Monday, May 16, 2011

Don't Be Too Harsh Judging Looks

When not in state it's easy to see a girl and make up a reason not to talk to her. One of the biggest reasons guys come up with is 'she's not cute enough'. I know, I've done it before, too.

Last Saturday Set A:
I was with 'Tall' in Old City and three girls (6's) go into Mxx Txxxx. We were outside on the sidewalk and 'Tall' says, "Here come some grenades". I told him to go in and open the set. Anything would work. Just say 'Hi'. He stalled and said they're not cute enough. I said, "Fuck you, you're talking to a dude right now. Go talk to some girls. 3... 2... 1... Go."

He complied, but did a mild 'walk of shame' like a child and scuffed his feet. I rolled in 30 seconds later and introduced myself. Yes, they were heavier than I prefer. Yes, I would have rather been talking to 8's. But guess fucking what? They were cool as shit and I was having a really good time.

They weren't ugly. That was just something that 'Tall' said to procrastinate. I know for a fact that he's banged 4's so for him to say something like that is a bit hypocritical anyway. Here's the best part... The girl that he was talking to, who was digging him, lives right around the corner from him and now he has plans to meet up with her for a date.

Of course I number closed the girl I was talking to. And thankfully she was the cutest. Although I'm not really attracted to her, I could really see myself hanging out with her again.

Last Saturday Set B:
We were in Lxxxxx. 'Tall' was saying he wanted to go to another bar 'cuz this one was beat. I said, "Fuck that. There's tons of girls here and most of the guys are douches and aren't talking to the girls. You need to open. Now."

While I was saying that I noticed two girls at the bar. One had just checked me out. I thought to myself, "She's not that cute. I don't feel like talking to her." Then I heard 60's voice in my head (figuratively, I don't know what he sounds like) and he was screaming, "Micro-avoidance!"

While 'Tall' was getting blown out by a moving target, I said, "fuck it" and walked over to the 2-set. I spun the short one around and said, "I wanted to meet you."

I was completely concentrated on her and gave her some intense eye contact and held her hand. She was sooo nervous. I ignored her friend who just stood there watching us while we talked.

* It's important to note that you don't have to address the entire group. It's not a rule. If you like a certain girl, then just talk to her, but make it private. Her friends will watch intensely for the slightest cue to save her, but that's fine. They should, they're her friends.

Another two of her friends show up and no one's interrupting. 'It's On' and they know it. The friends walked away and let us be. I used 60 method straight up and worked a charm. Logistics were botched, otherwise I would have taken her home, and this was the girl I didn't feel like talking to. See, here's the deal. From where I was standing with 'Tall' I had a fucked perspective. Once I was in her proximity, the same chemicals that made her attracted... made ME attracted. I got a close-up look at her and she was fucking cute. Really fucking cute. I totally dug her wavy hair, she smelled nice, and her smile was goddamn sexy. We made out within 3 minutes, I got her number, and we're meeting on sunday.

A strange phenomenon I've noticed sometimes occurs in very packed houses. When that sexual tension is sparking people give you space. It happened again with Set B. It was shoulder to shoulder in the entire venue, but 6 inches all around us was a space that people were avoiding.

Point of the Story:
Talk to all girls. Don't discriminate unless they're repugnant. You may be cheating yourself out of a lot of fun.
Don't let noobs fuck up your state.

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