Monday, May 30, 2011

Short List of Recent Notable Moments

Well a bunch of shit's been going on...

I took a day off of work and hung out in Rittenhouse with the girl from Set B from last post. It was a really fun date. We hung out for about 4 hours and then I walked her back to her apartment. We hung out in her room for a couple minutes and then she got weird and I left. I don't think I'll be hearing from her again, which sucks because I liked her. She's permanently moving about 2000 miles away in a month anyway and she was a bad kisser, so what-ev.

I walked back to my car and chatted with a cute girl giving out flyers. I got her number, mainly for practice. I probably won't call her.

Then I stopped at a coffee shop for some water (it was 90 degrees out). On my way in I saw a cute redhead on the phone, but by herself, at one of the cafe tables on the sidewalk. Inside, while in line for my drink, there was a cute girl that was acting flustered by my presence and she was trying not to be obvious while checking me out. I don't know why I didn't talk to her. On the way out I noticed the redhead was off the phone so I walked up and said, 'Do you know where Starbuck's is?' As she was telling me, I said, 'Actually, I don't care, I just wanted to meet you.'

She was really flattered and told me that never happens to her and that I made her day. We had a great convo, but she's engaged to a cop. A girlfriend of hers walked up and the redhead acted like she got caught cheating. It was funny to see her stammering and coming up with excuses.

Oh, I met up with 'Flower Shirt' (from Sunday Funday) again and went back to her place. She wanted me to sleep over, but I couldn't. She needed a lot more comfort before sex. I texted her a couple times after but it's done now. If I stayed that night things woulda been much different. If I remember right, the girl just turned 21. She felt it, too. She wasn't short, but her body was nice and tight with a small frame, and firm as hell from running 6 miles a day.

Out with 'Tall' again. I was smoking outside on the deck at the bar. I watched two guys open a 2set. They got blown out. Then the one guy walks over to another couple girls and opens. The body language was way off. I said to his friend, who I'll call 'Hugh', "I think your buddy needs help." The guy, 'Harry', comes walking back and I called him over and gave him props for opening the girls. I told him that no one does that shit enough and most guys just sit and talk to each other. Turns out he knows about game and the Philly Lair. I got their numbers and hung out with them again, but that story is a bit longer.

I met up with the girl from Set A ('Shy Smile') just a couple nights ago. As I said before, I wasn't really attracted to her, but she's great company. She, her friend, and I got drinks early and then 'Harry' joined us. (completely different night from last paragraph) We chatted a bit and then went to our main Sunday bar. I ditched 'Shy Smile' and talked to a couple girls. Somehow I ended up talking to a guy that looked just like Sean William Scott. I met a couple more dudes and told one guy to follow me to talk to some girls, but the girls were wet blankets. I'm in set with the random dude and the dud girls and notice 'Harry' to my left talking to two cute girls. I didn't say 'bye' to the people I was talking to, I just left and walked up behind the girls 'Harry' was talking to and said, 'excuse me', in the way that it means 'you're in my way'. The girl 'Harry' was closest to moves next to her girlfriend and I said, 'No, wrong way' and physically moved her away from her friend so I could go between them and shake 'Harry's' hand and say Hi to him. It went pretty smooth at first. I did the best friends test, secret handshake, and then had a separate sidebar convo with the girl closest to me, while 'Harry' did the same with his girl. The girl 'Harry' was talking to suddenly said, 'This is my favorite song' and dragged her friend away.

I opened another girl who was with her coworkers and had a boyfriend. Then I opened another girl who was actually much older than I first thought, so I guess she would be considered a woman. This night I was told I looked 22, 28, 33, and 25. People are stupid. Only one of them was right and I made fun of her the most.

Back to 'Shy Smile'. She and her friend left and came back, but there was a line so they couldn't get in until last call. 'Shy Smile' found me and kept leaning in to kiss me. I was pushing her away. It wasn't game. I was seriously not wanting anyone to see me kissing her. Now, privately it's a different story.

I told her to bring me back to her friends place and she kept making excuses. I was ambivalent about it. I wanted to have sex, but I wasn't jumping up and down for this girl. She said her friend wouldn't want me to come over. I said, 'Ask her'. She kept going back and forth on it and we left it at, 'have a good night'. After the bar emptied into the street, 'Harry', 'Hugh' (who met us later), and I sat and talked a minute. Then 'Shy Smile' texts me, 'I really want u to come over'.

The text was out of character.
I sent back, 'where are you?'
I did not acknowledge her text. My suspicion was that it was her girlfriend texting me from 'Shy Smile's' phone and trying to set it up for her because she knew that 'Shy Smile' wouldn't do it herself. If I said anything too forward I felt it would scare her away.

She sent back, 'U should follow us to her place'.
I texted, 'ok, where are you?'
I got nothing back for 10 minutes and already resolved to go home alone, but 'Harry' and I were walking to our cars and we ran into the two girls. In person, 'Shy Smile' admitted that her girlfriend was the one texting and that she's not sure if she wants me to come over. I said, 'ok, have a good night' and walked the rest of the way to my car.

I got to my car and then she called me. She wanted me to come over. I met them at their car and followed to her girlfriends place. Inside, her girlfriend disappeared into the only bedroom and left us to ourselves. I put 'Under Siege' on and we made out. Every time I advanced she'd say, 'Not yet'. I'd wait a minute and then advance again. She was pretty good at sucking dick, but I wanted to bang her. That's when it got ridiculous. She had to psych herself up for penetration and then just as I was about to put it in her, she'd say, 'No, I can't'. Then a minute later she'd say, 'Ok, ok, let's have sex' then right before penetration, 'No, I can't'. Did I mention she's uber-catholic? This happened 5 times in a row until I threw in the towel and let her take it in the mouth. I stayed just long enough to see the knife fight with Steven Seagal and Tommy Lee Jones. Oh yeah, and she's a terrible kisser. The worst. The more girls I kiss, the more I realize that a really good kisser is a rare thing. For shame.

Talk to everyone. I met some pretty cool guys that I'm rolling with now, just because I talk to everyone.
Day Game is where it's at if you want solid leads. It's much easier to come off as genuine and people don't have shields up. I wish I were able to do it more and not have to take a day off work.
Check out the Simple Pickup videos on YouTube for a laugh and some schooling.

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