Monday, April 4, 2011

Break Time is Over

So it seems like I've been off the grid for a while. I have.
Fuckers turned off my internet at work. So what if I was abusing it.
Someone has to...

Anyway, a ton of shit's happened and I have to get my thoughts down a lot sooner 'cuz I've already forgotten a lot of stuff that I wanted to put up here. And these posts are going to take some time.

1.Psychological and physiological differences between betas and alphas.
2.Party at 'Andy's' place the same night as the February MG&S.
3.Review of 60 Years of Challenge materials. Spoiler alert: it's excellent.
4.Tried out 60 Years of Challenge style at an open mic with my brother.
5.Gaming with Raz and my brother using 60yrs style.
6.March MG&S and sidewalk pickup, then accidentally deleted her number.
7.Flo Rida show and 'Strawberry' night 3.
8.'Strawberry' night 4 (final meetup).
9.Gaming with 'Tall' wing and text game.
10.LONG Texts and Sexting with 'Strawberry'

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