Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Short Text Game and FR and LR - 'Strawberry'

From Partying in DE - Text game for HBStrawberry

Text Game Lead Up:

ME: I want to see you. Can you do your work early and come out with me at 9? I'm stuck until then.
HER: Yeah I can do that, I just have to work in the morning so it can't be super late
ME: No prob. I'll have you back by morning ;)
HER: Haha waay before then

HER: Hey, I'm sorry but I had to go home to jersey for a last minute family thing. We're gonna have to hang out another time. And don't think I'm cancelling because I don't want to see you. I do.
ME: Cool, then it's mutual ;) I'm available this sunday again. You?
HER: I believe so. After 9? I can let you know later in the week but I don't think it's a problem.
ME: Yeah, after 9 again.
HER: Hey are you in philly tonight?
ME: Yeah, meeting some friends in Old City. What are you up to?
HER: Great! I'm in Philly wanna meet up?
ME: I like that plan. Where are you gonna be?
HER: I don't know the city too well so idk what you mean by old city but I'm on the UPEN campus right now about to go to happy hour somewhere.
ME: You're in University City. 30 blocks away. What brings you up here? (want to know logistics for sex the same night)
HER: Oh :( can we still meet? My roomie and I just decided to come hang out here for the night. We're driving back later.
ME: Maybe. I gotta see what my friends are doing. I haven't seen them in a month. Think you could find market and 3rd?
(can't be too easy, I got other things in my life, and gauging her interest level by finding out if she'll drive to meet me)
HER: Boy I can find anything. I got an iphone lol. Yeah I'm near market and 34th now. Is that where you're gonna be?

HER: And what time are you going?
ME: Near there. About 10.
HER: Oh well we're not staying too late, we weren't planning on really going out tonight, just happy hour and hanging out for a bit. Would you be able to meet us up here before you go out?
ME: Maybe 9ish. What bar?
HER: Well right now we're at *bar* but might go somewhere else. I mean I know you have plans so I understand, I just thought it'd be fun if we could meet up.

(hour later)
HER: We're leaving soon. What do you want to do?
ME: Can't get there 'til 9. How's sunday look for you?
(Says I'm not worried about not seeing her that night.)
HER: Haha. You and 9, why are you always busy till 9? I think I can do Sunday. What do you want to do?
(called and made plans with her to meet up in University City)
HER: Dxxxx on xx and Chestnut. Getchyo ass there.
Drove and parked, walked in and got a drink.

Field Report:
I sat down with them, leaned back, and splayed out like it was a couch. Strawberry's friend is cute and tan with black hair. I already started thinking about how I'd like to bang her, too. 'Tan' immediately started grilling me. Asking what I do, who I am. This ain't my first rodeo. I passed her tests with flying colors and she ended up giving me crazy IOI's.

I forget what I said to the shit tests. It's getting so I don't think about any of this stuff anymore. I'm winging it now, but only because (I realize this only as I type this) I've internalized the frame. And frankly, I don't care. If they don't like me, then I'll find someone that does. And that, my friends, is the best attitude to pass any shit test. It's all about abundance. It's quite obvious in my texts, as well, that I'm not putting any extra importance on the interactions.

The shit tests weren't anything spectacular, actually. Just enough to screen for a douche. And guess what... I'm not.

It took barely a whisper of a suggestion to join me in Old City and they were following me like I was Justin Bieber's Twitter account. She was worried that the garage her car was in closed at Midnight. I told her that was stupid and not to worry about it.

We went to a drug store around the corner (I needed Red Bull and cigarettes). I don't care if I smoke and she doesn't. I will smoke around her anyway. Unapologetically.

With a frown she said, "Oh, you smoke."

I said, "Yeah" in a tone that said, "So what?" and "Of course" at the same time.

We took my car to Old City. 'Tan' assumed she could smoke in my car.
Fuck No. There's nothing worse than cigarette burns in leather seats.

I played Flo Rida. They insisted on playing 'Bottom's Up' and rapping to Nicki Minaj which I interpreted as them qualifying themselves to me. Additionally, they kept asking me what kind of music my band plays. Just for fun, I dodged the question over and over.

In Old City I got a sweet parking spot that cost $51 dollars, but at least I didn't have to walk far. We got to the P&S Bar and got a table upstairs. 'Chill' came in later and joined us. Tonight is the March Philly Lair Meet 'n Greet. There were 10 more guys from the group downstairs.

I was the only one who brought sand to the beach. And yet, 'Chill' and I were the only ones talking to girls, but it was still early and there weren't many girls there yet anyway.

I was acting chill and Strawberry was eating it up. I held her hand and did quick makeouts with her while 'Chill' was gaming 'Tan'. I told 'Tan' that she had a nice ass. The girls asked if I was a boob man or an ass man. I said, "Depends on what's in my face at the time." This is just more of the 'I don't care' attitude coming through. I just said whatever I wanted. I got a look from 'Chill' that I thought meant, "I can't believe you said that." I don't know his tells yet so it could have meant, "You have a bat in the cave."

'Chill' was using the 60yrs method with 'Tan'. I knew because of the way he was touching her hands. This method is not for the weak willed, folks. It's the gaming equivalent of 'Going Hard or Going Home'. It will either get you laid or get you labeled... 'creepy'. If not 'creepy' then the woman will make something else up. In this case before the girls left for the night, I found out that 'Tan' decided that 'Chill' was wasted. He wasn't. It was a rationalization.

'Chill' and I got smokes outside and I introduced Strawberry to a couple Group Guys. Most were cool, but one guy (there's always one) thought it would be a great idea to game her. He held her hand and kissed her cheek. I wasn't worried. His technique was off and he seemed embarrassed afterward as he ducked away.

After hanging for an hour, 'Tan' convinced 'Strawberry' to leave and the girls flagged a taxi. I kissed Strawberry goodbye and broke the kiss first. She said, "One more?" I said, "Just one." And I kissed her quick then smacked her ass as she got in the taxi. I hugged 'Tan' goodbye and they were off.

I hung out with the Philly Lair guys the rest of the night and met some cool people. I may post about it later.

After Action Review:
Logistics for an SNL were off. I wanted them to be. I met up with Strawberry and Tan to seed for a Sunday night meetup and I wanted to sarge with the Group Guys that night. I invited 'Chill' because I think he's a cool dude, I wanted to throw him a bone, and I wanted someone to take care of the obstacle ('Tan'). As I said, logistics were off, she lives an hour from 'Chill', and I just found out that 'Chill' doesn't have a car. So basically I wasted his time. Sorry, dude, but thank you for winging me.

Texting Epilogue for Friday and Lead up to Sunday LR:
(Same night, Friday - after we hung out)
HER: So.. What kind of music do you play?
ME: Haha. Sunday.
HER: Fine. But the garage did close at midnight!
(next morning - Saturday)
HER: How's *your project* in this beautiful weather going?
ME: Ok. Sorta. It's complicated.
(thank you, Roissy)
HER: Oh haha I'm sorry. I thought you liked it.
(Saturday Night)
HER: 12:24am - Hi I'm wasted. I want you.
HER: 1:30am - I'm really Fu cked. Up. I cAnt wait go hook up you.
(next day, Sunday)
HER: 1:09pm - Oh good. Glad I kept it classy and attractive last night. Sorry about those texts.
ME: Ur so cute ;)
(I ignored her sexual texts. They could have been tests or sent by her friends. I'm not looking for a sexting relationship. I want real sex. The 'cute' line is to say that her wanting me is not a big deal to me, implying that I'm used to it.)
HER: Haha I don't see how that's in any way cute but I'm glad you think so. Call me later about tonight.
(called and left message about hanging out)

ME: You around tonight?
HER: Yeah Sorry I missed your call, I just got out of the shower. What's up?
ME: I'll be done around 9 again. Meet you at your place?
HER: Yeah that works. Do you have a gps or do you want me to find directions?
ME: no gps
(I know this part is boring, the only reason I put it here is to show how little I text back)
HER: *gave directions*

HER: I don't have any liquor. Do you want me to run and get some real fast?
ME: Yeah, I'll be 10 min
HER: Ah. It'll take me longer than that. Do you want me to wait and we can go together?
ME: wait
(once again, less is more. the less you text, the better)

Lay Report:
Drove to her place, picked her up outside, and drove to the liquor store. Bottle of Mango Absolute and a pack of Marlboro Lights.

I hadn't touched her, not even a hug or hand holding. I wanted to wait until it was 'on' because I knew she'd be anticipating it more.

Back at her place we smoked a bowl. She didn't have mixers for the drinks and needed to borrow club soda from her neighbor. She told her neighbor that I look like Bradley Cooper and she wanted to show off her to meet me. She was cute. I was high.

We left with the club soda and crossed the very small hall to her apartment and she made us drinks. I took a sip and as she tried to walk by I grabbed her and pulled her toward me. My 'no touch' tactic worked. She was all over me. I was all over her. My hands found their way into her pants from behind and she stopped me, "Not so fast."

I brought her to the couch and we made out. She was wearing skin tight, spandex like, black pants (I don't know what the fuck they're called) and I could feel her getting wet through them.

I went for her panties again and she stopped me, "We're not going to have sex, you know."
I said, "Look, we're both adults, we'll do whatever we're comfortable with."
She squinted and smiled, a look that said, "Mmmmm, I like that response."

She kept up a pretense of ASD: "I can't believe you're taking advantage of me like this. I'm not a slut."

We hung out a bit more and I was persistent. A few minutes later we were both naked on her couch. I said, "Where's your bed?" and we went to her room. She got a text message while we were having sex. It was her neighbor, "I knew you would." Apparently the walls are thin.

Afterward we lay on the couch. I put my boxers and jeans on, she was naked but with a button-up shirt. I kept carressing her and she was writhing. I told her to touch herself. She said, "Oh, do you like that?" and she began moaning and rubbing herself. After a minute or two of watching her, I helped her out with the 'corkscrew'. She told me she came 4 times that night. I said, "Take my pants off." She did and gave me an amazing blowjob. I told her she's really good at it. "Yeah, I pride myself on them," she said.

We chilled out and I fell asleep. I woke up an hour later a bit more sober and I left her place at 1:20am
HER: (2:06am, Sunday, same night) Idk if I can wait another week for that.
(next day, Monday)
HER: Text me when you can so I know you're alive and made it back ok
ME: You look damn sexy in just a button up shirt.
HER: Stop it. I'm already horny just thinking about you.
HER: AND I'm in class.

After Action Review:
I have to say, this took a lot of gaming to come to fruition. The girl is 11 years younger than me. She's a bit heavier than my ideal, but god damn is she sexy. I had the feeling the entire time that I was one misstep away from leaving her place unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong. At no point did I feel like I would fuck up. It felt like I could see all the previous iterations of myself failing at different points and the new 'Me' was above it all, able to foresee all her games and countering them in ways that could only lead to her wanting me.

My game has been taken to a new level.

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