Thursday, December 9, 2010

Razael Day 2 from Parking Lot #close

9:30pm date. He arrives at a bar across the street around 9:15 for a drink and to watch the game.
At 9:30 he gets a text, "Are you there?"
RAZ: "Not yet. 5 min."He waits 5 minutes then walks across the street. He sees her in her car and acts like he didn't notice and struts by her car like he owns the street. Soon as he sits down, he texts her, "I'm here."
HER: "On my way in."

She comes in the door and they immediately recognize each other. He thinks to himself, "Oh, she's not bad." She's dolled up and wearing heels. They exchange a friendly hug then sit down and start talking. Right away he negs her about all her questioning over text: "I forgot a pen so I can't fill out your background check paperwork." She laughed and hit him.
HER: "That night was hazy, I was just trying to find out about you."

It's now that he finds out she saw him walking by her car and smoking, because she asks how long he's been smoking. This is very early in the date for this, probably because she didn't think she could be attracted to a smoker because it's not on her 101 bullet point list of requirements. (credit Roissy reference)
RAZ: "Long enough that you're not gonna get me to quit."
HER: "Oh." (slightly embarrassed)
That stopped her inquiry about smoking.
HER: "Well, do you carry mints? Cuz if we kiss you''ll smell like smoke."
RAZ: "You mean WHEN we kiss."

So he's leaning back the whole time, sitting sideways (body pointed away from her) and turning his head to her. Cocky funny mixed with normal conversation and interuptions with gambits, e.g. "What's your 2nd favorite dinosaur?"
HER: "What's your job?"
RAZ: "Fake or real?"
HER: "Real."
RAZ: "Bible hermeneuticist."
HER: "What's that?"
RAZ: "You can spell etiquette but don't know what a hermeneuticist is?"

Light kino here and there, touched her hand for sec while talking, never leaned in. She was nervous and playing with menu, flipping it around.
RAZ: "Nervous?" (with a raised eyebrow)
She looks at him and throws it back over her shoulder playfully. Raz told me he got the feeling that she thought he was a point above her, because had cocky air, like he's awesome/ the best. She play hit him a lot. I told him to qualify after 3 IOI's but that was unnecessary because her IOI's were constant. Several times she alluded to seeing him again.

He got a second round at the bar. When he came back he sat right next to her. Most of the time he would ask her qualifiying questions and let her blab about herself.
RAZ: "Wow, you really like to talk about yourself, huh?"
(even though he asked)

She said she wanted to meet him because she was intrigued by his last text, the one with the 'another stalker' line. She said she thought to herself, "Who the fuck does he think he is?" She also mentioned that she never meets quality guys, and usually looks for older men because the guys her age are like overgrown kids. ie. not manly adults.

Another girl spilled a drink on her which killed the conversation for a bit, but the other chick bought her a drink. Raz commended her on how well she took it, a genuine IOI.

After an hour and a half of talking and three drinks, they call it a night. When they get outside, Raz looks at her, raises his eyebrow (he's very good at this, like the Rock) and pops a mint into his mouth. He walks her to her car with his arm around her and they make out before she goes home.

Textbook game. Did not go for full close due to logistics issue on Raz' part. This was his first day 2 since actively gaming and he found out that it was a lot easier than he thought it'd be. Much easier than the initial pickup because he felt he could lighten up, there were less shittests, and he had to put on less of a show (no dancing monkey). She was very receptive to everything he said, considering the alpha frame was already established. He felt like he had no doubts.

Originally he had the date setup, but he was feeling sick. He told me he didn't want to go and I think he may have been looking for an excuse to cancel. He said he thought it'd be too taxing and he was unsure about his abilities. As soon as the conversation started, however, he felt fine. Wasn't overthinking, just maintained frame and carried convo. He realized he had more to talk about than he thought, and he was better at it than he thought he'd be.

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