Friday, March 25, 2011

'Strawberry' Second Lay Report

I am exhausted. I need to work out. Seriously. Cardio and weights. I used to work out all the time but stopped for some reason. I blame XBOX.

An hour and a half of fucking last night and I feel like shit today. My quads and hip muscles are burnt. My triceps are burnt. My shoulders are burnt.

My head feels good though. Ain't that a thing. How can you simultaneously feel good and feel like shit at the same time?

(Raz just called me a pussy 'cuz he can fuck a chick for 4 hours.)

Lay Report:
I met 'Strawberry' at her house at 6pm last night. She opened the door wearing an outfit very similar to the picture I sent her. Where was her ASD from last time? Maybe it only happens at 'first-time-sex'. Who cares. I had a nympho that needed banging. But first I had to pee.

We started at the couch. A couple positions. I picked her up and stood with her stradling me. She liked that the best. No wonder my quads are burnt. Then we went to the bed. After a while I finally came. Then we went back to the couch for a cigarette. She put on my shirt and sprawled out on the couch with me sitting next to her. A few minutes break then we fucked again. Completely rearanged the furniture and carpets this time. Pretty much every position. It was better and longer the second time. Somehow we ended up on the bed again. After the second time I knew it would take me an hour to recoup so we lay together for a while and talked while I caressed her body. She felt good. I started rubbing her again and fingered her until she came.

There's nothing more sexy than a woman writhing in ecstasy.

She always had her eyes closed. I made fun of her for it. I mimicked her voice, closed my eyes, and said, "He's Bradley Cooper. He's Bradley Cooper." I guess her having her eyes closed could be a good thing. It means she's enjoying herself. It's a huge turn on for me to lock eyes when having sex, though. And I told her a couple times to look at me when she was really getting into it.

I know I said this before, but she sucked a mean dick. I fucking love it when a chick sucks my dick during sex and I go back and forth between her pussy and her mouth. There really isn't anything better in this world. I'm fucking telling you. Thank god for the orgasm, ending the sex act, otherwise I would die of starvation while this chick fucked and sucked me.

So anyway, there's nothing to be learned from this post. I'm just bragging.

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