Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Orlando Trip: Success

I was in Orlando for work last weekend.
Friday and Saturday night I went out with co-workers...
Friday it was me, Jxxx (a guy who ended up being a great wing) and Txxxx (a female, unskilled pivot, but great social proof).
Saturday it was Jxxx and I.

Friday we went to 'City Walk' at Universal Studios theme park. It was a bunch of bars all next to each other with a club atmosphere and a bunch of tourists mixed with locals. Jxxx knew what we were going there for, but he wasn't opening. He was trying to game Txxxx (our pivot). I had previously f-closed her a couple years ago and knew that her new relationship status inhibited further sex, so I focused on other women.

Quick Digression: A few weeks ago, on Halloween night, the cutest, most scantilly clad lady was dressed as Snow White. She was a point or two higher than any other girl there that night. A guy I knew, who wasn't great at game, came over and talked to us. After a half-minute he says, "Where'd snow white go? I want to get her number." Then POOF! he's gone. I spotted him later, locked in with Snow White leaning in to him. He got her number. I've been thinking about his state of mind and I knew that whatever it was, I was going to own that state of mind.

Fast forward to Orlando/Universal at Citywalk. I fluff talk with my co-workers for about 15 minutes until I'm antsy as fuck. I spotted a 2-set earlier that I wanted to open and got off my seat and went over and talked to them. The point is, I really wanted to talk to them, I knew from their body language that my target would be receptive and I did it. No hesitation. Just action. I opened 2 more sets that night the same way. I need to access this state every night I go out.

Set 1. Inside 'Red Coconut'
I spot them as soon as I walk in the bar. A 2set. HB Blonde and HB Brunette. HBBlonde is further away and not really having fun. HB Brunette is actively looking around and smiling. It's early and I'm hanging with my friends. I notice more dudes are coming in, so I know I gotta act. I roll up in between them sitting at the bar and say, "You guys seem cool, are you friendly?" Their reply, "Yes." I'm in. The set hooks immediately.

My friends are looking for me and spot me across the bar. Jxxxx and Txxxx come in and I immediately introduce everyone. Jxxxx and Txxxx play interference with the Blonde and let me do my thing with the Brunette. I then lock in against the bar on the other side of HB Brunette so she's facing away from her friend and I can see every angle. Constantly teasing her and building attraction. Clearly I was what she was looking around the room for. "So what do you do for fun." Then into my 'snorkeling in cenotes' routine.

Her friend goes outside for a smoke and leaves us there in isolation. As I'm typing this I realize I blew a shot at a kiss close or some heavy kino. We'd been talking a while and I could have taken her to the dance floor. Her friend came back and was trying to go but my target was putting up a fight. I had my friends take a picture of us with my phone and I said, "give me your number and I'll send it to you."
She said, "oh, is that your move?" with a mischievious smile.

We made plans to meetup the next day. She was supposed to pick me up at the hotel and we'd go downtown. I texted her the next day, "Hey, It was great meeting you last night. Hope you got home safe. Still up for downtown tonight?" No response.

Set 2.
Earlier in the night I opened a 2set, a 5 and a 6, for warmup. "You got a light?" Transitioned into something. Was in set for 5 minutes and left to meet my friends.
After leaving Red Coconut, I was walking by myself to the next bar and ran into the same girls again. Bummed a light and immediately in conversation. They ask where my friends are, I said they should be right behind me. This time, however, it was the 5, 6, and a warpig. My target was clearly the 6 and I transitioned into a light sexual thread, but the warpig blew me out. My friends were supposed to be right behind me and I was waiting for them to take care of the cockblocks, but they thought I was still in the bar and were waiting for me there. Had I known they weren't coming, I wouldn't have gone sexual at all. As soon as I did, (the 6 clearly dug it) the warpig says, "I don't think you have any friends, I think they're made up." And she drags her friends away.
It's interesting, because all I said was, "You women are all the same, you only think about sex." Which was teasing about something the 6 said.
Note to self: "Don't sexualize a conversation without a wing to jump on the grenade."

Set 3. Inside 'Groove'
Found my friends, walked down to the next bar, Groove. As soon as we go inside my friends are a few paces ahead of me. I glance around and open the first person near me. HB Tally (Tallahasee, FL). Chick is decked out for clubbing. I say, you guessed it, "You seem cool, are you friendly?"
She got so excited and said, "I've been waiting for someone to ask me if I'm friendly! My girlfriend just went to make out with some guy and left me all by myself." *** JACKPOT! ***

Next Post: End of Set 3 and Day 2 Lay.


  1. Nice post.

    I like that you blog about the approaches that failed as well as the ones that well. Keep up the good work.

    I'll be moving to philly in july sometime. Prolly get a place in old city area. Lets meet up sometime!

  2. Thanks, man.
    Let me know when you get here.