Thursday, December 23, 2010

Text Game for Orlando: HBTally

My Text
HBTally Text

Hey, It was great meeting you last night. I'm in meetings until 5 and looking for something to do later. What are you up to?
- Pulsotic

Shopping until I can't stand it anymore. Such torture. Blue Martini tonight.

Hope you're behaving yourself, shoppin nut. I'm goin swimming at the hotel around 6. Heated pool and hot tub. You should come join me.
6? Ha! I'll be shopping 'til 8. Still have to go to other mall. Pool & hot tub sound good though. You should meet me @ Blue Mart tonight.

My buddy from last night said Blue Martini is a cool place so I think we'll meet you there. Text me when you're leavin.
Ok. Have fun in the hot tub. No drunken naked pictures. Well... if they're artistic... ;)

Not drunk enough for sexting. 2 more beers. How'd you know I'm an artist?
I knew you were an artist because I'm a psychic. Didn't I mention that? Anyway, I'm ready & waiting for my friend. I'll text when we actually leave.

We're finally on the way. (9:20pm)

Just got back from dinner. We'll be leaving in 10.

We're here.
At back bar.

(continues into previous post at Blue Martini)

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