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Orlando Day 2 F-close Lay Report LR

Continued from Orlando Trip: Success.

End of Set 3.
As I'm chatting with HBTally, Jxx and Txx turn around and see me talking to this chick. Ok, I have to admit, I was showing off a little. Jxx, who doesn't actively sarge, was kinda shocked that I was already talking to a hot chick so soon after entering the venue. We're talking 15 seconds soon. He had a look of surprise, that said, "Whoa, how'd you do that? What about me?" And Txx, the girl we were with, had a slightly dejected surprised look that said, "Aww man, he's talking to another girl already? We just got here."

So they come over and tell me they're gonna get a drink. HBTally already has one so I don't have to worry about appearing cheap to her by not buying her a drink. I tell my friends, "I'll buy your drinks. Can you get me a beer?" And then I hand Txx a bunch of cash. It was my turn to buy the round anyway, but HBTally didn't know that. She just thought I threw money around and didn't care.

They come back with the drinks and HBTally asks me to come look for her friend, who's been gone a while. We walk together around the club, talking. We get to the other side where another bar is and some douche stands in her way and says, "Hey baby." She pushes him aside and we walk to a lounge area.

*** BTW, I do NOT walk behind like a puppy dog when I'm with a woman. I know you've seen it before where the girl drags her man around the place by the hand and he follows. I do NOT allow a woman to treat me like that. If a woman tries to lead, I will do one of a couple things. I'll either deliberately go in another direction and make her work for my attention. Or I'll drop her hand and walk slowly so she has to wait for me, while I look around the room (anywhere but in her direction). And then follow up with a reframe to establish dominance. This is where Mystery's line works really well. "Look around at all the women looking at us. They are so jealous of you." Combined with dominant body language and physically moving her, the dynamic is back in my favor.

In the lounge area, we're sitting next to each other and reciprocating IOI's and kino. The night was almost up when we got to the last bar and we had about 3 minutes from sitting at the lounge until we had to leave.

We walked out and my friends were outside where we met up with her friend and her friend's guy. I had her friend's guy take a picture of me and HBTally. I sent it to her phone and we made plans to hook up the following night at Blue Martini. The walk back to the car was like a half mile and the only way to go, so we all walked as a group. This place was kinda cool too. It had Jetsons walkways the length of a football field. We hugged and said goodbye. #close.

Blue Martini
Jxx and I roll in. The guy in front of us gets turned away 'cuz he doesn't have a button up shirt. Who rolls into a night club wearing a T-shirt? Oh yeah, Tourists [roll eyes] This place is poppin'. Beautiful people everywhere. I knew if HBTally didn't pan out I'd be in another quality set no problem. This place IS tough, however. Especially if you're new to it. Cockblocks are everywhere and AMOG's are a REAL threat, so you have to know how to handle it.

I get a text that HBTally and her friend are in the back bar. (There's four bars.) We wade through the crowd and I spot them. Great place at the bar, but some guys are chatting them up. We roll up and I hug them both, hand on her back as I chat and pull her away from the competition. They gladly oblige. Then I moved HBTally away from the bar and took her spot so I could lean back and see the rest of the room. We have light fluff talk and I start a thread on how bad most of the guys' game is here. This lead to her telling me a story:

A half hour before we arrived, she's on the dance floor with her girlfriend and some Beta sheepishly approaches her and asks to buy her a drink. She says, "I'm already drinking one." He says, "Oh, ok" and goes back to his friends 20ft away with his head down and they loudly make fun of him.

I make fun of her for this of course. Right after she tells me this story, some dude bumps into me from behind. Kind of a nudge. I glance at him over my shoulder and size him up immediately. Taller than me, 6'2", wearing a bright blue T-SHIRT! Why wasn't he turned away? While he was getting a drink at the bar, he was leering at the four of us, either getting ready to open while we were there, or waiting for Jxx and I to leave. We're not going anywhere, so I move over, giving up my place at the bar in favor of physically blocking him from our set. A minute later he gives up and walks away.

ME: "Did you see that loser?"
HBTally: "Yeah, he was trying to talk to us earlier."

It's getting crowded in this area so we decide to move to the outside bar. I take her hand and lead her. Jxx isn't into her friend but, awesome guy he is, he hangs with her for me. So we get spots at the outside bar and Jxx opens a 2set next to us. He's locked in, but the food they ordered arrives and he bounces. (later I texted him that they were alone and DTF, but he was already in another set that was paying off)

HBTally says something about eating dinner twice. I said, "Great, I'm hanging out with a Hobbit." Her friend snorts and laughs uncontrollably. Too much laughter for the joke, so it almost felt like she was making fun of me, but I think she's just not used to people like me. Thinking back now, I don't remember ever saying anything directly to HBTally's friend. That probably made her WANT to talk to me, especially while seeing how much fun HBTally was having. So final analysis of her friend: she was acting like a school girl.

Jxx finally rolls off after HBTally's friend goes to the bathroom. In isolation with HBTally I ramp up the kino and get her to buy me a drink by saying, "I'll get the next one." (now she's got actual money invested in me, not just time)

I mention something about the dance floor being packed and she says, "Oh, you want to dance? OK." Yeah, sometimes women aren't that subtle. I lead her to the dance floor and, packed as it was, commenced my Bump'n Grind game. Kino transitioned to a makeout nearly instantly. Anyone who's done this knows how easy it is so I won't pat my own back too hard.

While we were 'dancing', some lumpenprole with Betarage started a fight at the edge of the dancefloor. 5 bouncers started pushing people back. With the dancefloor mission accomplished I felt I could pull back a little, so we went back to the outside bar and got seat. More fluff/comfort. She knew I was from out of town, as was she, so from here on out, it's 'Don't Fuck Up' game.

We needed drinks. I went to the bar for another round. As I got up I told her, "Are you going to behave yourself? You know, I can't leave you alone for two seconds before some loser tries to pick you up." I'm gone for about TWO SECONDS, seriously... TWO SECONDS! and I look over and some loser is chatting her up. He's completely oblivious to her body language, which is telling him to 'Fuck off'. I'm not threatened at all, just watching the interaction, waiting for the drinks. Drinks come and I walk over to the table, sit down next to HBTally and whisper in her ear, "Look at you, you're like a loser magnet." She laughs.. LOUD. The guy starts looking confused, like he doesn't know what to do, but is still sitting at the table next to HBTally. He asks her, "Is this your boyfriend?" She doesn't respond. He asks me, "What's up, man?" and hold out his hand to shake. I ignore him and keep chatting with HBTally. He looks around for a second and then gets up and leaves.

A LOT of guys think that when someone talks to you, you must acknowledge them. Wrong. If I had responded to the D-bag it would have made me look BAD. Remember, I'm on 'Don't Fuck Up' game. It would have signaled weakness and she would have started reevaluating my value and her willingness to put out. Instead, I showed her that I'm not threatened by other guys and I don't even consider them worthy of my attention. On top of that, he insulted me by moving in on my 'territory', so if I talked to him, it would have 'rewarded' rude behavior.

This is the first time I ran into something like this, but I didn't wing it. I read somewhere about Alpha and Beta lion. The Alpha is often threatened by a Beta coming into it's territory. The Beta will roar and threaten the Alpha. If the Alpha responds, there is usually a fight. If the Alpha ignores, the Beta usually goes away. I just put that to practice, and sure enough, he went away.

Fast forward a bit. HBTally's friend found some other guy again and was going back to his place. HB Tally invited me to her hotel, but I told her I needed to catch a plane in the morning so she should come back to my place. Jxx was drunk, so I drove his truck back to our hotel with HBTally in the back. On the way Jxx was telling me how he was making out with the DJ's girlfriend, which is why he didn't come back for the DTF 2set.

Next Post: Hotel, Airport, and Text Game.

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