Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gaming In line for a Concert.

Went to a concert with Raz. We met another two friends (a couple) who got us the tickets. It was an accident that we got tickets (long story), but I told Raz we should see what kind of 'talent' there could be.

Walking to the show, we're passing the front of the line. I see a 2set, two 8's, walking in front of us. I say to Raz, "You got your game on?"

We get in line right behind them. I immediately start talking to them. No fancy openers, situational opener does well here.
ME: "How long do you think we have to wait here?"
HER: blah blah

ME: "You look warm, I'm in three layers of thermals and I'm still freezing."
HER: "I always dress like this."
ME: "You look like a street person. Are we interrupting your nap?"

ME: "Your converse are cool, but ya can't wear them when it rains."
HER: blah blah

She threw out some unsophisticated shit tests and a little sarcasm. I told her that sarcasm is unattractive. A bit later she says, "I don't know why you're talking to me if you think me smoking is unattractive?"
ME: "No, it's the sarcasm that makes you unattractive."
I ask her friend how she rolls with her. (credit Mystery)
I mention that she's only 3 apples high. (smurf reference 'cuz she's shorter)

First IOI, from HB 3apples:
HER: "What do you do?"
ME: "Real job or fake job?"
HER: "Real job."
ME: "Bangladeshi Otter Trainer."
HER: gibberish, acting like she can't hear.
ME: "I said, Underwater Sneaker Repair."
HER: "Oh, that sounds interesting. Did you go to school for that?"
ME: "Online for three weekends and a 5 minute quiz."

ME: "What do you do?"
HER: blah blah
ME: "Oh, that's awesome." Give her back IOI's. (qualify)

I ask her friend, HB Naive, what she does and she tells me exactly what she does, which evidently is really boring. I just look at her for a second, then go, "Ok, anyway" and turn back to the interesting girl. Get laughs. Turn back to boring girl and said, "Next time say you're a Bible Hermeneuticist." They ask what that is. More banter.

-- Most of the convo was with HB 3apples because her friend was an introvert.
-- Very odd, because she was pretty. After hanging with her later, I find out
-- she's really immature and naive. And she also had no real sense of humor
-- that I could find. We were saying some funny ass shit and got little
-- response from her.

Right behind us in line was a 50year old couple that I KNOW were confused as fuck. I'm sure they were thinking, "Why are they being so mean to those girls, and why are the girls still talking to them? What's happening?"

The line starts moving and we go in. We ditch them without saying anything. Yes, on purpose. Push/Pull. Leave them wanting more.

We go upstairs to the bar area. There's a balcony with seating over the standing room only lower level. Raz and I are being loud, but not obnoxious. Sitting down are a lot of older people, so it's quiet. All eyes are on us, just the way I like it. Apparently even people on the lower level can hear us laughing and having fun, because I caught HB 3apples out of the corner of my eye. She was downstairs and when she heard us she turned to us and waved. I waved back.

Tons of MILFs and cougars here. It's so obvious who's available. Just make eye contact and the married women turn away fast. We met up with our friends who were hanging out all the way to the front and right of the balcony. To get there you have to make a bunch of people move out of the way. We're being loud again and I glance toward the seated crowd. Several women are checking us out. We have a lady next to us take our picture (all four of us) and a drink got spilled on the lady's boyfriend's ugly shoes. Raz negs him, "Watch it. Don't spill beer on my man's mockasins." Picture taking lady laughs at him.

We ditch our friends to sarge. On the way up the stairs a group of ladies are eyeballin' us. We get some drinks at the cash bar, flirt with the cute bartender and roll to the other bar.

I saw an out of place guy wearing a NOFX t-shirt. One of my favorite bands. I talk to him about music and chat up his lady. She's into the convo, but I sense something. She goes to the bathroom and I ask the dude how they know each other.
"We're roommates..." (Good to go?) "and fiances." (Nope)
They're actually really cool, so we hang with them for a drink. Raz and I grab the dude and go outside for a cigarette.

Outside it's a small area to smoke, so it's easy to talk to the six people there. One is a cute HB7. Raz and I are loud and talking with everyone. I'm chatting with an older guy and his girl and inserting DHVs that the HB7 couldn't NOT hear. Raz chats with the group and I sidle up next to the HB7 and start a sidebar convo, pulling her away from the group. It works beautifully and she's giving me IOIs. Cigarette's are done and she lights another, obviously wanting to talk. The rest of the group leaves and Raz is talking with us. I thought for sure he was gonna roll so I could isolate, but he hangs a little too long and she went back in.

I told Raz what happened and he said I should have said something to him, but I feel like it shouldn't have to be said. Either way, we need to work on our code. I could have easily opened her again, but when we went back in, I decided to find HB 3apples, which ended up being a smart move.

I walk to the front of the standing room only area and spot HB Naive, but not HB 3apples. I turn around to walk away and see her sitting on a step smiling at me. I sit next to her and chat. Then I say, "come with me to smoke." We went outside. In the smoking area is a girl I talked to upstairs and I banter with her for a second, primarily to boost my social proof. I isolate HB 3apples further away and lock in against a wall, talking to her over my shoulder. We chat about art and writing. I didn't need my routines here, she was pretty much eating out of my hand. Very easy to tell at this point because I told her I'd love to see her art and her eyes lit up.

Her eyes are hanging on me a little longer at this point, kind of eager for a kiss. I denied her the kiss and said, "Let's go check out the band." We get inside and she's following me like a puppy. We get to the edge of the standing room only area and I turn back to her, grab her hand, and lead her through the crowd, closer to the stage. While I'm leading her, I loosen my grip, she tightens hers, and I know she's mine.

The band was chick music. Perfect for holding a woman, rocking (pseudo-dancing), and making out. Which we did. I pulled my phone out a couple times and texted Raz. He needed a wing upstairs. I seriously thought for a minute that I should leave this chick and go help him out, (I do love the chase) but of course that didn't happen. I felt later that it was a bit too easy, that I didn't get shit tested enough, and for that reason, the payoff wasn't as sweet.

This led me to another thought. Concerts are full of women that don't necessarily go to bars a lot. Since they don't get the flattery of Alpha male attention, they're much less sophisticated in their banter and shit tests. It's not just like a buffet, it's like picking your own lobster out of the tank. So if any Game practitioners are reading this, GO SEE CHICK MUSIC BANDS!

After the show Raz and I invite HB 3apples and HB Naive to get drinks. HB Naive is a huge downer and wants to go home to sleep. HB 3apples wants to party, but has to drive her friend home. It's midnight now. We part ways with the girls and go to Old City to Sarge more. Number close two more girls in Old City, then call it a night at 1:30 am. We were tired.

HB 3apples lives an hour away. That's a downside to concert game. People come from all over. What follows is my text game:

ME: It was really cool meeting you tonight. Get home safe. We'll hang out soon.
HER: Thanks, I feel the same. You have an awesome smile. I hope to see you soon. Have fun with your friend. Be safe.

HER: Did you have fun last night?

ME: Fun? Yeah. Met some friends. Woulda been better if you came out. Yxxxx is too far. You need to move south.
HER: OK. I'll get right on that. Were you partying last night too?
(I didn't respond for a day. Next text she seems disappointed.)
HER: It's cool if we don't hang out again. I know we live too far apart, but thanks You made that night great. You're a sweetheart.

ME: Is Philly too far for you? (short text on purpose. don't acknowledge her frame)
HER: I don't think so. Do you?

ME: I'm in Philly all the time.
HER: Then let me know when you're up so we can catch up.

ME: You got it. I don't know about 'catching up'. I'm probably just gonna make out with you the whole time. (sexual relationship frame)
HER: That's fine too.

5 days later:
ME: Have you ever met Sylvester Stalone?
HER: No. Why? Do you know him?

ME: No. I totally had a dream that you were makin out with Rocky. Weird. Maybe it was the UFC thing.
HER: That's a little weird. I thought you were going to tell me you work with him. Besides, he's not my type.
HER: So you're dreaming about me. That's a good sign. Did it turn you on to see me with Rocky?