Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Raz' Parking Lot Game + Texts

Razael, New Wing, Me, and 'Brad' (a hopeless, lesser beta) are leaving the bar at the end of the night, walking back to our cars. We stop at the cars and are talking about the sets earlier. Brad, who got drunk, tries to sleep in a backseat.

While we're talking, a 2set walks by, laughing. Raz says, "Hey, this is a 'No Laughing Zone', ladies. You gotta keep it down." They laugh, I shout something to one of them as she's getting in her car 2 spots from us. The other walks another 5 spots to her car.

Everyone's getting in their cars and leaving, as Raz is going to his car, the girl further away is pulling out and stops next to him to ask him to take the club flyer off her windshield.

-- This was obviously calculated on her part. She wanted to talk to him
-- because it was the end of the night and she was going home alone,
-- possibly with no numbers and feeling bad because she didn't get as
-- much attention as usual. I assume this because she's leaving the bar
-- with a girlfriend and she stayed late.

RAZ: "What do I get out of this?"
HER: "A smile and thanks?"
RAZ: "Not good enough." He hands her his phone. "Here, pop your number in." She does and hands it back.
HER: "You're not gonna call me."
He calls her on the spot and leaves a message right in front of her.

His frame was spot on that night. I wouldn't have done anything really different. Maybe just personal style changes. But his text game is lacking, so the following Text Game is really me. There's only so much, "What should I text her, what should I text back?" that I can take before I just do it for him. I explain everything in the texts so he knows the reasons why. That way, he can write the texts for himself as he learns. Note: I told him what to write and he typed it.

RAZ: Hey, It was fun meeting you the other night, I would like to find out if you're more than just a pretty face. If you promise to behave, you should come out with me some time.
(he's a challenge. she might not be good enough)

(couple days later)
HER: Hey, I know you messaged me a while a go... Hope your holiday was good. Are you doing anything tonight? That night was definitely a little blurry to me. LOL
(she waited on purpose. she's trying to game, but not very well. 'blurry' line is typical for anti-slut defence. ignore it.)

RAZ: Look at you messaging people all late and all. While I was sleeping no less. I knew you were trouble.
(not acting like he's happy to hear from her. teasing.)

HER: What do you mean trouble? It was a busy week and hey, I messaged you back at least. Does the time really matter?
(her frame is typical. "I'm a woman. You should be happy to get anything.")

RAZ: Oh, it matters. Guess you think eddict need not apply to you, princess.
(calling her out on her entitlement. push her buttons a bit. no one talks to her like this.)

HER: What do you mean? Ettiquette? (she spelled it wrong, too) I'm confused. I just was saying hi last night, seeing if you're going out. As for the princess part, well, I like to be treated like one! LOL
(She's on the defensive. The 'LOL' is just like a real laugh: to diffuse tension. She's intrigued now, because he didn't break frame. No response to this text or tension would be broken. Text back later with tension still in play.)

(couple days later)
RAZ: Hey, I got stuff goin' on on Fri and Sat, can you get out on Thursday?
(Always be busy twice as much as you're free. Suggest a day so she meets on your terms.)

HER: Can I ask you two questions? How old are you? What's your last name? I might have asked the night we met, but definitely forget. Thursday could possibly work.
(As a rule, do not answer direct questions on the first time. Or ever if you can get away with it. Sometimes they're persistent. If answered age question, could be a reason for her to reject. Don't give any reason for an objection. If answer the last name question, you will be looked up on facebook or googled. 'Possibly' line translation: "I'm looking for a reason to say, NO.")

RAZ: Uh oh, you sound like another stalker. Do you know where Txxxxx is? We should get together for a drink, usually a safe bet, at about 9:30. And if we get along, maybe a second drink. And if you turn out to be a scary stalker, I can say, "Oh, hey, um, I just remembered I have to floss my cat." And we can call it a night.
(Make fun of her for asking the questions to avoid answering and mitigating further questioning. Stalker line presupposes there have been others and preselection by implication. 'Safe Bet' line to diffuse a woman's natural fear of meeting strangers. 'Get along' line suggests he's the selector and won't take just anything, i.e. he's giving her a shot. 'Cat flossing' is for humor and to say it's no big deal, no expectations.)

HER: LMAO! Sounds good. So if I have to all of a sudden wash my hair or take my dog to the vet, we can end it early :) As long as we are on the same page LOL LOL. But no last name?
(Home run with last text. She's sold so far. Her 'wash hair' and 'vet' comments are to reestablish herself as selector. Ignore them.)

RAZ: Ok, cool. See you then.
(Ignore her LOLs. Ignore her jokes. 'Bring the movies' style.)

Credit David DeAngelo for most of my text game. Check out this site for a David D classic.
Credit Roissy for some of my text game.

RAZ seems to lack confidence with Day2's, so I gave him a quick primer on what to do. His strength is Cocky/Funny, almost a pro at it. Weak at DHV's, qualifying, and plowing. No speed seduction patterns. Basically, he doesn't read up on it as much as he should if he wants real success. He seems to be just winging it like MacGruber. I just have to give him basics and he'll be fine.

1. C&F until get 3 real IOI's.
2. Switch to Qualify and stop C&F.
3. When she says something he genuinely approves of, reciprocate IOI's.
4. Kino escalation throughout.
5. Bounce after an hour at the lounge bar.
6. Always arm in arm while walking.
7. Txxxxx is a lounge bar so he can sit at the bar with her and then take her hand and lead her to the couches and vice versa.

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