if Raziel were there I'd be 'In Like Flynn', but I can't always use his exhuberance as a crutch for social anxiety. In other words, I spoke too soon. My state was not pumped enough for the challenge. Moving on...

Went outside for a cigarette with 'Odd'. Three betaboys were out on the deck talking about how wonderful 'love' is. *Blurgh* 'Odd' quotes scripture and a betaboy quotes it back to him. I get the fuck out of there.

Inside, D-man was talking to several girls who were sitting in the living room. I roll up and he says, did you meet my friend? Good introduction. A lot of guys WON'T introduce you because they want to keep all the female attention to themselves. Then he introduces them in their 'ghetto' names or something similar. This took the attention immediately back to him and the girls. I was left standing there as an outsider after all. No fault of his and I'm not upset in the least. He brought me out to the party. I only point it out because he may not have experience with the BEST way to introduce a friend, especially if you're gaming:
"Oh hey, this is my buddy ______. This guy is awesome.
He's done _____ and _____ and even _____."
This is called a DHV Introduction or Accomplishment Introduction. It is not bragging if someone else says it. It does several things.
1. Your wing is brought into the group.
2. Your friends are cool which means you are cool.
3. The women become interested.
4. It gives you more conversational threads.
Here's a great example. I also give him a pass because he doesn't know me well enough to DHV me. If he did, it would be something like, "Hey, this is my buddy P. He's a rockstar (exaggeration but great for DHV). This guy's toured with Nxxxx and Gxxxx. He just played the Exxxx Fxxxx."

How I DHV intro Raz: "Hey this is my buddy Raz. You don't want to talk to him though, he's the most dangerous mother fucker here. He's been xxxxxx and xxxxxx."
You can literally see the 'gina tingles when I call him 'dangerous'. I don't usually like to use the F-Bomb but it works great here for effect.

I stood next to D-man for half a minute and then moved on...

I opened a very cute redhead by the stairs. Her ugly friend comes over and talks to me and I have no wing. Two guys start talking to the cute girl. Moving on...

At this point, I've exhausted most of the opportunities I was interested in. There were a few more, but I didn't want to wait for the Magic Time. I convinced D-man and Nxxx to go to the next party and we moved on...

We roll into the next party and I immediately feel like a different person. I was engaging everyone and being really social. I felt a little vulnerable at the first party for some reason. I think it was just because I didn't know anyone. At this party, only an hour later, I felt like I knew the people I was rolling with better and was much more comfortable. Not only that, but now Nxxx and D-man seemed more comfortable with me. This I just now realized was a Mystery Bounce in action, but working on wings instead. Something to keep in mind next time I'm rolling with people I just met.

In the party I mingled and chatted. I ran into Nxxx in the basement who was flirting with 3 girls. I joined him at first but then I saw a really cute latin girl talking to a couple guys and D-man. I rolled up and teased her about her ballet dancing. She liked it. She's from Pxxxxx. I told her my country could beat up her country. She got fake mad and walked over to her friends. D-man laughed. She turned back and half smiled/half pouted. She's used to guys chasing her. I'm not chasing her. She just blew herself out.

Then I spotted a 2set in the basement - HBBrunette and HBStrawberry. I said to D-man, "Let's go see if they're having fun." We roll up and engage them immediately. He talks to HBStrawberry and I talk to HBBrunette. The conversation flows easily and I get IOI's right away. She's nervous. Good.

Nxxx is talking to HBStrawberry. Where the fuck did D-man go?

Somehow our two convo's get mixed and HBStrawberry called me the 'Cute Pxxxx'. *Huge IOI* She thought I was someone else with a similar name. I took her hand and walked toward her, pulling her away from Nxxx and HBBrunette. Standing close, still holding her hand, I said (as if telling a secret), "I have to tell you something. My name is not 'Pxxxx', but I appreciate you calling me 'cute'."

She said, "Oh my god, I'm so sorry I thought you were Kxxxx's friend."

Still standing close and still holding her hand.
"I'm from Philly. I only know D-man and Nxxx."

I let go, backed up and looked at Nxxx and HBBrunette. They were smiling and flirting and I wondered if I made the right choice.

HBStrawberry closed the distance and said, "Where'd you get that necklace?" And then I knew I had her.

"I got it from a street vendor in *European country*." My hands found her hips and back.

"What's it mean?"

"Hope and Life" I pulled her closer, our belts touching. I touched her necklace. "This is nice."

"It's from Gxxxxx, it's meaning is a mystery."

I looked in her eyes and held it a heartbeat longer, relishing the adrenaline pumping through my chest. And then I kissed her.

She got into it. Way into it. I stopped her twice and she wanted more. I stopped her a third time, looked around, took her hand and lead her to a large, plush, sofa. She climbed on top of me and we made out more. I had my hand in her panties and she stopped me, "I want to. I really do, but I'm on my period." Fuck. I made the best of it. We had the area mostly to ourselves so I sucked on her tits and let her hands wander down my pants. Her tongue found every inch of my face and neck, but my neck started hurting so I made her stop. I calmed her down and we composed ourselves. I told her I had to leave to be at work at 5am. She MADE me take her number and insisted that I come back to see her to have sex. She walked me out and I kissed her goodbye.

I had a smoke with Nxxx outside as we waited for D-man. Remember Nxxx knows nothing of game and has a girlfriend. He just met these people tonight as well. I told him that girl was fun and he said, "Yeah, but she was making out with everyone." He seemed so cool earlier and until this point I didn't realize that Nxxx was a bitter beta. His statement was very enlightening because we both saw her earlier and she was hanging out with girlfriends, which tells me he was jealous. And even if she was making out with a dude or two before we got there and someone told him, that just increases my likelihood of getting laid. Yay me.

I did pull her away from him earlier, but I left him another girl. He has a girlfriend he's very content with and he wasn't going to do anything anyway, so there's no foul. Plus he was wasted.

Before I left I talked to D-man. He gave me a great compliment. He said he saw a Pro PUA talk in Philly recently and it wasn't anything special. He said it was great seeing it done in person and called me the real deal. I thanked him for bringing me out and told him I'd be inviting him to Philly.

Oh. My neck. I got a hickey. I can NOT have a hickey. When I got home I took a broken piece of wood and gouged my neck in a long, bloody line. No more hickey and easier to explain with the slippery conditions of this winter.

I texted HBStrawberry on the way home (not while driving):
ME: Hey cutie, it was fun meeting you. Have a safe night. See you soon. - P.

I texted her a day later:
ME: I'll be in your area this week. You should join me for some coffee and stimulating conversation. What's your afternoon schedule like?

She texted back her schedule and we are in the process of setting logistics for a day2.

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  1. YAY that is why i need to sarge more real puas like you man my winging is horrible. But thanks for coming down. I can game better not drunk too. Also yay taht crazy black dude well is crazy. He does what I call a conversation lock where youc an get stuck in it forever. Well last weekend f-closed some jewish girl at homegrown and needed to do some cleanup this week. Next time we meet got to get my winging down sorry man lol.