Saturday, February 26, 2011

Partying in DE - Part 2


Text Game for HBStrawberry:

ME: (on a monday) Hey cutie, bet my weekend could beat up your weekend.
HER: Haha, I don't know about that. Mine was pretty great. You go first.

ME: Lot of parties up here, met some crazy people, and even hung out in Nxxxx again. What did you do?

--- fuckin' LAME text. I don't know what I was thinking. It basically
--- sounds like bragging and is NOT interesting in any way.
--- as soon as I sent it I had an "oh shit" moment. I ran it through
--- my head a couple times and 10 minutes later I followed with:

ME: Oh, I forgot about the penguin.

--- I get a response IMMEDIATELY.

HER: Haha, what about the penguin? So you were in Nxxxx and didn't tell me? Ruude.

ME: Yeah, I'm despicable. Don't worry about the penguin... we're getting an annulment. How was your weekend of family?
HER: It was just Sunday dinner with the fam. I went to Hxxxx for a concert thursday to friday and then went out here saturday.

ME: Thursday doesn't count. I win. How's this weekend looking?
HER: Thursday counts for me, that's the start of my weekend! This coming weekend could work for me, are you gonna be around?

ME: I'll be around on sunday again. Free after 9.
HER: What do you do when you're here?

ME: Last week for work. The sunday thing is a different project.
HER: Ohh ok. You'll have to tell me what you do at some point. Maybe your last name.. Age.. You know, the usual things people talk about when they barely know each other. You're not free at all before sunday?

ME: No, not 'til Sunday.
HER: And what on earth would you propose we do in a town like Nxxxx at 9 on a sunday?

ME: I'll bring a movie.
HER: Haha, I don't even know you. I'll go out with you some time but don't think you can just come over.

--- Last text was on wednesday. I didn't respond. Coincidentally, a few minutes later I got a text from the girl I played pool with. I think I'm going to hang out with her instead. She's having her girlfriends over for margaritas and told me to stop by. (I'm assuming girlfriends. What guy drinks margaritas?)

Pool Girl: Hey what's up?
ME: Hey goof, how've you been?

HER: Busy wit school, lookin for fun on weekends.. you?
ME: Ok, party girl ;) I always run into fun. I think it's stalking me.

HER: Lets be party buddies! have fun, drink and kick ass in pool.. if you can handle it

--- haha, she's trying to game me. i love it.

ME: I like the way you think. I may be in Nxxxx this sunday. Not much of a party night, but anything going on?

HER: Me and my friends are just having margarita sunday in the room. Lol. Stop by and we can chill tho
ME: Sounds like it could be fun. I'll text you when I'm in town.

HER: Name something ridiculous you did this year
ME: America's Got Talent tryouts

HER: Shut up.. what was talent haha
ME: Long story. I'll tell you when I see you.

--- I don't need a text buddy.

HER: Will I enjoy this talent ;) ?

--- Haven't responded yet.

HBStrawberry was NOT a sure thing. Even though she said she wanted me to come over for sex, it did not mean she would a week later. I've read, and learned from experience, that after a heavy makeout, a woman will likely have buyer's remorse and need to be gamed all over again.

My plan for tomorrow night is to hang out with HBStrawberry and escalate as quickly as possible and take her back to her place. It's only two weeks later, so she won't be able to use the period excuse again. If she stops the escalation I'll meet up with Pool Girl.

Text to HBStrawberry:
ME: My buddy said Hxxxxx is cool. Pick you up or meet me?


  1. also I need bloody help on my text game some of the shit I text... Anyway next time we meet I will discuss this.

  2. Email me some of your texts and questions. It may be a while 'till we hang out.