Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'Strawberry' Text Game for Meetup Tonight

Some of this is boring, but notice how much I text vs her.
Also my frame.

HER: So when do I get to see you again?
ME: Sunday

HER: If you grew your hair out and slicked it back you'd look more like Bradley Cooper.
ME: What if Hilary Duff and Bradley Cooper are secret lovers...
(she looks like Hilary Duff)

HER: Maybe they are. Sundays really aren't that good for me though. I cancelled babysitting this past Monday but I can't be doing that every Monday. Isn't there any other day?
ME: Any other day is tough. If we can control ourselves, just kick me out at a decent time and get some sleep.

HER: I can't do this Sunday anyway, sorry.
HER: Hmmm. I'm curious. And be honest with me. Are you just looking to hook up or what?
ME: Too soon to know

HER: Haha alright sketchball. Well like I said Sundays aren't the best so if we could maybe work in a Friday or Saturday here and there that'd be great. I have to go home this weekend. So no Sunday.
ME: Tomorrow night

HER: I'm going home tomorrow. And won't be back till Sunday night. It'll have to be next week. Next Thursday's good unless you wanna do earlier.

HER: I want you sooner though. I can definitely do the just sex thing. And I can do it well. I just wanted to know ;)
ME: Tonight

HER: Can't. I'm sorry. Gotta give me a little more notice than that. Ok maybe Sunday.

HER: I thought you said any other night was kinda tough you little liar. Tryna call all the shots?
(next day)
ME: Don't worry 'bout this Sunday. I got some late work days next week. What time is your first class on Tues?

--- already made plans to hang with Pool Girl on Sunday night.
--- See Pool Girl Fiasco

HER: 12:30 so Monday would work.
ME: And tuesday?

HER: Oh I thought you wanted to come Monday night. Tues I have class 12:30-5:30 and then babysit Wed morning. When would you come?
ME: Tuesday morning. Before your class. Do you have to babysit?

HER: No. What time?
ME: I can get there by 9:30

HER: Hm. I guess that works yeah.
ME: You go out for St. Pats?

HER: I couldn't. A friend from home passed away so 'Tan' and I drove home yesterday.
HER: What'd you do?
ME: I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you're doing ok. I'll call you later.
(This was genuine. I called later, no answer. Left message.)

HER: Thanks. Sorry I missed your call. Things were kind of crazy this weekend. I don't think I'm gonna be able to do Tuesday. Maybe Wed or Thurs night?
ME: If Tues morning doesn't work, have to wait 'til Sunday. Is Tues definitely out?

HER: Yeah I'm pretty sure. I'm leaving for spring break Friday so sunday's no good.
ME: I'll see what I can do for wed/thurs. I'll let you know tomorrow.

HER: K. Not a big deal if not.
(Yeah it is a big deal, cuz I don't want to wait two weeks to fuck her)

(At Pool Girl's house right after she said she was a 'virgin'.)
ME: I'm still at band practice. Can you hang tonight or should I go back up?

HER: I can't
ME: No big. Have a good night. Txt u tomorrow.

ME: Wed or thurs night?
HER: Yeah. Either one works.

HER: I'm taking a picture of your naked body when you come over. So I can look at it whenever I want. Just thought you should know.
HER: I'm also going to lick your body when you come over. Mmm.
ME: Wednesday. What's the earliest we can meet; when do you get home from class? ...and how sexy will you be dressed?

HER: I'm done with class at 5:30. Come at like 6:30. How do you want me dressed?
(have to admit, I wasn't expecting that. I consulted Raz and he said to send her a pic of what I want)

ME: Like this
(sent her the picture at the top of this post)
HER: Haha. Ohh now I see your type. I'll see what I can do. I happen to have a corset.

HER: So you're gonna have to go a little easier on me than you'd probably like today. I pulled a muscle in my neck and it kills. I'm not sure I should even be having sex haha.
(called her. left message. said if she's not feeling well can do thurs)

HER: I'm in class.
ME: Figured.
ME: If you're not feeling good, I can do tomorrow instead.

HER: You're sweet. I'll let you know a little later. I'm gonna try to get a chiropractor appt. I want you to come today though.

HER: I made an appt. For 4:30 so I'll text you a little later.

HER: Ugh this sucks. Maybe you should just come tomorrow so I'm all better for you ;)
ME: If you can talk now, call me

She called. We talked a bit and cancelled for that night. She said having sex wasn't a good idea because she's not feeling good. I said, "Who said I wanted to have sex. I was planning on cuddling with you all night." She didn't get the joke at first (she did later) and she said, "I didn't think that's what this was." I said, "I don't know what this is. I'm just winging it." She basically just wants sex. That's fine, but I have to admit that it is a blow to my ego. Being very sexual puts you in a different place in women's lives, I guess. I'm not part of her agenda, so she's not emotionally attached. I'll still plan on reaping the benefits, though.

(wednesday night)
HER: Yeah it's good you didn't come today. It feels worse now that it's been adjusted. I'm gonna cuddle the shit out of you tomorrow.

HER: Ok I'm not going this long without having sex with you again. I want you nooow.

HER: You're the worst texter. I can't even get a fun response out of you.
(thursday morning)
ME: Haha thanks. I wasn't even awake. I'm gonna spank you so hard for that.
(I'm not that good at sexual texting yet. Right now I don't know what I can get away with and what will blow me out. That's why I didn't respond to her. Best response when you're not sure is *no response*.)

HER: I apologize :) I was high.
(4pm thursday)
ME: Still good for 6?
HER: Yup
I'm meeting her in 1 hour.

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