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Disney's Beauty And The Beast - An Interpretation

Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
A cute love story for children or a fable illustrating the mechanics of evolutionary psychology and game? Why the fuck am I thinking about this, anyway? Well, my buddy Razael saw the movie recently and told me his interpretation. Which is: Gaston as Alpha, getting shit on by Disney's writers and the Beta Beast's behavior is pedestalized. Raz and I see eye to eye on a lot of things but, after thinking about it a little too much, I see this one differently.

This post will rely heavily on The Rawness and Roissy's blog in general.

Quick synopsis:
Belle lives in town and is inundated with propositions from guys, most notably, Gaston. Belle brushes off Gaston in favor of the Beast. They all live happily ever after. Except Gaston. Who's dead.

How did the Beast come to be?
He was a dick. A grade 'A' asshole. A good assumption is that, as a human prince (or king or rich dude), he was too Alpha and, as society has checks and balances on rogue Alphas, someone put a curse on him, turning him into the Beast.

Why do I think Gaston is the Beta?
Gaston has one-itis for Belle. Gaston becomes a great hunter, skilled at everything, and good looking. He thinks that's enough to pull quality women. Using his accomplishments as evidence, Gaston tries to logically persuade Belle that she should like him because they're a perfect match. Obviously, for anyone privy to such information, attraction is NOT a choice. The fact that he doesn't know this, coupled with his persistence and bragging (which is a demonstration of low self esteem), is like wearing an air raid siren around his neck that screams, "I'M A LOSER! I'M A LOSER!" He professed his attraction for her before she was attracted, which pushed her away.

This reminds me of a guy I know who lifts. He's like a brick shit house and owns a brand new Camaro. He had a cute girlfriend for a couple weeks, but she ditched him because he told her he loved her. AFTER ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS. Smooth.

It matters shit to women what you can do, what you own, or what you look like if you have abysmal game, like Gaston. He puts all his eggs into the basket of style while his substance is malnourished. His form is a bat, his function is a noodle. Like MC Escher, he looks great on paper, but doesn't stand up to the laws of nature.
(yeah, I know someone's gonna think, "but I know a guy like him that pulls". well, you're missing something. look closer.)

In the end, his frustration with her refusal to acknowledge his awesomeness culminates into the ultimate fit of Beta Rage, when Gaston leads a mob to kill The Beast.

What does the Beast have?
Belle is not interested in Gaston who, although attractive, is still a lowly hunter. She knows her sexual market value is high, therefore, entitlement complex active, she keeps her options open. And who does she find? The Beast. Now here's a quality guy. Ugly. Unkempt. Asshole. Not even human. But she 'falls' for him anyway. And why? Hypergamy. A woman's intrinsic drive to marry/date someone of higher status/value. His looks were shit, but he had MONEY. Lots of it. He had status as king, with servants, and a GIGANTIC FUCKING CASTLE. That's what we call a DHV. And it's not like he was at a bar and said, "I have a big castle, can I buy you a drink?". No. She 'stumbled' upon it, the way a woman is supposed to 'stumble' upon a DHV. Once a woman finds out about your DHV, then she'll ask you all about it and you can give her a 'tour' of your 'castle'. Belle's panties were practically saturated when the Beast took her to his library.

The plot is a standard love triangle, which often ends in someone's death. If you look at love triangles a little closer, I think you'll find most involve a woman, an alpha male, and a beta male.

This movie is an example, albeit fictional, of a woman going for the Alpha and shunning the beta. She wants the Alpha's children, who evolutionarily will have an advantage, but wants to make sure he's not gonna just skip out on her for higher value pussy. That would be unsuitable for the long term, so she sets out to Beta-ize him, make him dependent on her. He's more than happy to quell his Alpha characteristics (at least on the surface) to nail a girl in the prime of her sexual value. I mean how old is she anyway? 13.. 16..? I'll just say younger than 20.

Notice the order of love/attraction difference between Gaston and the Beast:
When Gaston is first, Belle is NEVER, and Belle is disgusted.
When Belle is first, Beast is SECOND, and Belle's love deepens.
NEVER say it first... if ever.

Final Analysis:
Gaston: persistent orbiter
Beast: asshole/aloof game


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