Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orlando Lay Report Conclusion

Continued from:
Orlando Day 2 F-Close Lay Report LR
and Orlando Trip: Success
and Text Game for Orlando HBTally

Arrive at the hotel.
We go straight to the room. She jumps on the bed, I take her clothes off and we make sweet love. Nothing out of the ordinary, except she was ridiculously loud. I seriously thought we were waking everyone up. It was like 2am at this point, and during the day I could easily and clearly hear people talking in the adjacent rooms. Afterward, we took a shower together.

Again, nothing really significant, except the night before I imagined how I would like this night to go. Simple really. I wanted to meet up with her, take her back to the hotel, bang, and then take a shower together. And that was exactly what happened. When I pictured it the day before, it was vivid. So either I'm psychic, or my goal was so concrete in my mind that I was able to make a reality.

After showering, we lay naked in bed. I left the tv on and I drifted in and out of sleep. I have no idea how I did this, considering how tired I was, but I was able to get up at 5am, 2 hours later on the dot, get dressed and out the door to catch the shuttle to the airport.

She put her same clothes back on, all decked out for clubbing. When we walked through the lobby, a bunch of my colleages were hanging out waiting for the shuttle and watching us. I'm sure some of them thought I picked up a hooker.

We walked outside, kissed goodbye, and I got on the shuttle bus.
She got a cab. Cost $40 for her to get back to her hotel.

The shuttle ride was so long that I was sweating bullets, wondering if I was going to make it to my flight. The security line was mad long. I got stopped when I went through security and had to wait for someone to check my DVD player. I didn't even put my belt on or lace my shoes, just ran for the gate as they were closing the door.

Next day texting:
HBTally: Oh shit. I'm back at my hotel. My friend isn't here! Not answering her phone either. Well the driver this a.m. was hilarious. He assured me I did NOT look conspicuous. Hope you get some rest. Had fun last night.

ME: Yeah, but what do cabbies know? ;) Glad you had fun. I had a great time, too. Barely made it to the plane, like a second to spare. Took my seat and passed out.

HBTally: Omg I didn't know you were so late. Sorry! I slept a little. Luckily I can still shop. Damn...sure wish we had a little more time this a.m... ;)

<<< no response after this. broke contact. >>>

I got a text from Jxx the following week: "Next year I'll roll with your plan. We can get some numbers Fri and then take our pick Sat night."

Smart man.

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