Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Open Mic Night Escalation Attempt

A week after being introduced to 60 Years of Challenge I had Johnny 5'd all his books and was eager to take on the 18-30 year old attractive and thin female demographic. Everything he said resonated with me and made sense.

I accompanied my little brother to an open mic night he was doing with friends and I brought my guitar with plans to do a couple songs, too. It was a week night so it was pretty dead except for the musicians and my brother's friends. There were a couple girls with his group and only one was single or not spoken for and she had nice tits. I would have had fun just hanging with my brother and his guy friends playing music, but here was an opportunity.

I tell my brother a bit about game when I can. He's very interested, but I only tell him a little at a time. He knew I was going to be hitting on his friends that night, and with my new 'Risk it to get the Biscuit' game I was looking forward to pushing the creepy envelope to see what I could get away with. This was my second attempt at it after Andy's party, so I was also prepared to get blown out.

I met his friends and found my target. "So what's your story?" Love that line. Get's 'em flustered. (Shit. I just realized a moment I should have used it last night.) I moved closer, and went for the hands. She liked talking to me. Her guy friends are all chumps and she hadn't met anyone interesting in a long while. She was also nervous. Good. I went for her hands again. She pulled away. I pulled myself back a little. My brother and I went outside for a cigarette. I explained to him what I was doing so he would know what really went on if she later told him that I was creepy. He was cool with it and even enthusiastic because I was being so bold. (I realize now, however, that I only told him because I felt uncomfortable and needed to protect my ego by making sure my bro didn't think bad about me if I was rejected by the girl.)

Outside, a really cute girl that worked there was smoking near me and my brother so I walked up and said, "you got a light?" She said yeah, but kinda standoffish. So I said, "I actually have a light, but you seemed cool so I wanted to meet you." Boom! She opened up and we had a great conversation. Plus, I got another chance to show my brother how cool I am easy it is to talk to women. I didn't push for any kino. I probably should have, but she lived with her parents and this bar was about an hour from me,

We went back in and I pushed for an "it's on moment' with his friend. It never came. I held her hand and she looked up at her girlfriend with a 'deer in headlights' stare and said, "we have to go to the bathroom". It's funny how women are incapable of saying 'No". Like serously, dude. All she had to do was say, "I appreciate the flattery of you trying to force sexual tension with me, but I'm not really feeling it, so thanks anyway, but if you'd like me to waste your time some more I'd love to continue to chat about my goals and aspirations."

This was a blow out, but non-verbal so it's easy to brush it off. Even still, I think most guys would be devastated. I, on the other hand, had a ton of fun that night. I was challenging myself and learning some new fundamentals.

Weeks later, my brother said the girl has still never mentioned anything about me being creepy. That could be either good or bad if I meet up with her again. Persistence is attractive. I'll be pushing again. She had nice tits.

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