Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pool Girl Fiasco

Second meetup with Pool Girl. Conclusion from Partying in DE 3

Text Game Lead Up:
ME: I had fun. Next time we should finish our drinks ;) I'll talk to you soon, cutie.
(4 days later)
HER: i had fun, when's next time
ME: Wow. You just got the record for delayed responding.
(1 minute later)
HER: you never told me your talent, remember that? lol
(4 hours later)
ME: That's better ;)
HER: Look who's tryna win the delayed response award now
ME: I am soooo gonna spank you for that when I see you.
(keep text convo sexual so she knows I don't just want to be friends)
HER: You're a mess lol

HER: Yes i'm tryna win at delayed responses
ME: Hey cutie, you have a good weekend?
HER: it was alright, you?
ME: Earth shattering weekend.
HER: Do you always text extra late? Like I know you're gettin old but geez, memory loss at an early age

(she called at 12am, left no message)
ME: Woke me up 'n no message? :(
HER: Aww I'm sorry! I'm too cool to leave messages.. y r u asleep
ME: Call me
HER: I'm at work, call ya tonight?

HER: I'm at work then meeting til late like 10:30 ish
ME: I'll be asleep.
(she called and left message right after my text. She was very nervous)
HER: I hate leaving messages btw...
ME: Your message was so cute ;)
HER: U shoulda came over 2niiiiite! I duno when my roomie comin back =/
ME: U shoulda inviiiiited me
HER: Lol touche. Are you at work?
ME: Sorta. Construction on my bros place on weekends.
HER: Ok what time-ish r u callin me tomorrow
(2 days later)
ME: Hey cutie, how's your sunday goin?
HER: Studyin, got a crazy 2 weeks ahead of me =/ is this your one day off lol
ME: Hey cutie, you gonnna be around on sunday? I owe you a spanking ;)
HER: always time =) what time tho, i got a dinner 2 go 2
ME: after 9
HER: Can't wait!
ME: You gonna have ice this time?
HER: Yes! Lol
ME: Is your roomate gonna get jealous if we're having too much fun? ;)
HER: Door locks, well jus keep it down haha
ME: Hey cutie, how sexy will you be dressed on Sunday?
HER: Itll all b a surprise =)
(I kept the sexual vibe going to let her know that I intended on having sex with her when I saw her. Her response was not so good because she didn't know how to respond.)

ME: Mmmmm

ME: 9:15 good?
HER: Yeah that's cool

Fiasco Report:
Met her at her dorm. She made margaritas again. Much better this time. We talk for a bit and then start making out. Her shirt and bra were off in record time. Everything is going smoothly. Then she gets up and gets chocolate syrup. WTF? We haven't even had normal sex and she's going for syrup. Call me a neat freak, but I wasn't too keen on getting that shit on my clothes. So she pours some on her tits and I licked it off while rubbing her through her pants.

Then she stops me and says, "I have a confession..." Oh. Fuck. Is it STD, is she a post-op? What could it be?

"I'm a virgin." Oh thank god. That just means sex is going to be difficult, not dangerous.

She told me she wanted me to know because some guys don't want to have sex with virgins. I said, "I only have a problem with it if you have a problem with it."

But after that it was done. I'm thinking that she probably wanted to talk it out a bit. I didn't want to. She said her stomach was bothering her and then she said it was her time of the month. Whatever. Now I'm thinking it was all lies. Who knows. Either way, this was her second and last chance.

After Action Review:
Did I make any mistakes? Not sure. If anyone sees any, please let me know. I'm thinking the 'Virgin' thing was a test I failed. Don't know. Maybe she really was a virgin and it was a hangup she couldn't get past. I'm not waiting for her.

I'm learning to laugh at a lot of the stuff women do. It doesn't make me mad or pissed or upset in any way. It is what it is, but it does annoy me sometimes.

What really annoyed me with Pool Girl is that we were making out for a while and she NEVER went for my dick. If she had given me a hand job or blow job, I might have seen her again. I might have even put up with her not having sex.

Let this be a lesson to any women reading this. If you want to keep a man, especially one who has options, touch his dick.

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