Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Betas Don't Listen

Old axiom: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

My Beta friends ask me for advice. I give it to them (ONLY when they ask). And they still keep doing the stupid shit they do.

*** So, why do they bother asking?! I actually know the psychology behind it.
*** This post is just me venting.

Case in point:
I was at a party with some friends and the drummer for my band tells me he went out a week ago and, following my example (thank the gods), he did the opposite of what he normally does. He was aloof and arrogant and got a girls number for the first time in years! (not an exaggeration)

He says he got the number over A WEEK AGO and asks me if he should call her. I said, "No... Text." I even gave him the line to text, "It was great meeting you the other night, I'd like to find out if you're more than just a pretty face. What's your schedule like this week?"

He says, "Yeah, Ok."
I said, "I'm fucking serious. Do it NOW."
"I will."

His whole demeanor is that of defeat and he hasn't even been rejected yet. I'm so dissappointed. If he was willing to try until he failed he may have had a lot of fun with this girl. Instead, he's accepted failure before he's even tried. His ego is so fragile now, after years of abuse, that he cannot take another hit. So he shuts down.

I'm very happy to hear that he tried when he went out and I hope that it means he's turning a new leaf. It would just go so much smoother for him if he'd listen.

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