Monday, January 17, 2011

Off Night, but Fun. Andy and HB 3apples Conclusion. Field Report.

Met up with Andy (not his real name) through the Philly Lair. My usual wing, Raz, couldn't make it tonight, so it was just me and Andy.

We hung out at Nxxx Mxxx bar and talked about game for a while. I missed the MG&S the night before so he told me what went down. At his request I looked at his text game and gave him some pointers. While we were talking I opened a 5 as she was trying to get a beer next to me. It didn't go well, but her friend was all smiles. Andy reflected on the propensity for ugly girls to shit test. I agreed. More work than it's worth, but I think this one was my fault. I don't think I projected the right vibe. On top of that, I failed a shit test. She said leather is too cold for the winter and people only wear leather to look cool. I forget what I said, but it wasn't good. I wasn't in state and forgot the basics like: 'agree and amplify', e.g. "Oh, so you think I look cool? Thanks, but this compliment thing won't get you anywhere. I need to be wined and dined."

Andy and I stayed there and talked a bit too long and I was completely out of state. I tried to open another set outside which flopped. To a 2set who were smoking cigarettes outside, "I know you get this from a lot of guys, but I have to ask you a question......... do you have a light?" The shorter girl laughed, but the taller girl was giving a ton of shit. Turns out she was 'committed' to some guy. Everything I was saying should have been funny, but my delivery was off. After the set was blown, Andy asked them what they look for when they go out at night. I would not have done that.

We walked on to Pxxx and Sxxx, passing a couple guys fighting on the sidewalk on the way. We got a beer and didn't open anyone. This time of night, 11pm, it's ALWAYS a dick farm. Andy went to talk to a friend and I went outside for a cigarette and to check out the talent. I spotted a girl (a cute brunette) by herself at a table. "Care if I sit with you? They said I have to be sitting if I'm drinking a beer ('they' didn't and I don't know if that's true)". Vibe went really well. I was riffing with her for a solid 3 minutes and we were both laughing. I was 'in'. Some dudes tried to cock block while I was talking to her. The transparent idiots asked her for a light (she wasn't smoking and I was). She said, "No." But they were lingering, so I said, "I got one." Lit the guy's smoke and said, "Take it easy, guys." (translation: "fuck off") Half a minute later Andy came out and we had to meet HB 3apples and her friends at another bar. I went for a number close with the brunette and got rejected. She's a 'lesbian'. I said, "Wow, that's the first time I've been rejected by a lesbian." She acted hurt, and said, "I'm not rejecting you. I really AM a lesbian. I told you my Girlfriend is inside."
I actually believe her.

(HB 3apples is from Gaming in Line at a Concert Post)

We walk across the street to Axxxx bar. Met up with HB 3apples and the rest of the bridal shower party (her brother is getting married, party was for her sister in law). She was like 3 1/2 apples with her heels. The 8 girls at this party were ok. There were three that I thought were very good looking. Two blondes and a black haired girl with a lazy eye (her only flaw - I was actually imagining role play with her as a pirate). Regardless, I couldn't game any of them because I was 'with' HB 3apples. I was glad Andy was here because I had another dude to talk to. Soon as we got there we all went out to Lxxxxx near Rittenhouse.

Waited in line. Told some jokes... A guy is at a bar drinking shot after shot. Bartender says, "Hey, you celebrating something?" Guy says, "Yeah, my first blowjob ever!" Bartender says, "In that case, this one's on me." Guy says, "I appreciate the offer, but if six shots don't get the taste outta my mouth, nothing will."

Got to the door guy and I paid for myself. Caught some girls eye and she smiled at me. She walks away and turns back and looks at me again and smiles. Then HB 3apples hits me and says, "You didn't pay for me?!" Ugh. Drama? Really? She was trying to give me shit but I said, "I didn't realize this was a 'date'." And, "I can't believe you're going to ruin our friendship over this."

She came back with, "What, you don't think I can pick up any guy in this bar?" Holy shit, this girl just dropped like 4 fuckin' points. First of all, I wasn't really into her, but I did really want to bang her. How could she think that I would put up with that kind of behavior?

So I ditched her for a bit and hung out with Andy. I came back later and she was much more sane.

One of the more attractive girls there was surrounded by guys and Andy rolls up to her and says, "You're not as hot as you think you are." and walks away. He comes over to me while I'm with 3apples and tells me what he did. As he's telling me this, over his shoulder I see the chick storming over to us yelling something. My drama-sense was tingling so I ditched the whole situation. Yeah, I admit it, I ran. But who needs that shit. 3apples was giving HB Nothot the validation she needed and completely blew out Andy. Could I have saved that one? No. Do I feel bad that I left Andy in the claws of the harpies? No. He was shooting out of his league right now (9/10 guys would consider her a high 9) and... you reap what you sow.

I think he did some things very right, however. First of all, he's willing to move out of his comfort zone and try new stuff. That's the only way to learn. He tried a gambit that was too far above his ability, but that's normal in the beginning. And from what he said, he's very new to cold approaching so of course he's going to be pushing the limits.

After this I opened a 4set to kinda show Andy the ropes. It hooked easily and we were in for a good 5-10 minutes. Andy was talking to a black haired girl and I was chatting up the other 3. I asked Andy, "If you wanted to get one of their numbers, who would it be?" He said 'the blonde'. So I said, "Go talk to her". He made a B-line for the other side of the set while I played interference with the black haired chick that was hanging on him. It went well and he got the number.

AMOG outside.
At 2am we left and got a smoke outside the bar. Lotta people around. While 3apples and I smoked and talked to Andy, two guys rolled up (gray overcoat and khaki overcoat) and started talking to 3apples, never acknowledging Andy or me. I waited a bit, giving them time to correct their faux pas. They still ignored us. The khaki overcoat bums a smoke from 3apples and doesn't have a light. I said, "I got it", and stood in front of him, invading his space and blocking him from 3apples. I light his cigarette with a match. He says thanks and introduces himself by shaking hands. I shake his hand firmly but don't let go. He doesn't let go. It was a standoff. He says, "That's a nice coat." I said, in an aristocratic tone, "Best half a grand you can spend is on leather." A second later he let go first. Then I backed out of his space, chatted a minute (he asked for my business card) and then met up with 3apples, who previously rolled off.

It's after 2 now. The bridal party still wants to party so they go to the after hours club next door. I hang outside with 3apples and Andy for about 20 minutes. Some drunken Sean Penn lookalike tried to get into the club by showing his credit card, then stumbled into the street. Andy makes a joke about giving me and 3apples some space so we can bang on the sidewalk and 3apples said to me, "I'm not that kinda girl. You have to take me to a nice restaurant and buy me stuff before I do that... or maybe not."

Andy heads home and I make out with 3apples for a bit. She said, "I was so mad at you earlier, but I don't know why I'm not now." Then we went into the club. The club, or should I say 'Chode Hut', was ridiculous. The dancefloor was small with the bridal party in the middle and guys against the wall. Every once in a while the guys would move in on the girls and try 'bump and grind' game. Pitiful. The girls blew them all off and we rolled after a minute.

HB 3apples has logistics issues that I don't feel like overcoming and her entitlement complex is really annoying. We had nowhere to go to be alone, so she went home with her cousins and I went home alone. Sunday she texted twice and called four times. I deleted her number.

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