Thursday, January 13, 2011

Picture/Number Close

Gambits are modified as we use them.

One of my favorite gambits is taking a picture of me and a girl with my phone and then sending it to her phone via text msg as a way to get her number. I like this for two reasons. One, I get her number. Two, I remember what she looks like. Now, it's a little transparent, and I've been called out on it, but I'm not sure if that's entirely a bad thing. My intentions are pretty obvious anyway and I've ALWAYS gotten the number. If I've spent enough time chatting with a girl that she feels comfortable with me taking a picture of her, then it's usually a good bet that a number close will be in the cards. And getting called out on it is a shit test, that if passed, will give you more value.

HER: You only did that to get my number.
ME: Hang around, I'll show you some more moves.

That works well, but I think it may be better to lead the girl to think that the picture text is her idea. So next time after I take the picture I'll say, "Too bad it's not a polaroid or I could give you a copy." Which should prompt her to say, "Well you could text it to me."

I think it'll work better because it'll bypass her critical mind. Since it was her idea, as she thinks about it later, she'll rationalize to herself that she gave her number to me because she liked me, whereas in the previous method, she would come away from the interaction rightfully thinking I tricked her.

I'll see how this works in field. I may have to try a couple different ways.

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