Friday, November 26, 2010

New Wing Broke Rules.

So we went out. Razael, me, and New Wing. New wing tells us 10minutes in that he invited a friend to come hang out with us. He said his friend would be a good guy to roll with because he's a 'natural'. Bull-Fucking-Shit. The guy blew. First off, when he rolled in he starts AMOGing New Wing in front of us. Totally negging him. He had horrible body language and came off as an asshole. I've hung out with him before, but never in this capacity. He had no idea what game was and his negative attitude was impenatrable.

Razael and I left New Wing and his friend and gamed a couple sets. Got opened and stayed in set a while. We met up with New Wing later and he was just miserable. Turns out that after he opened a set, his friend came in and negged him in front of the set. Blew him out. All four of us went outside, Raz and I got smokes, and we talked. New Wing opened on the way out and got a kiss close. His friend immediately starts talking shit on him to us.
Earlier, Razael told him, "We don't talk bad about our friends when we're out."
New Wing told him, "We don't talk bad about our friends around women."
New Wing's friend and I were talking and I told him, "We don't talk shit on our friends when we're out."

5 fucking minutes later... I see New Wing crossing the street by himself. I catch up to him and ask him what's going on. He says his friend blew him out by making fun of him in front of a set again.
He said, "I only brought him out because I thought he was my friend and he seemed to do really well with girls."
I told him that we have friends for different things. New Wing is my friend when we sarge. I wasn't even friends with him before that. On top of that, when you introduce the Game to anyone, it has to be in small increments. Give them just a little bit so they want to know more. If you tell anyone all about the Game and what we do, at best, they're not going to understand, and at worst, they'll mock you. He found out the hard way by breaking the rules.

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