Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sunday Funday with 'Tall' Wing

I wing with 'Tall' on Sundays now in a crappy college town. Most of the girls are overweight and if they're cute, they don't hold a candle to Philly. There's only one good bar on Sundays but it gets a size-able crowd. The downside to this place is that a lot of the people here know each other, as opposed to Philly, where most people are strangers.

Before we ended up at that bar we walked the short strip and opened a few sets. On the street I saw two cute girls at a table in the bar. I gave the door guy my ID and then walked straight up to them. "I wanted to meet you." We had a 5-10 minute conversation about a bunch of random crap. Mostly psychology because they were psychology students and I'm really into psychology. Their buying temp was really low and it was the first set of the night. I had no kino either, so I rolled off.

Walking a bit further down the street, I see 'Tall' sitting down at a sidewalk table with two younger girls. I strutted right up and introduced myself. The one said her name and I said, "Is that Cxxxx with a K?" She laughed and said you can't spell that with a 'K'. They were both dressed down. Sweatpants. Baggy sweatpants. Ugh. Clearly they weren't partying tonight. I sat down with the one girl, grabbed her hand, and didn't let go of her hand. She held on, too. I bummed a cigarette off her. She had no light but I had matches. She didn't know how to light matches so I sat next to her, and similar to how you would show a girl how to shoot pool, I showed her the coolest way to light matches. She dug it and we sat holding hands while I looked her up and down. She was nervous and excited. It was fun, but I didn't physically like her that much. I think it was the sweatpants. 'Tall' was ready to go 'cuz the other girl wasn't into him. He stood up and said, "So are you going to give him your number or what?"

"He didn't ask."

I said, "Give me your number."

I got her number and as we walked to the next bar, I texted her, "Good meeting you. Are you hanging out later? We might be going to *bar* - Pulsotic"

HER: Yeah you too :) Maybe hah Sxxx and I just chill at *restaurant* until it gets old.

We walked by later and found out they were 19 and 20, so bars were out of the question. I don't know if I'm going to bother with her again. We'll see.

We got to the main bar on the strip. It was 10:30 so there were a lot of people here. We went upstairs and 'Tall' found a tall girl he knew that was really into him and ended up making out with her. I hung out with her friend, 'Flower Shirt', who was cuter than her friend, but overall just a time waster. We had a shit ton of kino, but she seemed like a robot, so every chance I got I ditched her to talk to other girls.

I was talking to one set for a bit and found out the girl I was sharing a chair with was married. I stayed a little longer just shooting the shit, trying to gauge the other girls' interest. There was none, so I told them I had to go. The married girl says, "Awesome," with an attitude. I laughed and said, "Thanks, you just made my night."

I found 'Flower Shirt' again and, while talking, noticed some cute girls about 3 feet away. Bored of the current convo, I opened them right in front of 'Flower Shirt'. The blonde on the left was flattered, but too old and the black haired girl on the right was pouty. It wasn't personal. I noticed her bad mood earlier. I made them laugh for a few minutes and then rolled off.

I met up with 'Flower Shirt' again, got her number and gave her a hug goodbye. I wasn't really into her. She was trying to control everything. She even tried to dictate the terms of our friendship by saying that she didn't like texting and didn't want a 'Text Boyfriend'. Fuck that noise.

I went inside with 'Tall' again. He opened a short cute girl sitting at the downstairs bar. I was a little bored, saw no other opportunities down here, and it was late so I kinda just wanted to go home. Then I noticed a cute girl with a horseshoe tattoo paying her tab. I wanted to catch her before she left. I walked over and told her I wanted to meet her. She was very sweet and we had a great conversation. 'Tall' fucked it up for me, though. He had this great drunken idea that he was going to introduce the short girl and 'Horseshoe', the one I was talking to, and bring them both back to his place. What he ended up doing was interrupting our convo, blocking me, and ignoring his girl. I chatted with the short girl he ignored while he blew me out with 'Horseshoe'. The short girl was friendly and we had a light convo. Some dude that she knew and obviously didn't like came up on her other side and rambled on about someone they knew. I just chilled and waited, because she was about to blow him off and turn back to me. 'Tall' comes up to him and says, "Hey, Jason, you're Jason, right?" (attempting to AMOG him) The guy turned to him disgustedly and said, "No." Then 'Tall' rolled off. So fucking awkward. As I predicted the friendly short girl I was talking to blew him off and turned back to me. After another minute she finally said, "Well, your friend already got my number soo..." I just said, "Have a nice night."

'Tall' was drunk and really irritating me at that point, so I went home.

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